Neurotypical Social Skill #121

Neurotypicals enjoy making movies, books, shows, comics, etc., that portray neurodivergents as scary, and when you call them on it, they often will say that “it’s just fiction!!!” Show them the flaw in this logic by writing slews upon slews of stories featuring M’Night Shyamalan as a serial kidnapper, Koogi as both a killer and a stalker, and all neurotypicals as piles of excrement in trenchcoats. When they complain about you being rude, remind them that it’s only fiction.

anonymous asked:

That movie is gonna be a flop and i'm gonna love it.

Honestly… Maybe if they had a different cast, but. that guy looks nothing like Harrison. I mean, I love Donald and all but he does not look like Billy Dee. and it’s not like they’d have changed a lot from their twenties to their late twenties/early thirties. why is Woody Harrelson in this movie. why is there another short white brunette (and I see another brunette in the back). they straightened alden’s hair and he just looks like a cosplayer who doesn’t quite look like han solo. just. why