I took a break from working on this for a week before finally putting in a background. The faux color separation was on a random whim of turning back on my pencil layers and seeing its aesthetic against the background, so I decided to play that up to help it pop more.

Painting space is hard :(

You can find the hi-res version on my Patreon!

If you happened to share or saw the previous ink only drawing, I actually made a bunch of anatomy corrections and other stuff.

I’ll be selling this as a print at San Francisco Comic Con! Come find me at Booth #607!

so far i have had

7 bee movie scripts
1 shrek script
1 sharkboy and lava girl script
2 “hey now, you’re a keemstar” lyrics (i dont know who the fuck keemstar is?)
1 the final episode of nge
1 soudam nsfw fanfic
1 danganronpa vore fanfic 
1 evanescence song 
1 shrek 2 script
1 johnny test op
1 hannah montana script
1 op to gaikkou no kaiden (??? that’s what GOOGLE SAYS I AM UNFAMILIAR)
1 bill and ted’s excellent adventure script
1 cory in the house op
2 mall cop scripts
1 person spamming me with that fckn spider emoticon

and that’s what you missed on glee

helo im back and im planning on being online more often so could you like this post or rb it if you post any of the following things and ill check you out

☆ pokemon
☆ fe9, fe13
☆ earthbound/mother
☆ xenoblade
☆ kirby
☆ nge
☆ studio ghibli
☆ bravely default
☆ stardew valley
☆ toz
☆ no. 6
☆ harvest moon animal parade
☆ story of seasons
☆ skies
☆ outer space
☆ glow aesthetics

thanks for reading!


First of all, Sarah there are two types of discourses that will always be on my blog at all times: Jake Hate discourse and Shinji’s Cum cocktail at the NGE bar discourse. Both will haunt me until the end of time. And please don’t look it up Dirk because the less you know of it the better.

But in regards to Sacanime, the plan is to try to get as much money as I can so that I could go there Saturday and maybe Sunday. The chances of me finding a room to bunk in are low so I’ll probably just drive there and back for both days. I really want to make this con a fun one if I manage to go :D AND ALSO I REALLY WANT TO MAKE A TEAM SKULL GRUNT COSPLAY FOR THD CON BECAUSE HOLY SHIT YES. ALMOST ALL OF IT IS BLACK CLOTHES AND A BEANIE AND THAT’S PRACTICALLY MY ENTIRE WARDROBE, SO I COULD PROBABLY FASHION A PRETTY NIFTY COSPLAY WITH A FEW ADDITIONAL MATERIALS. But above all else I really just want to see my friends and have a good time, maybe even go to the dance :D

I think that’s about it so now Sarah can talk about her Rowing anime.