30 Days of Ships:Day 30

              ↳ Fave LGBT+ ship

Pie and Kim aren’t just my fave LGBT+ ship they are my favorite of favorite ship ever! This was a movie I kinda stumbled upon when this blog first started and was dealing with some personal issues surrounding own sexuality. So seeing Pie struggle like she did made me feel better about what I was going through. Also seeing this movie even if it has problematic moments and sad moments was the first film I saw that showed gay people in a normal relationship. It didn’t sexualize us or kill us off it showed Kim and Pie in an actual relationship. So often in movies that portray gay people there is always a tragic end or the relationship is treated like a passing phase. So to see two queer people in a movie that was more about who they were and less about straight male gaze that overtly dehumanizes and sexualizes lesbians made this movie and this ship my favorite.