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we still need to work on erasing the dichotomy between “traditional” and “non traditional” south asian girls. I don’t think the “not your dulhan” etc. movements are doing much more than reinforcing the dichotomy. like it’s fine if youre empowered by those, I am not degrading those movements at all. but I think it casts a negative light on the girls who do choose the traditional route or who dont have a choice. not to mention it puts a certain pressure on the way a south asian girl should look like not everyone has access to desi clothes and nice jewelry and I think the visuals for those types of pieces should be more inclusive of less visible south asian girls too.

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#the 3rd opening will always be my fave SAMEEEE NOT ONE OPENING COULD REACH OP 3 LEVEL IMO (strike back was close but nahhhh ft. was more intense especially THAT FLUTE IN THE INTRO) i remember listening to OP 3 on repeat for a MONTH before i fully memorized it coz the fast parts were so hard lmao)



the runner-ups for me would be “Yakusoku no Hi” [OP14], “Masayume Chasing” [OP15], and yeah, “Strike Back” was also good!! [tho the rap [?] part was kind of unnecessary imho]. The FT Zero opening was also awesome [especially the first 10 seconds]


Great OP, I love it already