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We've all joked about carmilla doing cat things in human form but. But now it's actually happened and I'm so emotional what has this web series done to me I need to go fling myself into the sun



Happy Birthday, Itachi Uchiha! [09.06.2013]

New characters may come, but a legendary person like you will live in our hearts forever. You were not perfect, you made mistakes, but in the end, what matters is the resolve you held in your heart, which was loyalty to the point of self-sacrifice. Itachi, you are a true hero. 

Also dedicated to my friend, Jessica.

also, in preparation for the society for disability studies conference, which has a scent free policy, i have started washing my hair with baking soda and a vinegar rinse. so my hair looks good at least (it works for me)

my prof brought donuts and she’s never brought food in the fifteen years she’s been teaching but she brought macarons once bc we were reading ibsen’s a doll’s house and this is apparently her “fun threshold i’m laughing

Man Worried He’s Taking Things Too Fast With New Snack Food

BENBROOK, TX—Expressing his reservations to reporters from his spot in the convenience store line Thursday afternoon, local man Keith Powers admitted he’s worried that he might be taking things too fast with his beloved Funyuns. “From the moment I tasted them, I knew that this was it and that I didn’t want to try any other chip out there—but lately I’ve been wondering if I should slow things down between us,” said Powers, adding that he has taken every opportunity since that first amazing crispy bite to be with the snack food. “It’s only been a few weeks, but I’ve been spending practically every day with them. If I don’t ease up a little now and keep my wits about me, this beautiful thing we have could just fly by without me ever stopping to truly savor what I have.” Powers went on to say that he’s trying to learn from past mistakes, such as when a rushed encounter with Flamin’ Hots left him badly burned.

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Your Life Is Strange theories make me rethink every little thing I see, and because of this, I cried when my mom kill a big grey mouth the other day. Keep up the great work, and thank you for helping expand my mind to all the possibilities!

Moths are there to protect you!

I know it isn’t real. But I can’t help but think it. Moths are just bugs in reality. But I still think “grandma”.