all the bratz, barbie, myscene, winx club, etc. type shows had the cutest songs 

I was browsing mattel trademarks when I noticed this. At first I was like what? This must be a mistake. They can’t abandon Raven. She’s a main character. But the more I thought about it, I realize Mattel has done this before.

It happened with Myscene. Barbie was the main character, but they decided she wasn’t cutting it so ditched her for Kennedy. Mattel has a tendency to push popular characters, even over a main. And it’s plain to see Raven dolls, especially her basic doll, sit the shelves. 

So it looks like they’re abandoning her trademark all together, so this, along with Raven not being in Epic Winter, seems to prove Mattel doesn’t want to make Raven dolls anymore. I can’t believe it, but it’s right in front of me.


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