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HAAAPPPPPYYYY BEEEERRRDDDEEEEEIIIII FUUUUCCCCHHHHHIIIIII~~~!!! I hope ya like this :DDD I was going to just feature Akashi there and I make another gfx just for Dino but I got boooored dammit coz I can’t find any pretty fanarts for Dino to use =( So, I just lump them together in one gfx hahaha I’m such a genius TwT

I hope you’re having a grand day today :DD Thanks for everything~~ (^Д^ ✿)

I DUN WAN TO BE PRODUCTIVE ENIMOAR MAKE EETSAHP MY NAPE HUURRRTSSS DARNEEET welp. this is for erenxrivaillelove aka.yukichan <3 duuude idk where i can upload this maybe dropbox? :| and i’m sorry for the lack of creativeness it kind of died after making the 3rd gfx for today Dx if you havent noticed i just slapped in pictures and abused the filter option trololol 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST DADA IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD~~~ okaay, that’s kind of exaggerating but you get my point orz

I wanted to make you what’s-her-name from Guilty Crown but I got too lazy to find myself a rendered picture of her OTL So, I used chibi Miku instead. I like what it came out though, pretty colors~ haha~

Thank you for your hard work in bringing us yummilicious scanlations when you’re like, so busy iRL. You still managed to spare some time for BA (andallthosejointprojectswehaveasdkl).

Lastly, don’t start thinking of any negative thoughts, you got that? Even though we’re miiiiiiiles apart, you are very special to me. And, I bet everyone who knows and have met you feels the same way too.

(Everyone I’ve come to know through scanlating are special to me owo I’m very sentimental when it comes to things like these *craiz*)

I hope you’re having a wonderful time today o/