one day connor is like. super high and he goes outside @ 4:20am for some fuckin reason and he sees a possum and just looks at it and says ‘wow that’s the weirdest fuckin dog ive ever seen’ and he takes it inside and in the morning connor is still lowkey high and zoe’s like 'connor what the fuck is that’ and he just says 'it’s my dog you asshole. don’t yell at it’

DEH Soulmate AU

((This is one of those The World Is Black and White Until You Meet Your Soulmate ones))

The first time Evan met the Murphys was on the first day of school, sophomore year. He remembers the day perfectly– the grays of the trees in the courtyard, the dark hues of the doors, and then light. Greens, blues, and the red of Zoe’s dress. Oh my God, Zoe’s dress. He wanted to ask her if she could see it too, but the very thought made him a little nauseous.

From there, it was a whirlwind. The blue pen she scribbled stars with. The red of her guitar. The indigo streaks in her hair.

He also remembers the light green of the tree. The red and blue flashing ambulance lights. He remembers wanting to see her cherry red lipstick one more time.

And then on the first day of senior year, he remembers the color of Connor’s eyes. He remembers him storming off with Evan’s letter, a smudge of gray amongst all the colors.

That was the same day all the colors went away, leaving Evan once again alone in black and white.

♡Coquette Music♡

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40s, 50s, 60s

Born too Late-The Poni Tail Teenager in Love-Dion 
& The Belmonts Eddie, My Love-The Chordettes Darling Forever-The Marvelettes It’s Gonna Take a Miracle-The Royalettes My Boyfriend’s Back-The Angels To Sir, With Love-Lulu My Heart Belongs to Daddy-Marilyn Monroe

Rock (Classic,etc.)

Don’t Stand So Close To Me-The Police Seventeen-Winger   Roxanne-The Police Stray Cat Blues-The Rolling Stones Brown Sugar-The Rolling Stones   

Pop (Indie, alternative, dance, etc.)

Primadonna Girl-Marina & The Diamonds Off to The Races-Lana Del Rey Lolita-Lana Del Rey Mr. Watson-Ke$ha Dancing Queen-ABBA When I Kissed The Teacher-ABBA Heart Wants What it Wants-Selena GomezGood for You-Selena Gomez Candy Kisses-Amanda Perez Pink and Blue-Hannah Diamond Carousel-Michael Jackson PYT-Michael JacksonLove Me Harder-Ariana Grande ft.The Weeknd

Hiphop and RnB 

I Like The Way-Hi Five Around the Way Girl-LL Cool J My Favorite Part-Ariana Grande ft.Mac Miller Kisses Down Low-Kelly Rowland Crush on You-Lil Kim ft.Lil Cease Cupid-112 Pretty Brown Eyes-Mint ConditionHighschool-Nicki Minaj Right by my Side-Nicki Minaj ft.Chris brown Promise Ring-Tiffany Evans ft. Ciara Hey Daddy- Usher ft.Plies  


Jolene- Dolly Parton Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line-Waylon Jennings Kiss Me-Faith Hill You’re Still The One-Shania Twain Wildfire-Michael Martin Murphey


Daddy-Die Antwoord Cookie Thumper-Die Antwoord Ugly Boy-Die Antwoord 


Feel free to message me songs to add to the list!                                   

Maybe I'm Starting to Believe

Connor had been withdrawn from Evan for weeks and it was beginning to worry him. Had he done something wrong? He probably had, he seemed to push people away. Even Jared was only hanging around him so his parents would pay for his car insurance.

Evan had tried telling himself he just needed to calm down. He had tried figuring out on his own. He couldn’t figure out what he’d done so one day when they were studying in Connor’s room he blurted out, “If you’re going to break up with me can you just tell me now.”

“What?” Connor exclaimed looking up abruptly.

“Sorry it’s just you’re being withdraw, which is fine I understand I tend to drive people away so it makes sense that you want to leave me. It’s just I want to know before I get emotionally invested. I’m sorry. Well it’s not like I’m not already emotionally invested but I’d like to know before I do something stupid like tell you I love you or something like that. Although I guess I just did that, sorry, but since you’re leaving me can we pretend that didn’t happen. I just want to know, sorry. I’m sorry,” Evan stuttered desperately barely able to breath but already planning how to get out.

“I wasn’t going to break up with you,” Connor said calmly reaching out to try to calm evan. In any other situation, he would have laughed because only Evan would apologies because he was being broken up with.

“Oh…sorry…I…sorry,” Evan gasped out in between stuttered broken breathes.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Connor said as Evan’s breathing began to pick up and he began to hyperventilate, “Can you try to breathe with me?” Connor asked gently taking Evan’s shaking hands in his and placing them on his chest as he tried to regulate his breathing so Evan had a steady example.

“That’s it you’re doing great. There you go. In and out, slow and steady,” Connor said in as calming a voice as he could, “You’re doing so good sweetheart, just try to breath with me,” eventually Evan’s breathing calmed to broken stuttering breathes.

“I’m sorry,” he says again, pulling his hands back and looking down.

“Hey,” Connor said softly placing his hand on Evan’s jaw and bringing his face up to eye level, “It’s okay you didn’t do anything. I’m sorry I’ve been withdrawn. I didn’t think you would think I was going to break up with you. I’m sorry. I love you too.”

Evan had tears running down his face, “I’m sorry,” Evan said again not knowing what to say, that being his default.

“For what?” Connor asks.

“I don’t know being as screwed up as I am? For making you have to deal with me? For constantly overreacting? I don’t know,” Evan listed, “I’m sorry,” he added.

“It’s okay love, you didn’t do anything,” Connor said pulling him to his chest, “I love you,” he said kissing his forehead.

“I love you too,” he said burying himself deeper into Connor’s chest, “I love you,” he said curling into Connor who was solid and warm and safe. Connor who would said he would be there for Evan, no matter what and maybe Evan was even beginning to believe it.

The One Where Evan Comes Out Via Group Chat
by Ididntsignupforthisshit (Oliver_Ravenwood)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen - Pasek & Paul/Levenson
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Relationships: Evan Hansen/Jared Kleinman
Characters: Evan Hansen, Jared Kleinman, Connor Murphy (Dear Evan Hansen), Zoe Murphy, Alana Beck
Additional Tags: Texting, text fic, Secret Relationship, sorta - they’ve yet to come out, Coming Out, Canon Bisexual Character, Bisexual Male Character, Evan is a weak bisexual and loves his bf, Implied Sexual Content, Mild Sexual Humor