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Hello friend! When you get this, state 5 things that make you happy, and then send to the last 10 people in your activity feed! :)

1. Music
2. Coffee
3. Friends
4. Tumblr friends coming to visit me
5. Baking


The Stranglers - Hanging Around

i drew my fave hallucination of mine!!!! their name is balbareth, and shes actually purple and has red eyes!!!! hes like, 10 or so ft tall and the cut e st shadow demon thingy

/b/ Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch for the upcoming Assassins Creed movie /b/

This looks pretty cool. The movie is supposed to have a similar premise as the games but, as we’ve learned from previous video game movies and book-based movies, the source material isn’t a big deal for the writers. I really hope that isn’t the case with this movie. Next year(2016), there are two confirmed video game movie releases; WoW(World of Warcraft) and Assassins Creed. If WoW does not do well, there is a very large chance that Gamers will not put their confidence on Assassins Creed. Also, I feel like name it “Assassins Creed: The Movie” makes the title sound icky. It might just be me but i would rather want it to just be called “Assassins Creed”. But anyway… This is really nice image. I hope that no one comes out to complain about the actor being white or why they didn’t choose a black/brown assassin or a female assassin or any of that stuff. I do have a suggestion for those people. Wait for there to be a /b/ good /b/ video game movie and then you can add any of the representation you want. I just want to see a video game movie that respects the source material(mostly; not fully) and isn’t dumb down for the larger masses. Like seriously. Gamers are a very large mass. Millions have played the AC game and I’m pretty sure if the movie is done right, then millions will go see this movie.


no real idea to go with this song, but could you imagine if people managed to reverse engineer the servers for online dreamcast games somehow and there was like, a large amount of people suddenly playing these old MMO dreamcast games