Friendly reminder that the same person who’s slaying on the red carpet, already won an award and looks like fierce, is followin us on tumblr, likes our selfies, posts and has inside jokes with us. I’m fine. 

And then I saw this thing happening where- like around 1999- that the films, the years on those films got further and further apart and that coincided actually with about my 50th birthday. And I thought, how sad for women in Hollywood that there’s this steep drop off when you hit a certain age and those parts start to dry up and those films don’t get offered to you anymore because you’re 50 plus years old. And I thought this has been the case always. It’s never the same for men but it is for women and will probably never change and that is a great, great sorrow…  Jessica Lange

it’s crazy how much i progressed throughout this year. i used to value friendships so much it became unhealthy but now.. not anymore. ending a really close and intimate friendship should have been as painful as heartache but i guess i’m more aware of who respects me or not. i’m not going to put myself on a high pedestal and claim myself as a great friend/person but i know now what to expect from certain people.

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There's a button for that omf. Sassy cat is my third favorite cat, only beaten by Sage fangirl cat in position 2 and drunk cat in first. ((;P))

Omfg. 1 and 2 kind of blend together sometimes actually, not gonna lie…