While Curtis’ pep talk to Felicity is great, Rickards delivers her most powerful moment towards the end of the episode. After Team Arrow successfully takes down Derek Sampson, Felicity decides it’s time to tell Rory the truth about Havenrock. In a single heartbreaking moment, Felicity breaks down to Rory and it’s a defining moment for Rickards as an actress. Her slow breakdown pulls on our heartstrings as we feel the weight of Felicity’s choices along with Rickards. This season, there’s no denying Rickards is the main actress on Arrow. By giving her this storyline her lead actress status is all the more prevalent. It’s also the first storylines she’s had on her own, which has been a long time coming. While the secret is out, this storyline is far from over and we are ready to be right alongside Felicity, holding her hand, every step of the way.

Nora Dominick, Emertainment Monthly 

Nora- Ice Tribe oc

(In collaboration with @ronyasartarchives, we really wanted to make Ice Tribe oc’s so we made cousins! Check out Ronya’s Linnea)

Nora was born and raised in the Ice Tribe village hidden in the midst of the cold mountains south of Krakenburg capital of Nohr.

Her parents were killed during an attempt to rebel against King Garon, but it wasn’t successful. So her aunt (mother’s sister) took her in and raised her as if she was one of her own. This way, Nora became like a sister to Linnea and vice versa. Although opposite in personalities, the two always stuck by each other through anything. They both agreed to keep a single braid in their hair to represent their bond as sisters and as very close friends.

But when situations in Nohr became more grim, Nora felt restless and decided she couldn’t stay still and watch her tribe suffer at King Garon’s rule. She tried to persuade Linnea to come with her to Hoshida, to cross the border, in order to get reinforcements to strengthen the Ice Tribe’s defense. Although they were close, Linnea couldn’t agree with Nora’s plans. Angry, she storms off, calling her sister a coward and leaves the village to venture into Hoshido.

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“Chanel going to be alright?” Rick asked him.

“Superficial, but they want to take her in since she’s so close, they’re more concerned about her going into shock. I’m headed down now.”

“Understandable.” Rick watches Nora talking to the local PD.

“What’s next for you two? Lothario’s gone. I heard they found Saul.”

“It’s up to her. I’ve followed her for 15 years. I’ll follow her to hell if it’s what she wants.”

“That may be the only way to get Lothario.”

nora and ren will die with ren dying after nora and jaune wil be the last living member of team jnpr


“Oh my god, she might kill Nora!!!  I mean, how else could you generate enough hate from the fandom to warrant such a statement?  Look, I hate theories like this in general but I will admit that I am really worried for our favorite bouncy red-head.  She is the light in this darkening shadow.

But she is also a red-head.  The mortality rate of red-heads is extremely high right now (so far, Tukson and Amber are the only two without red hair that has passed.  If Summer Rose has hair like her daught (and she seems to) she technically has red in her hair as well, though it is mixed.)

Also, if we will recall, Pyrrha had two wonderful songs about being in love: Shine and Dream Come true.  Nora also has a song about being in love: Boop.

Please please please let this be one of those crazy stupid ideas that falls into the “that is so stupid look how wrong you are” categories”!  I don’t want a sad version of my fanfic to come into being!

edit to add: let’s not forget that the Valkyries were also the maidens of death

second edit to add: you know, come to think of it, just severely hurting Nora would be enough to put people up in arms haha

and nora might die after she confesses her love to ren or she might never get t oconfess in contrast to pyrrha. 

and after nora dies ren will die and either he will get a scene where he will die either committing a suicide mission relating to information gathering or  die in response or opposing to  the enemy  who wants something  either that or ren will commit suicide  all of which are my ideas because his inspiration is mulan who commited suicide


Mulan is given leave to journey back to her homeland, and once arrangements were made for Mulan’s parents to relocate, it is expected that they will all be living in the princess’s old capital of Leshou (Chinese: 樂壽, modern Cangzhou, Xian County, Hebei). Mulan is devastated to discover her father has long died and her mother has remarried. According to the novel, Mulan’s mother was surnamed Yuan (袁) and remarried a man named Wei (魏). Even worse, the Khan has summoned her to the palace to become his concubine.

Rather than to suffer this fate, she commits suicide. But before she dies, she entrusts an errand to her younger sister, Youlan (Chinese: 又蘭), which was to deliver Xianniang’s letter to her fiancé, Luō Chéng. This younger sister dresses as a man to make her delivery, but her disguise is discovered, and it arouses her recipient’s amorous attention.[12]

In the novel, Mulan’s father was non-Han, a Xianbei (described as “a Hebei person of the people of the Northern Wei dynasty, ruled by the Tuoba clan”), while her mother was Han Chinese from the Central Plain.[13] But “even a Chinese woman would prefer death by her own hand to serving a foreign ruler,” as some commentators have explained this Mulan character’s motive for committing suicide.[14] Mulan’s words before she committed suicide were, “I’m a girl, I have been through war and have done enough. I now want to be with my father.”[citation needed]

ren  and nora are really close to each other so it would be fitting for ren to end up dying after nora due to the fact that mulan lost someone close to her which greatly affected her before she died but instead of it being his father it will be nora who he was with for years and devoted to her.