Dollythriftin’, yesterday and this morning.

Top image are the dolls I got yesterday, a combination of individually-priced and ‘all you can fit into this bag for $2.99.′  Catrine is missing her tail, Lagoona is missing her hands and leg fins, and Twyla is missing her forearms and hands (Lagoona was in the random toy table, Twyla was individually priced; I thought about asking if she could have been put into the bag, since she was missing parts–I did look for them!–but I didn’t want to hassle the cashier.)  The Livs and MyScene guy lived with someone who liked Sharpies (there’s a black Sharpie circle on one of his biceps–I seriously wonder if someone was trying to make a Twilight Jacob out of him…)  Whathisname Carter still works, eep.

The other pictures are what I got in the $2.99 bag today at a different store.  I looked for the gymnast body’s head, I really did.  Not finding it wasn’t gonna keep me from getting it, because finding articulation in that skin tone is not easy.  Don’t care if it’s flat foot, don’t care if the neck is so horribly cracked.  Vintage red velvet dress doll is also missing her head, and I also looked for it–I actually found just the legs first and eventually turned up the body.  (I’m hoping that some kid didn’t entertain themself by pulling off doll heads at the store, because i saw a lot of dollar store bodies with no heads, too.)  The SunshineFamily-revisited doll is a Mattel Star Spangled Dolls Southern Belle, and she actually has sclera painted on which, as John showed with his Sunshine Family Dad, makes the face look a lot better.  She also has Quick Curl hair?  I had no idea. (And she has a big chunk of plastic missing from one knee–brittle leg plastic is a hallmark of this body, apparently.)  The doll next to her appears to be a dollar store interpretation of one of the later Breyer horse rider bodies.

The last picture…I just…kept…finding…Melanie’s Mall dolls… (None of em’ the Andrea version, of course.)  And I think I may have had one of those cat things, once upon a time.  This one is in danger of getting hybridized into an anthro doll.  Maybe.

And now I need to get this stuff organized and put away (some being researched for eBay potential) and then work on more big MH sweatshirts’n’such.

Nakalimutan ko na kung anong site yung parang magbabantay ka ng baby mukhang barbie ata yun o myscene o ano ba. Ewan. HAHA basta aliw na aliw ako nun pag pinapaiyak ko yung bata eh. Medyo mean. Dakilang tambay talaga ako sa barbie site at sfogs site nung yagit pa ko. Ayun lang. Ge. Xer.


Am I the only one that had this movie when I was younger? I loved this movie lol


Doll Name : Barbie
Playset : Myscene Shopping Spree
Year : 2004
Company : Mattel

Description :  This myscene doll has been rebodied onto a fashionista body. This doll has been with me since my childhood and has suffered through many trials. 

She’s wearing a 90s barbie dress and shrug with puffed sleeves.


Doll Name : Irulan (originally Barbie)
Playset : N/A
Year : 2004
Company : Mattel

Description :  “See that princess standing there, so haughty and confident. They say she has pretensions of a literary nature. Let us hope she finds solace in such things; she’ll have little else.” A bitter laugh escaped Jessica. “Think on it, Chani: that princess will have the name, yet she’ll live as less than a concubine — never to know a moment of tenderness from the man to whom she’s bound. While we, Chani, we who carry the name of concubine — history will call us wives.” -Dune, Frank Herbert

Irulan was hand painted with Acrylic paints and her hair was styled with curls and weave braids. The curls were made with the boil-perm method.

Her dress is a brown strapless ball gown with lace decals and custom made earrings. She has a gold plastic necklace and bracelets.