orphan black meme [1/5 episodes]: 1x09, Unconscious Selection  

I realised the life inside of me was in danger, so I ran, I hid, and gave birth to the two of you in secret. The two of us? Yeah, I had twins. I knew I couldn’t keep you so I hid you away. One to the state, and one to the church.


orphan black meme [2/5 episodes]: 1x10, Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Any freedom they promise is bullshit, they’re liars. That synthetic sequence, the bar code I told you about, it’s a patent. A patent? We’re property. Our bodies, our biology, everything we are, everything we become belongs to them.


ob meme (1/5 scenes) ❤ cosima & delphine in 3.10
This is such a powerful, well-written scene. Everything is so deeply romantic. The way they both are looking at each other through the entire thing, these two women who are so in love with each other but who’ve also been put in such a complicated position in relation to their relationship. This feels like their entire relationship during the series, the fact that they want to be together so bad, but everything keeps getting in the way. And apart from that—it is such a sad scene, but also so satisfying. Delphine is convinced that she’s going to die, and the only thing she wanted to do… was see Cosima. Just once. Everything she did, she did for her. And after the entire season and even the entire show having Delphine suspected by absolutely everyone, here we have her, in what might have been her last moments, being understood by Cosima. Receiving an apology. Even if she had died here, she would have gone having been given recognizement! For everything she’d done that had been twisted and misunderstood and was only out of love! But better than that, she does not die. This is not their last moment together. There are going to be other chances, a better time when they don’t have to part after just one kiss. They have a future! And Delphine is going to be in the island waiting, knowing how Cosima feels. Even if this would have been good after the last time they see each other, it is even better because it’s not! They get to have each other, completely. I’m making myself cry but guys Cosima and Delphine are out there having a normal relationship, just being in love!!