Kendine aşık olanlara aldırmayıp, onları karşılıksız bırakan ve çok güzel bir peri kızı olan Ekho, bir gün avlanan bir avcı görür. Narkissos adındaki bu avcı çok yakışıklıdır. Ekho bu genç avcıya ilk görüşte aşık olur. Ancak narkissos bu sevgiye karşılık vermeyerek, peri kızının yanından uzaklaşır. Ekho bu durum karşısında günden güne eriyerek, kara sevda ile içine kapanarak ölür. Bütün vücudundan arta kalan kemikleri kayalara, sesi ise bu kayalarda eko dediğimiz yankılara dönüşür. Olimpos dağında oturan tanrılar bu duruma çok kızarlar ve Narkissos'u cezalandırmaya karar verirler. Gene günlerden bir gün av izindeki Narkissos susamış ve bitkin bir şekilde bir nehir kenarına gelir. Buradan su içmek için eğildiğinde, sudan yansıyan kendi yüzü ve vücudunun güzelliğini görür.O da daha önce fark edemediği bu güzellik karşısında adeta büyülenir. Yerinden kalkamaz, kendine aşık olmuştur. O ana dek kimseyi sevmediği kadar sevmiştir kendi görüntüsünü. O şekilde orada ne su içebilir, ne de yemek yiyebilir; aynı Ekho gibi Narkissos da günden güne erimeye başlar ve orada sadece kendini seyrederek ömrünü tüketir. Öldüğü yerde her bahar çiçekler açar. İşte bu sarı çiçekler nergistir. Efsane orada kalmaz, psikolojide bir hastalığa da adını verir. Kişinin sadece kendine hayranlık duyması, bunu aşırıya vardırmasına Narsisizm adını vermişler.
O Sol ainda não se pôs no Olimpo

Não consigo te desejar felicidades. Porque eu estou triste. Não consigo te desejar amor. Porque não sou tão evoluída a esse ponto. Mas eu não te desejo mal nenhum. Porque eu ainda te amo. umavampirachamadamuna


Nação Zumbi - No Olimpo

Lily Hates Me

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are suppose to write a note with 91 truths about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

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1. Last beverage:  
    idk water
2. Last phone skype call:
3. Last text message:
    “I’m sorry I get panicked”
4. Last song you listened to:
    ???? Bad Blood
5. Last time you cried:
    lol idk I’m numb


6. Dated someone twice:
   3 times, actually
7. Been cheated on:
   ew and he joined my 4H yesterday
8. Kissed someone and regretted it:
   I do now
9. Lost someone special:
   I suppose
10. Been depressed:
     Does it go away?
11. Been drunk and threw up:
     What? No, I’m 14


12. Colors:
     green, blue, TURQUOISE


15. Made a new friend:
     of course
16. Fallen out of love:
17. Laughed until you cried:
18. Met someone who changed you:
19. Found out who your true friend are:
20. Found out someone was talking about you:
    Cuz I’m Fab?
21. Kissed someone on your FB friends list:
      Fuck Boy?


22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life:
24. Do you have any pets:
     Like a billion chickens some dogs, cats, and fish

25. Do you want to change your name:
     No, I’m great

26. What did you do for your last birthday:
     Went to school

27. What time did you wake up today:

28. What were you doing at midnight last night:
      probably skyping or on youtube

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for:
      Whatever Assassins Creed hasn’t come out yet

30. Last time you saw your mother:
     like 20 minutes ago

31: What is one thing you wish you could change about your life:
     It’d be nice to not have dealt with what I did in school and at home and I’d like to actually know my dad, brother, and sister and see their kids and meet their spouses and not deal with abuse and bullying

32. What are you listening to right now:
     The filter in my fish tank

33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom:

