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Tobi just rips all the water from the enemy body -> Izuna goes back to the village and organizes the party. Uchihas have two events in life that define them as Uchihas. ONE: Awake Sharingan TWO: Fall in love with someone who can break them all bones.You are't the true Uchiha if you don't have these two events behind you. The whole clan will celebrate on this occasion. Tobirama will be the guest of honor. He didn't understant why Uchihas suddenly started to treat him like one of them.

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“Brother, perhaps you can explain something to me.”

Setting aside the short moment during which he nearly swooned with shocked, Hashirama straightened a little where he lounged beside his brother. “I can certainly try, although I can’t imagine something I would know more about than you. You’re the smart one!” 

“Very cute, brother,” Tobirama deadpanned. “You spend more time with the Uchiha, however, so I’m hoping you can explain something about their customs to me.”

“Oh! Yes of course!” 

“Good. What I want to know is this: what the actual hell is going on?”

“Uh…” Hashirama tilted his head to one side in confusion. “Huh?”

Tobirama gestured with a bewildered expression to the mass of people surroundings them. It looked like the entire Uchiha clan had turned out for the gathering, passing around drinks and chatting in small pockets. One group had set up a few instruments in the corner, attracting some folks closer to begin dancing. In another corner a small ring toss game had been set up and with every moment it began to look more and more like a festival. 

“What is going on?” the poor lost Senju asked his sibling. “And why do they all keep coming up to me to shake my hand? Up until this morning all of these same people hated me. To be perfectly honest it’s a little suspicious and I’m quite tempted to check their drinks for additives.” 

“They haven’t been poisoned, don’t worry.”

“Believe me I am far from worried. For them, anyway.” 

“Don’t be so mean.” Hashirama shook his head, hiding a smirk behind one hand. “They just want to congratulate you, is that so bad?”

The bewilderment on Tobirama’s face only increased as he asked, “Congratulate me? For what?” 

Instead of answering the elder sibling only shook his head, accepting a drink from a young man who passed by with a tray. The festivities were a pleasant way to end the day after the blood and tension of a surprise ambush. None of them had expected to be attacked and certainly none of them had expected to see Tobirama tear a man’s blood straight out of his body. 

After downing the delightful punch mix Hashirama set his cup down on a nearby table, folded his hands in to his sleeves, and stepped down off the quaint porch they had found a brief respite on. 

“He’d better treat you well,” the elder man declared offhandedly, “or else he and I will be having a few conversations that he won’t enjoy.”

“I still have no idea what you’re talking about!” 

Hashirama did not turn at the words, only continued to walk away, and Tobirama let him go with a quiet huff. Despite the lack of context he was intimately familiar with that note of steel running through his brother’s words. He wasn’t sure who was supposed to be treating him to anything but he could always wring the information from the other man later.

For now he would simply enjoy this strange phenomenon going on around him wherein the entire clan of Uchiha had decided to take a break from hating him for whatever reason. Not to say that he wasn’t going to keep a sharp eye on each and every one of them. He planned on taking full advantage of this opportunity, yes, but with a healthy amount of suspicion just to be safe. 

Yet another small group of people wandered by, a circle of the younger generation surrounding Madara who stood in the very center of their giggling procession. His expression at first was one of shy pleasure, as though he were a tad embarrassed but taking a quiet pride in whatever the topic of their conversation was. As soon as he spotted Tobirama, however, his entire face immediately flushed red, eyes blowing wide, and he looked away almost as fast as his feet hurried to carry him passed. 

Leaning on the porch railing, Tobirama watched him go with ever deepening confusion. What was that all about? 



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