And the fact that Rhys told Feyre that she was not required to give him any heirs, that she is a woman in control of her own body, despite thousands of years of traditions that rule otherwise… I don’t understand how anyone isn’t in love with Rhys at this point. The feminism, the gentleness, the perfection that is the High Lord of the Night Court, death incarnate.

Oh dear god

Agent Ohio, I…

I don’t even have to project onto her….she is….she’s me in High school, I mean there are differences but…her embarrassment when cooler people see her doing something nerdy, even if it’s something shes interested in or like doing/playing, and then the denial follows it. 

The need for validation and recognition…


I love her. She’s mine and I love her. She reminds me so much of myself, and I’m tearing up over her.


“What the hell are these things?” Daisuke asked, seeing some Bugsters,

“Doesn’t matter. We gotta take care of them!” Ren transforms into Valor and slashes at the Bugsters with her sword.