34. What’s getting on your nerves right now:
     Not being able to play video games until the end of summer, and with school happening I won’t be able to play the games anyways, plus I hate homework and the work required of all students when we don’t all learn the same and all of our thought processes are different and you really can’t expect me to take 2 column notes and have them be useful..that also applies to my shotgun instructor who is trying to tell me the way I shoot is wrong even though I do better that way and I can have it make sense in my head because it works, scientifically, but he’s trying to back up his reasoning with science but no amount of that will justify it in my head

35. Most viewed webpage:
      Youtube probably

36. Blood type: Red..I don’t know

37. Nickname: Jeff, or Jess

38. Relationship status:
     I’m in some man’s trunk, help
     No, I’m taken af, and a few people are going to be ‘waiting’ until they die

39. Zodiac sign:

40: Pronouns:
     Dude I don’t care, I get called Jeff all the time

41: Elementary: , my dear Watson

42: Highschool: 
     IB cuz I’m smurt

43: College:
     One of them

44. Hair color:
     Dirty Blonde cuz Ima dirty blonde

45: Long or short:
     long af

46. Height: 5′ 6.25′ - I’d like to point out Lily said she was 5 inches 3

47: Do you have a crush on someone:
     My boyfriend? Or Chris Pratt

48: What do you like about yourself:
     nothing…though I do stare at my eyes cuz eyes are cool

50. Tattoos?:
      Not yet ;)    idk if I’m getting tatoos

51. Lefty or righty:
     Right for everything but shooting; firearms or bow

52. First surgery:
      idk tonsils?

53. First piercings:
     ears? cuz im normal? ive also given up on punctuation

54: First best friend:

55. First sport you joined:

56. First vacation:
    How should I know

58. First pair of trainers:

59. Eating?:
     The souls of my enimies

60. Drinking?:
     The blood of the fallen

61. I’m About to?:
     Clean my room, change the litter box, clean out my chicks terrarium

62: Listening to?:

63: Waiting for?:
      These cramps to actually tell me when I start bleeding

64. Want kids?:
     Ill take yours

65. Get married?:
     Of course

66. Career:
      Idk what its called but I will work at RoosterTeeth


67. Lips or eyes:

68. Hugs or kisses:

69: shorter or taller:

70. Younger or older:
     Older, I dated younger like 3 times, I just don’t like it

71. Romantic or spontaneous?:
     Depends, probably spontaneous?

72. Nice stomach or nice arms?:
     Yes because I masturbate to peoples arms/stomachs????

73. Sensitive or loud?:

74. Hook-up or relationship:

75: Trouble maker or hesitant:


76: Kissed a stranger?:

77. Drank hard liquor?:

78. Lost glasses/contacts:
     Glasses, and then I reach to where my glasses usually are so I can put them on and look for the-oh wait, I have to look blindly

79. Sex on first date:

80. Broke someone’s heart?:

81. Had your heart broken?:
     Shut up youre I was like 12
     Sorry, I dont know how to use those on mobile if i can at all and this is just fun to cross things out

82. Been arrested?:
     No? wtf

83. Turned someone down:
     What do you take me for? of course

84. Cried when someone died:
     My dog

85. Fallen for a friend:
      Naw, we are friends for like- oh no wait that one time


86. Yourself:
     not usually

87. Miracles:

88. Love at first sight:

89. Heaven:
     Im confused

90. Santa clause:
     Um yes, he tucks in all the polar bears at night?

91. Kiss on the first date:
     mmmm I dont think so

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theplatinumtaco dr-acid heroes-del-olimpo fave-grohl stove-buscemi therealfakeahcrew ONLY 13?!?!?! Yeah idk I’d put down people who follow me but I think almost all of them are themed blogs so

                             ¡NUEVAS NOTICIAS EN ATENAS!

                                                                                      21 de julio 2015

                       ¡Impacto por el intento de robo en el museo!

Ayer, cerca de las 21:30 horas, mientras la feria entretenía a la población en Atenas, un delito ocurría en el museo ateniense. Un hombre de 45 años, identificado bajo el pseudónimo de “El Enviado” (se está trabajando para averiguar su identidad), ha intentado robar el cuadro del Olimpo, aclamando de que debemos deshacernos de todo lo que nos recuerde a los antiguos dioses. 

