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[the-only-arc-boy] Hey, Ruby! I baked a cake and I wanted to see if you wanted a piece. I just got away from Nora. (Side blog RP)

Ruby looked over her shoulder to see Jaune Arc standing there with a slice of cake sitting upon a plate he held out to her. With a large grin, the little rose spun around on her heels and nodded her head quickly. “Oh my gosh, yes please! Wait… I didn’t know you could bake~”


Nora: “I have this great idea for a new invention! What if we could turn every teacher got turned into babies so we wouldn’t have to do homework again?”

Faye: “That’s incredible! I would totally help you build that.”

Nora: “I’m so happy we’re sisters!”

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FUCK YES MASS EFFECT. have you ever thought about the rwby characters in the mass effect 'verse? would anyone be a different race? (think about it - krogan nora?)

I think ivory was swingin around headcanons not too long ago

Pyrrha would be an asari spectre imo