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Some things I noticed about the last two episodes of Danganronpa

So in today’s episode, it showed the ‘killing game’ that the student council went through, but there is something I don’t understand: Nanami was shown earlier on in the series to have been made a student council member, so why wasn’t she there? As well as that, what will happen to her?

On a slightly unrelated note, in the Future arc, Monaca said that a survivor of the 'killing game’ at Hope’s Peak would die because of Naegi, what if it’s Hinata/Izuru who will die as a result? He did survive one of those (the one shown in today’s episode) Or what if Monaca was just trolling to see if Naegi would kill himself for no reason?

And another thing: suspicion on Mitari intensifies. From episode 4 of the Future arc, it is clear that the traitor has two syllables in their first name and three in their second name (from Tengan mouthing it out), which Mitari’s name fits (Ryo-ta Mi-ta-ri), and now factor in his experiences with Junko (from today’s episode) and it opens up the possibility of Mitari working with her and setting up the 'game’ in the Future Arc.
Also he could have animated the apparent broadcasts of monokuma making announcements.

Unrelated things of note:
* Gundam’s bear. Maybe foreshadowing the presence of monokuma, perhaps? But seriously why was there a bear.

* Swiggity Swooty Komeada got booty

* Junko talking about 'the parade’. Probably in next week’s episode.

* I feel sad for juzo, who is probably feeling like a 3rd wheel right now. Someone should tell him about 3-ways ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
but seriously I swear he is going to flip soon enough.

* Becoming a NEET in space sounds like a good idea and a bad idea all at once.