Nichi: Here he is, Wastelandfell Grillby!! I colored version will come soon!

Some headcanons to answer the asks:

- Grillby has a clandestine bar were only his regulars and chosen customers can come.
- Its located in the hotter spot in the desert and he is using his magic to protect the place with fire, making it unbearable for anyone who doesn’t has an artefact given by him to protect them from the heat.
- He is related to Fuku fire and let her take care of the costumers and choosing new ones in town. 
- He is a businessman, and has great connexions with Blooky, for the water, with muffet, for her spider cider, with the temmies for their temmieflakes…and others monsters for smaller tasks.

More will be explained in his bio! 
-more comming soon-


Ninomiya Kazunari lyrics ⇢ part 2/?   (lyrics translation yarukizero)
“I made many sad songs and I want to sing those songs now, even though it’s sad, but there’s something warm inside it”   - ( yun_miyake)

12/26 is when I consider myself inducted into this niche of the fandom, and it’s now been a year since that happened. A year of writing and giffing and most of all, drawing! Haha…ha…

Seriously, it’s been loads of fun and very rewarding, and I thank ya’ll for the support. And now there’s another season to draw for! Please accept this doodle as a token of my appreciation; I have to work today and am incredibly twitchy, juuuust as I was last year, which lead me into this madness.