Life happened

Hello all. I hope you’re well!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but it’s been a while since I was active on social media and the last time I posted a reaction video was over two months ago.

I didn’t quit! I’m still here. Just very behind on things.

These last months life really decided to grab hold of me and refused to let me partake in anything virtual or fictional. Which is a good thing. While I do love social media and recognize many of the positive sides to it, there are also negative sides. And sometimes you forget to take a break from it when you have a fear of missing out. That’s me in a nutshell.

But yeah. I went travelling with amazing people, who I’ve met because of social media, and I finally got to see ‘Merica! And Disneyland! That was fucking amazing.
I also had to go apartment hunting because a new owner was “kicking me out”. It’s not as dramatic as it sounds. I was prepared for it all along. It was still stressful because I had to find a new place, but I did! And it’s definitely an upgrade. Fucking expensive, but pretty worth it for now.
I finished moving yesterday and everything at my new place is a mess, but I’ll have it sorted and organized soon enough. Feels great!

But most importantly, I’ve met someone. And she showed up in my life without warning. I’m happy, I’m in love and I had honestly given up hope of feeling this good. I guess I just had to be patient.
People in her life are fortunate to know this girl. I could go on and on about her kindness and compassion, but I’m gonna spare you.

I’m still busy getting the new apartment ready and such, but hopefully things are getting back to normal soon and I can at least make a few reaction videos for you guys. Currently I’m way behind on both Supergirl and Couple-ish and I hope to catch up ASAP. Until then, please don’t send spoilers of any kind. I try really hard to avoid them.

Looking forward to continue making videos for you!


anonymous asked:

Could you please draw us some baby Mob? ❤️

Here you go! Also here’s some headcanons for cub Mob- 

- Loved catching and eating bugs, but he could only catch slow ones. He wasn’t good with stalking- but his brother was.

- He often played with his tail and gnawed on it. Not too hard to the point of hurting himself though. 

- Had the smallest and cutest of mewls <3