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umm excuse you but den-o doesn't hold a candle to the 'two-in-one-rider-as-metaphor-for-a-gay-relationship' masterpiece that was w

hm. i can’t get as into that because i don’t think it was as intentional as it seems, and i’ve never been big on shotaro/philip in general (they’re cute and real it’s just not a big otp for me). im sorry to say but you just can’t beat this Romance

💍 June 22nd is Onion Rings Day! 💍

While enjoying some nice crispy onion rings, take some time to unplug and consider going outside and getting a breath of crisp fresh air! Being online can be fun and uplifting but for a lot of people it can also become very mentally draining after a certain point! Remember to get up and stretch, walk around a bit, and have some water with your onion rings! Try to take at least a few minutes of time every day to get away from the computer and recharge!

Yo i hate how in the debate greg said “she’s emotional, she didn’t tell the truth in her tweets because SHE HAS ANXIETY” like greg. I was diagnosed with high anxiety but you don’t see me telling lies to people that would damage others reputation and then blame it on my anxiety. Like if anything anxiety makes you not do stuff like that in order not to cause drama and mess. You’re trying to hide your mistakes

You’re so transparent, it’s funny lmao

After New Zealand’s NewsHub website reached out to Lorde’s management, the onion ring account was immediately shut down. What kind of sick, twisted world do we live in where a famous musician can’t even rate onion rings in peace? That account was for her family and close friends, so they could see her opinion on onion rings. And she’s been deprived even that human normalcy. Paparazzi culture is a disease. 

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