“¡Están vivos! ¡Están vivos! ¡Si no acabamos con ellos, acabarán con nosotros! ¡No olvidarán nuestro descuido!”, palabras textuales del arrestado, el cual no paró de gritar una y otra vez lo mismo hasta que fue sedado.

“El hombre se veía muy preocupado, incluso nervioso”, afirma Adelphos Samaras (jefe de policía), “lo que no nos cuadra era que se veía más preocupado por los supuestos dioses que por su crimen”

¿Qué ha pasado con este hombre? Será puesto bajo una observación psicológica antes de procesarlo por intento de robo al patrimonio.

Este diario nunca cuenta nada completo, ¿para qué sigo quitándoselo a mi vecino? Ah, sí, porque me gusta enterarme de todo para luego contárselos. Me ha llamado la atención esta noticia porque parece tener un protagonista interesante. ¿Los dioses vivos? Si fuera así, entonces Poseidón es el culpable de los tsunamis que han ocurrido, y esos casos de “muertos vivientes” no deben ser más que un rechazo de Hades. No olvidemos a los genios de ahora, ¿Atenea los premió? Ay, no sé qué pensar de este hombre. Me reí un rato, pero no sé nada más de él. Veré que puedo hacer para contarles más.

¿Qué piensan ustedes?

¡Disculpen el retraso! Tuve un inconveniente y no pude pasar antes. Intentaré que la situación no se repita. Gracias por la compresión.

Dreamworks, Disney: To make a Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus Cartoon TV Series #TVPercy
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Era il 2011 quando Barbès dava alle stampe Che cosa strana è il mondo di Jean d’Ormesson, la cui opera completa sarà pubblicata nella prestigiosa Bibliothèque de la Pléiade, edita da Gallimard, entrando in un olimpo riservato a pochi.
Quattro anni dopo, a gran richiesta, è la Clichy – nata da una costola della precedente – a ripubblicare nella collana Gare du Nord questo romanzo sul mondo.
Forse si dovrebbe parlare, a ragione, di una raccolta di riflessioni filosofiche e non di romanzo, ma l’autore vuole sottolineare lo stupore e la meraviglia che stanno alla base di questo viaggio fantastico, lungi dal voler dare lezioni o risposte dogmatiche.

Non c’era niente.
Nessuna risata, nessun pianto, nessun albero, nessuna nuvola. Nessuna luce. Nessuna risposta e nessuna domanda. L’eternità. Il vuoto. L’infinito.

In questo libro, al contrario, c’è tutto. C’è la domanda più antica della storia dell’umanità («Perché c’è qualcosa invece di niente?»), a cui nessuno è mai riuscito a dare una risposta esauriente; ci sono la filosofia, la storia, la sociologia, l’antropologia, la scienza. Ci sono poi le inchieste mosse dalla curiosità e dai dubbi connaturati all’uomo, con i conseguenti tentativi di risposta, la luce e il buio, la leggerezza e la profondità, il senso e l’inspiegabile.
Ripercorrendo le tappe delle conquiste umane, d’Ormesson dimostra come ogni nuova scoperta metta in crisi il sistema costruito precedente. C’è una conoscenza che aumenta, paradossalmente, tanto più ci si allontana cronologicamente da un evento. Ma la comprensione non va di pari passo con la conoscenza: la realtà è solo parzialmente conoscibile, c’è sempre qualcosa che va ben oltre la nostra portata e questo è Dio, che acquista tanta più forza quanto più si dubita nella sua esistenza. Dio, che è il tutto e il niente. Tra l’uomo e Dio – il vecchio – si instaura un dialogo quasi socratico, avente per oggetto una realtà che agli occhi dell’uomo continua a modificarsi, mentre a mutare è solo il grado di approssimazione di un’idea.

recensione di Paola Lorenzini

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