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Urgent!!! (Sorta), me and my boyfriend were talking about Milo Murphey's Law, and started talking about Amanda, and we can't decide on her ethnicity, could you help me settle my argument?

I know this was answered in the stream but Amanda is Hispanic


// Imagine Murphy taking you for Jasper instead of Bellamy \

“Murphey, I know you can hear me,” Bellamy stated into the walkie-talkie “all our ammo and food is in the middle level. You know that.”

I watched as Bellamy spoke to the inevitable, as Murphy could’ve possibly escaped with Jasper.

“You’re leaving us vulnerable to an attack, I can’t let that happen.”

Seconds passed by before small static came through the mic from another walkie, “yeah well, in case you haven’t noticed, you’re not exactly in control right now.” Murphy’s voice came through and Bellamy eyed the ground before sighing.

“Come on, Murphy, you don’t want to hurt Jasper, you want to hurt me.” I looked at Bellamy as if he’d gone mad, “Bellamy what are you doing.” I stated my question with irritated.

“So what do you-.” Before Bellamy could finish his sentence I snatched the walkie, “Murphy, it’s me you want. I’m the one who sent everyone after you.” Bellamy glared at my figure-clenching his jaw.

“Let Jasper go, and take me instead.” I said walking away towards the side of the ship looking up.“

Bellamy walked to me growling, “no way in hell am I letting you go in there.”

Looking into Bellamy’s eyes I stated, “all you have to do is let him go, and I’ll take his place.”

A minute passed as we waited for the answer for Murphy, Bellamy trying to grab the walkie but failing each time as I dodged him.

“I’m not letting him kill you Y/N. I kicked the stool.”

“If I let you go in there I’d already be dead.” I snapped at him.

“How?” Murphy’s voice came in and I stopped walking, “simple, you open the door, I walk in, he walks out.”

Bellamy shook his head glaring daggers now at the ship that held Jasper and Murphy.

The creaking of the ship slowly lowered itself open landing firmly onto the grassland.

“Just you, Y/N, unarmed,” Murphy shouted out.

Bellamy looked you in the eyes, “he does anything to you, I’ll kill him, and that’s a promise.”

You gave a quick peck to his lips before hearing the counting, “four, five, si-”

“I’m here Murphy.” I stepped onto the door inhaling deeply. Walking in I slid the curtain during the process. I saw Jasper tied up with sorrow filled eyes.

“I’ll be fine.” I mouthed to him.

Murphy sent Jasper flying out the door before slamming the button to shut the doors again. Murphy aimed his gun at me, “tie those two ends together.” His head motioned towards two once seatbelts.

As I tied them Murphy walked towards me slowly, “you know, if you didn’t try to kill me I would’ve seriously fucked you.” He whispered low enough for me to hear, although we were alone in the room.

Ignoring his comment I continued with tying, “answer me you little bitch.” He grabbed onto my hair tightly causing me to scream out while shooting the floor next to me.

“Y/N, god, Murphy I’m going to kill you.”

“I’m fine,” coughing I continued, “just a miss fire. Now stop worrying about me and prepare for the damn Grounders, and hurry it up with-.” Murphy slammed the butt of the gun against my temple, “that’s enough.”

After I finished tying the once seat belts he looks upward, “get your ass up and toss it over.”

Once the words left his lips I knew what he wanted to do, he wanted to hang me like we did to him. Reluctantly I got up tossing one end over the metal beam.

Murphy smirked at me as he saw my eyes trail down the rope to him, “what do you want me to say, Murphy, that I’m sorry? Well, I’m not, and I never will be-.”

“You have it wrong, Y/N, I don’t want you to say anything. I want you to feel what I felt, and then I want you dead.” His voice turned cold sending shivers down my spine.

“Grab the stool and bring it under the rope.” I did as he said without any comment, not knowing if Bellamy would be too late to stop Murphy.

He looked over at me expectantly when I finished and I knew what he wanted me to do, only I didn’t want to.

“This is ridiculous, Grounders are going to come and kill everyone if you-.” He raised the gun higher, aiming at my forehead. I nodded stepping onto the stool.

“Put it over your head princess.” He seethed out.

I put it over my neck agitated, “happy?”

He tugged at the other end pulling my feet up slightly from the stool, my hands raced to my neck to attempt breaking the ropes harsh grip on my skin.

“Look at the brave princess, you’re brave in front of everyone, Bellamy, yet look at you. Your life hangs in my hands. And if you thought one of your little friends would come help you, you’re dead wrong ‘cause no one cares about you.”

He stepped closer to me, “well, what are you thinking now princess?”

As I didn’t answer Murphy took it upon himself to pull the rope harder. Breathing became harder to do so.

“You know I don’t know how you managed to get Bellamy to lay down, he had every girl here begging to get into his pants. Why would he settle down for just one, especially you.” He spits out you as if it was venom in his mouth.

“Now when you told Bellamy the lies, did you just want to give what the people wanted, a show?”

“It was pretty entertaining to see you hanging,” I growled at him.

“At least I won’t have to feel guilty when doing this,” Murphy kicked the stool out from beneath me and my ability to breath immediately stopped.

Black spots blurred my vision, different colors suddenly immersed from nowhere and I was cut down, my breathing was shallow as I coughed. Someone’s warm hands were wrapped around me.

“I’ve got you, princess.” His voice was soft and gentle, it could only be Bellamy.

I looked up to see Octavia beating the living shit out of Murphy. As my eyesight began to weaken, I fell back completely into Bellamy’s arms. “Bell,” I started but his lips rushed to mine, “sh princess, save your breath.”

I nodded weakly catching my breath slowly, and as I did I pulled Bellamy down to kiss me passionately.