through hardships to the stars
Dean/Castiel, 4.5k (aka The One Where Sam Finds Out Because Skype)

This art by mycolour​ never got a fic written for it in the SPN Reverse Bang, so I got permission to do it, since it was one of my favorites. Thank you to andthestarsaregone​ for the beta! <3

Cas showed up at Dean’s apartment six minutes before midnight with a six-pack of Ad Astra under his arm and Interstellar on blu-ray.

Cas hadn’t been to his place in months, not since Christmas Eve, when he’d helped Dean bake in preparation for Sam and Jess’s holiday party. His tie was askew, suit jacket unbuttoned and shirt wrinkled. He was sporting two days of scruff and bloodshot eyes, which were unnaturally wide despite the hour—knowing Cas, he spent the last week living on energy bars and shitty burned coffee from the break room while he worked himself ragged. Dean wondered when he slept last.

He stood numb in the doorway, blinking the sleep from his eyes. “Cas? What’re you doing here?”

“I hate audits.” Cas pushed his way into the apartment, brushing past Dean on his way to the kitchen. He set down the beer and the movie, opening a bottle against the edge of the counter. “I probably should’ve called, but I figured what the hell. It’s Friday. Did I wake you?”

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June wrap-up

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through hardships to the stars for mycolour
Dean/Castiel, 4.5k (aka The One Where Sam Finds Out Because Skype)

The Awkward Proposal Ficlet
Dean/Cas, 1.2k (posted here last year but I archived it on AO3)


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notmyship - Gorgeous fanart for ships that aren’t mine but that I want to acknowledge as, well, gorgeous. 

possibly, maybe is posting to Wattpad while it’s a WIP

I just got into Hannibal and I love it.

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