aegitrash asked:

I was wondering what your top ten Pokemon are? :)

1. Deoxys
2. Ho Oh
3. Blaziken
4. Smeargle
5. Cofagrigus
6. Wobbuffet
7. Rotom (The Lawnmower one)
8. Skitty
9. Rayquaza
10. Xatu

my brothers xbox live name is like. 790darkria or something he didnt know until now that he spelled darkrai wrong

There is something incredibly charming about milking stools.

Especially the ones with only one leg that strap to your butt. 

anonymous asked:

the meme came from a vine of a man approaching a police officer and asking "sir ive got one question for you" and then pointing the camera at the officer's shoes screaming "WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE"

OHH ok thanks!! ;o;