westallen + slow mo kisses

OH YES it’s the SWBB time of year again!! Writers of gen fic, slash fic, het fic, case fic, crack fic, fluffy fic, spoopy fic, angsty fic, hurty fic, comforting fic, episode tags, canon compliant or off-the-rails AU, as long as your idea is Sam-centric then this is the challenge for you. SWBB is a cross-platform (Tumblr and LJ) challenge which is now in its third year and which allows Sam-loving artists and writers to team up and tell stories with Sam frickin’ Winchester at their heart.

Signups are open right now via our Tumblr or LJ blogs, and will run through until 5th January 2017. 

WRITERS: You can choose to write a mini (5k+) or a big (15k+) fic for this challenge. We will ask you to check in with us by 5th January (the final signup day) to let us know how you are doing, and will expect you to submit a rough draft of your work on 19th January 2017. Posting will start on 20th February 2017.

ARTISTS: If you are an artist, we ask that you also sign up by 5th January 2017. Claims will take place on 22nd January 2017 and artists will be expected to check in with us by 5th February 2017. Posting will start on 20th February 2017.

You can find a full timeline here, a more complete list of rules here, and an FAQ tag from previous challenges here. Anything unanswered? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you asap!

– SWBB mods