Anna Faris & Chris Pratt | | Caitriona Balfe & Sam Heughan

“He is sexy, but more importantly he’s a great person. When I was falling in love with him, I loved how kind he was to people. I loved how smart he is, but he’s not pretentious at all. He doesn’t wear that as a badge - he kind of lets people slowly discover it. He’s humble, and he’s a great leader, and he’s an incredible father and a great husband. And I feel like, after years of dating people that weren’t the best for me, I found somebody who’s love I could really accept.” - Anna Faris

“It was quite instantaneous. When I first met Sam at our chemistry test…you know, he was just the nicest guy and he really just put me at ease and I was a little nervous and he’s just that kind of solid, grounded guy. And he’s a sweetheart. As a person he’s just incredibly generous and he’s the same as an actor and we just have really really good fun on set and we love working with each other.“ - Caitriona Balfe

this is go nna be so gay but im so proud of all my mutuals i really am ur all trying ur best and doing amazing things and ur all so respectable and great and admirable and ghdjdh i love u giuys ur all great

The Virtuoso...?

A deep sigh disturbed the silence in the theater, the Princess lonely standing in the moonlight like an actor in the spotlight… However, with no audience…

“I hear the voices again…” It was merely a whisper, as if she was in fear of breaking the silence even more. Her now even more pale looking face twitched at the pain in her head, as she tried to focus on blocking out the ‘voices’. Suddenly, a dull sound like moving thick liquid caught her attention, turning her head to the direction it came from.

A snake-like shaped sillhouette approached her, made out of a black liquid with a glimmering texture, slowly approached her. She knew what it was.

“You left your mirror… Did something got your interest?”, she asked it, receiving a burbling and hissing sound as a respond.

“Oh… You found something? Well, show me what it is”, Jane replied, kneeling down to the liquid, as it reached out in a dripping tentacle to reach her a small crystalline container.

Nna took the container and lifted it to her ear, slightly shaking it. There was some light inside, something small. She sat down on the edge of the stage, the dark liquid surrounding her, as the tentacle lifted in curiousity, as she started to take of the lid. “Let’s see…”

“Huh? Is that a message?”, her voice echoed, as she reached inside the container, taking out the folded piece of paper inside the container. As she unfolded it, it revealed the picture of a masked man. Her eyes sparkled, as she observed the picture, looking back at the liquid.

“Why are you showing this to me?”, the Princess wondered and watched the the liquid slowly moving over to the mirror and disappearing in it. As soon it was completely inside, the mirror started to glow, before showing some distorted pictures. It took a while, before Nna realized that these are the pictures of the latest murder of the person on the paper. Nna watched it quietly and even though there was no sound, she could clearly hear the gunshots and painful screams of the victims, before they let out their last breath…

The picture froze, now showing the mysterious man from the front. This mysterious man… A murderer… The princess stood silent, staring back at the picture.

… She was shocked. Not of the things she just saw. But more of the fact, that she didn’t feel any disgust or fear. But more… fascination. Her heart was beating fast, the voices screaming out loud in her mind, bringing back deep buried memories, demanding for the stranger’s name, to meet him in person.

“What… is this man’s name…?”

No reaction. She stood silent on the stage, in the spotlight of the moon, waiting for a respond, until the liquid tentacle reached out of the mirror, now showing her the backside of the paper, where a name was written down in a clean, graceful handwriting. Nna stepped a little closer, taking a look at the name and then back at the picture in the mirror, taking a deep breath…

“… Jhin… The Virtuoso…?” She turned her head slowly to the tentacle.

“… I have to meet him.”

anonymous asked:

Hello! Do you know of any Japanese female fcs with long blonde hair, preferably around the ages of 17-30? Please and thank you!

I sure do. 

Appropriate pictures have been linked.

  • eriko nakao
  • koda kumi (33)
  • hirata rina (17)
  • muto shizuka
  • tanaka reina (26)
  • anna tsuchiya (31) | japanese/russian
  • rinko kikuchi (35)
  • hyna (26)
  • kyary pamyu pamyu (17)
  • erika sawajiri (29)
  • hamasaki ayumi (37)
  • itano tomomi (24)
  • elli rose | japanese/british

Hope these are of help !