Cheeseburger Onion Rings.

while i agree that a lot of people (especially some “big” larries and The Straights) need to stop talking about skam the way they do like saying how hot the sex scenes are to them, how the actors probably like being shipped together (especially since tarjei sandvik moe is 17 and henrik holm is 21) etc, i don’t think it is fair to get upset at lgbt fans of the show who are genuinely excited to see a well written show with a same sex love story that deals with internalized homophobia & coming out to religious parents & also has a main character with a mental illness being handled as well as skam has done and it really REALLY rubs me the wrong way how people are making post after post saying everyone who is into the show are fetishizing gay men like i am literally begging you guys to stop making lgbt fans feel like shit for loving a show that portrays us realistically when we get so little of that and are desperate for Good & Genuine representation in popular media