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“I need advice. I have two great guys in a war over my affection. I know what you’re thinking, ’ Sounds like the kind of problem you want to have. ’ but in reality it’s the worst.

On the one hand I have David. He’s tall, dark, handsome, has a body like a super hero and the charm of a fairytale prince. He’s a romantic in every sense and he makes me feel like nobody else matters in the world.

Then there’s Sam. Sam is thoughtful in his own way. He’s not one to buy gifts or send love notes, but he’s the type that would fight an army to get to you. He’s wild and maybe a little reckless. He keeps me guessing and he can take me to the edge of madness but always pulls me back right when I feel I might lose my mind.

They both are so different and in their own way, they’re just the kind of guy I want. I’m so confused as to who I should date exclusively. Picking one means losing the other. But not picking one might mean losing them both.”

Tag Game: Dolls In Towels on Flickr.

Tagged by: Cupcakasaurus-Rex , Zack and Greenell Starz Photographer Mario Testino takes photos of famous people in towels for his “Towel Series”. Let’s do the same with dolls! We won’t limit this to famous dolls, so the subject can be any doll you like a lot.

Rules: Take a black and white portrait photo of your doll in a simple towel, preferably with little to no other accessories and a simple background. Your doll will have to make the photo interesting with just his or her presence.

I won’t tag anyone because almost everyone has been tagged. I’ll just leave it open so if you want to do it, feel free.

tragic story time

when i was 8 or so MyScene released a special edition of their dolls called Bling or something where all the dolls were dressed up in shiny metallic clothes and jewellery and i LOVED it so much and i begged my mum to buy me my favourite doll which was the dark haired east asian one who wore silver and light blue clothes and i begged my mum for days to buy her for me and my mum flat out said no because i had too many dolls and i explained that they weren’t the same and she insisted no and i went to my room and i cried and i cried and i cried myself to sleep

When i was younger I LOVED playing with barbies and bratz dolls and myscene dolls and truth be told if it was socially acceptable i would still play with dolls

…trying to get to another level.

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