Naruto Couples

I just feel like ranting for a bit… this is just how I feel about the Naruto couples. Argue if you want to.

NaruHina: I don’t really ship them but I don’t mind them. I wished they showed more developments on how Naruto starts to fall for Hinata and move on from Sakura. Because all this time, even after Hinata confessed to him and all, it seems he still hasn’t gotten over Sakura. The movie “The Last”, totally skipped the part on how did Naruto really fell for Hinata…it only showed how Naruto and Hinata got together.

SasuSaku: I don’t really care if they end up together or not, because honestly I find the both of them annoying. I respect Sakura’s growth in strength, it impressed me and makes me want to cheer her on, but then she started crying again over Sasuke which just makes her look really pathetic. Crying over a crush she’s crazy for who doesn’t love her back. Look Idek if I’m ranting about ships or am I ranting on characters now… Idk if Sasuke is some ‘tsundere’ guy who tries to hide his feelings by killing Sakura, or is it he got interested after seeing how powerful she became, he’s still a total asshole. Sasuke takes advantage of Sakura, and Sakura takes advantage of Naruto -.-

ShikaTema: I didn’t like Temari at first because I thought she was a bad person and is like every other girl who’s interested in Sasuke. Then as the series goes by, I started liking her. Especially ever since Naruto Shippudden. I like how Shikamaru and Temari have grown closer and started respecting and trusting each other over the series. Both have been side by side alot on screen and they just make the perfect team . Temari may be harsh but she has a soft side towards Shikamaru. She probably stopped teasing him because she started to respect him as a great shinobi. Shikamaru seems to like being around Temari and finds her quite charming as well. He respects her as a cruel yet great shinobi too. It takes awhile for the both of them to noticed their feelings, but I’m glad they ended up together, they’re meant for each other :))))

InoSai: I’m glad that Ino found someone else. She gave up Sasuke for Sakura. Although there was no developments between Ino and Sai’s relationship throughout the series, atleast the series shows how Sai started falling for Ino when she saved him. And we all know that Ino has been interested in Sai. Then, they started dating and gotten even closer…I like them together :)

ChouKarui: Idk how they ended up together, but I’m curious to know. I think it would be a funny story yet sweet. I’m hoping they’ll finally show how they got together in a Boruto episode or omake.

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Naruhina. Edit. Request. Potatos. Jellyfish. THE. Boat. Put that in order, or... NO WAIT I GOT IT! MINAKUSHI. Now. ;) OR BOTH. OR MAYONNAISE. Plenty of mAYONNAISE. (??????

You can only trust one of your best friends to send you such a random request… So, you can at least pretend the jar is a small jar of mayonnaise. My photoshop skills are REALLY basic. But I feel this is so much better than my previous edit, so.. yay!