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Nordic boyfriend headcannons? And congrats on the following

APH Denmark/Mathias:

He’s the type of boyfriend that might seem a bit cliche. Spontaneous dates, huge bouquets, other things. Basically, each of the cliche movie dates. He does like to go out and spend a lot of time with them. Maybe taking them out to a movie, or to the park or something. He might like to spend a bit of time at home as well and just cuddle with them. 

APH Norway/Lukas:

He seems incredibly unaffectionate but really, he loves affection. He will just climb into their lap and expect cuddles or something. In the mornings, he might make them a breakfast or something. He likes to spend quiet days inside and cuddling with them or reading with them. Those are his favourite dates or ways to spend time with them. 

APH Iceland/Emil:

He’s always really shy at the beginning of the relationship. The first couple dates consists of just walks so that he can get to know them better. Once he’s more comfortable around them, he’ll like to just sit with them as they’re doing something. Affection with him is always limited to when they’re in private because he isn’t a fan of PDA. His favourite types of dates are ones where they just sit at home with some junk food and a scary movie. 

APH Finland/Tino:

He sometimes doesn’t know how to act around them at the beginning of their relationship, so he just seems more like a friend. Once he’s used to the relationship then he likes to shower them with affection and call them little pet names in Finnish. Dates with him are always over the top romantic, so be prepared for candles or something along those lines. He also bakes for them a lot. 

APH Sweden/Berwald:

He seems incredibly intimidating but when dating him, he’s actually very affectionate and caring. He’ll always ask them if they want him to do something for them. He likes to just hold them while they do things because he likes the feeling of them in his arms. His favourite kinds of dates are any where it’s just them. Like a walk, or a dinner in a restaurant with not too many people. He feels as though it’s not personal if there are too many people around, so he’ll try to find places that are more secluded. 

Norwegian civilians take to the streets of Oslo to celebrate the end of German occupation in Norway and the German capitulation to the Allies in Europe. The German occupation of Norway began on 9 April 1940 after German forces invaded both the neutral nations of Norway and Denmark on 10 June 1940. Oslo, Østlandet, Norway. 8 May 1945. 


Rainbow on the fjord by Oleh Slobodeniuk

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