The clock on the wall indicates 4 o’ clock.

You equip Medical Bandage.

Medic: “It looks like you didn’t injure yourself too seriously, after all. Don’t forget to warm up before entering the training grounds next time.”

Trailblazer: “I will.”

Medic: “Oh, and before I forget, my name’s Healing Spring.”

Trailblazer: “I’m Trailblazer. Thanks for the help, by the way.”

Healing Spring: “It’s my pleasure to help ponies getting back on their hooves.

Here, remember to put some ice on your leg for about 10 minutes every hour, and try to stay off of it for a day or two. If anything comes up, there’s always somepony here you can come to.”

You get an Enchanted Ice Pack!

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wickedsinner22 asked:

Hello , i know its kind of late , but kylie posted a snapchat video answering twitter questions and i believe they asked her what lipstick she had on and she said the name i dont remember do you happen to remember , i know its not chestnut it was more nude .... Thank you love your blog 💕

It was stripdown by mac, thank you xx

I worked an open to close at work yesterday, and I still haven’t been to sleep (it’s 5 am.) I have to be at work again at 1:30. My brain and body aren’t even functioning properly at this point.