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BTS Reaction: You spend the day with them onset of the photo shoot/music video

Jung Hoseok: He would be excited and happy to see you onset of his music video. It would be your first time and he would show you around set. You would hang out with the members all day. You would team up with Jungkook and Hoseok to prank the others onset and annoy Yoongi when he was sleeping.

Kim Taehyung: He would jump up and down knowing you were going to be spending time with him onset. When he is shooting, he will act more flirty trying to impress you. When the camera stops, he will act like himself, messing around with Jungkook or with Jimin. He will show you what it is like to be onset with him.

Jeon Jungkook: You came to his photo shoot for the first time and you are nervous. You have hung out with him and the members but not onset of anything. Jungkook would also be a little nervous. He will act shy at first but he will show you a different side of him once the cameras are on. He will be act playful, serious, innocent, sexy, and charming.

Park Jimin: It is the first time you have been to a photo shoot let alone his. He would show you around and make sure he can see you when he is in front of the camera. Once the shoot starts, he will be acting all kinds of cute mochi to make you smile. Even though he will be in trouble for only acting cute, it was worth it to him.

Kim Seokjin: Having you around the studio for the first time as he does his photo shoot would be fun. He would joke around and have fun with you and the other members. Once the camera turns on though, he would be serious Jin. It was your first time seeing him act so serious But once it was done dad jokes would start flying around the room.

Min Yoongi: Even though it is your first time watching him shoot a music video, he wouldn’t smile or laugh. He would be Emotionless Min. He would smile during the music video but once the director yelled cut, nothing. No smile anymore. You were use to it though. Once the whole shoot was done though, he would smile and laugh.

Kim Namjoon: He wont change his attitude or mood when he finds out you are coming to watch him shoot his music video. He will show you how everything works. When it is time to shoot, he will tell you where to sit and to stay and wait for him. You watch as he and the other members dance and sing. When everything is done he will be curious about what you thought.

WOW! I have wrote too much today. Haha! I hope everyone likes this one. ~Kisses<3~

anonymous asked:

Can we do a timeline thing? With dates linking things, like after months of no sightings, when RS was filming in Austria there were loads of onset photos placing Jen there, then surprise surprise someone gets a shot of her drunkenly dancing in a bar! Go back to the gossip cop article, saying how Jen now wishes to be mature... And then link all the subsequent stories of Jen drinking, blind gossip stories etc it's almost as if Jen doesn't want to be seen as mature!

Oh anon, there was nary a sighting of Jen for three and a half months and now the girl is everywhere. And yes so many interesting blinds and Radar Online stories. But you forgot one of my favorite examples of young and carefree Jen. Jen in her hooker-chic wear smoking and clubbing!

And don’t you love how the photographer was able to follow them walking down the block. Lucky guy.