my fav thing about nabari no ou is it has such gay undertones that no one can ignore it even tho it’s never explicitly said that the two main characters are in love. so you get forums with things like “wish miharu was a girl” or homophobic people asking “what’s their relationship.. they’re not gay are they??” despite having read the whole entire manga

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I read your theory about Dazai keeping the book the Fitz is dying to have and I can't help but think what if there really is no book and it's Dazai that Fitz is actually looking for and underneath the bandages are actually writings or scribbles much like in Nabari no Ou where the main character's just suddenly covered with these writings. Anyway, it's because I also read another theory that if Dazai knows the book then why doesn't he try to revive odasaku but then again we all know how he doesn

same anon here lol i ran out of space(?) anyway continuing where I left, if Dazai knows about the book and if he actually has the book why doesn’t he try to revive odasaku but then again we also all know that he does not believe in bringing the dead back to life. There’s also the name of his ability No Longer Human, which kinda has the opposite effect to those he touches because he cancels out their ability and kind makes them human again? 

Aaah—! That’s an interesting theory! tho I don’t really lean on any of the bandage theories in particular because there’s not much to go off of. but I do want to know the bandage mystery! 

Anyway, about bringing Oda back to life — I think that depends on a few things 

  • Why was the book sealed off in the first place? 
  • What are the requirements to bringing someone back to life?
  • Does Dazai need to work on any of the requirements if there are?

I imagine there are either sacrifices or consequences to using the book, your classic you-get-what-you-wish-for dilemma. Honestly, I can’t help but think of Full Metal Alchemist when I think about the book Fitz wants @nkhrchy suggested it might make people immortal, which is even more interesting than what I was thinking  

I feel as though Dazai would refrain from bringing Oda back into a painful existence — e.g. suffering an eternity on earth or bearing the burden that x number of people died to bring him back to life

About Dazai not believing in bringing the dead back to life  — are you referring to the Tanabata twitter post that @looking-for-stray-dogs translated here? i’m not sure how reliable that statement/belief is, coming from him  

the name of Dazai’s ability gets me because everyone else’s seems to make sense so far (i’m not sure about Mori yet). if it really doesn’t relate to his suicidal obsession, i’ve taken it to mean that Dazai himself is no longer human because he has an ability. yet he’s still a really… average human? aside from his sociopathic qualities but otherwise, i’d say that it goes with my ability activation theory for him  

Other book theory considerations:

How did Dazai know Atsushi would make a good pair with Akutagawa before even knowing he had an ability?! (an anon on nkhrchy’s blog brought this up)

it’s possible that Dazai was drawing Atsushi to him all along, since Dazai already had the book? so he knew Atsushi was the tiger ability user from the get-go? 

another thing is that Dazai mentions needing to buy his book in the prologue of the first light novel: 

“Truth be told, there’s a book called The Complete Suicide Manual that’s really rare. I’ve been looking for it all this time, and I found it displayed in front of an antique bookstore – Ah, we have to go back soon or else it’ll be bought.”

[translation by @chendaere — bless your dear soul. people like you are what make the world go round] 

generally speaking, prologues contain rather important information because the author wants to build a promising story premise. of course—if my theory holds up, Dazai buying the book when he first joined the agency raises a lot more questions and i could probably write a whole other post on that

finally, going off the whole immortal idea — i’ve started to wonder if Lovecraft ever got a hold of the book Fitz wants? i mean, what the hell is with the question marks after his age and birthday at the end of chapter 31?? anyway, i think that theory borderlines more on conspiracy, but seriously Lovecraft, what are you  

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