Well this is how it turned out! With the shelf!
I’m really satisfied! Also added the rest of my collection of dolls & other fav characters to the pictures. The only thing missing from the pics is my Roller Girl Nolee but she needs new clothes so that’s why.

While waiting for my other DC girls Batgirl has the very top of the shelf for herself :)

Everything is mine except for First Wave Cleo, Boo York Catty, Londoom Catty, Bonita & Duchess.

Who remembers Myscene?? These dolls where a huge part of my childhood! I had quite a few of them, collected the magazine and had the three movies on DVD 😍 I would love to start collecting them again! I’ve got two of the movies on DVD I just need Jammin in Jamaica, the last Myscene doll I had was this bling bling Nolee one and I REALLY wish I never sold her at a car boot 😔I wouldn’t like to see a reboot as you can never beat the originals- I saw the new Betty Spaghetty yesterday and I’m not impressed 😖 but seeing the new Betty inspired me to look on eBay and I got one with accessories at a bargain of £5 😁

Went back to reading the Barbie wiki and I now like to think that Barbie kills off the dolls that she thinks isn’t making the family money and then brings them back with a slightly different look and name in her lab back in Wisconsin. Then the ones that she thinks people are losing interest in but are still making money, she knocks them out and clears their memory.

I like this reason better for why Mattle won’t make MyScene cannon. Like, Barbie moves from Wisconsin to Cali-fucking-fornia. WHAT ABOUT THE TIME SHE LIVED IN NEW YORK??? And the disappearance Todd and why Tutti was changed to Stacy or Kelly becoming Chealsea to only make another Kelly and then  killed her off too.

I like this better.