New merch ideas!

Acrylic Stands:
- Nohrian Siblings (considering Hoshidan one in the future)
- Shared Friends (with Flora)
- can be written on with whiteboard markers as memo pad!
- Keaton&Velouria
- unlined?
- Parent+Kid in a cup and a saucer charm
- can be paired up with a separate mother(Fates) or father(Awakening) in a teapot charm for the whole family!

The stand is already on its way~!
I might make them into charms too if people like it!

I re-stocked all royals notebooks&sisters notebooks for the online shop.
I’m aiming to open it in August! Thank you to those of you who are waiting! ;w;

But you poor dear, how much work you burden yourself with from a sense of guilt; I see you bent over your work, your neck bared, I’m standing behind you, but you don’t know it-please don’t be frightened if you feel my lips on the back of your neck, I didn’t mean to kiss it, it’s only love which can’t be helped.
—  Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena