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Finished the last two pages in one go. Overall, I’m feeling so-so about this. I still have issues with consistency and should probably use more references but I think I learned quite a bit. There is a short companion fic after the cut :)

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Now that this is done, I’ll be working on “She’s Mine!” again.

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“Hey remember that time we practiced kissing? That was so dumb, right? Right..?” Adrienette

Marinette winced. He just had to bring it up, didn’t he? The one time she had actually kissed Adrien Agreste and it had been rehearsal for the stupid play. Her fantasy first kiss - under the Eiffel Tower with the lights and music and warm scarves and snow - had been completely shattered.

“Y-yeah,” Marinette managed. “T-totally dumb.”

He swallowed. Alone in the classroom, after school, physics tutoring session. This wasn’t supposed to be awkward, and now it totally was. Marinette wanted to melt.

“S-so, I was, u-um, thinking…” Adrien closed the physics book, using a pencil to mark their place. Marinette looked up and to the side, her eyes widening as blue met piercing green. Why was he staring at her?


“I-if, you, ah, wanted to, um, maybe… practice some more?”

Marinette felt the blood drain from her face and rise to color Adrien’s cheeks. He couldn’t meet her eyes anymore and glanced away, mouth pulling into a thin line as if to stop himself from talking anymore. Marinette either felt her heart stop beating completely or speed up so fast she couldn’t feel it.

“Practice some more?”

Adrien grimaced. “Yeah… my father needs me to kiss another model for a shoot and, I dunno, I thought that since you were so good at it before, you’d be willing to, y’know…” He gestured. “Help.”

Marinette swallowed. He thought she was a good kisser! Yeah…” Stop now, Marinette. “That’s f-fine…” You’re only going to get hurt. “I’ll help.” Darn it!

He looked back at her, red all the way to the tips of his ears. Why is he so cute? “G-great! Th-thanks. Um, is right now okay?”

Marinette felt herself nod. Adrien slowly scooted closer and leaned in close, his breath warm against her face. His eyes were half-lidded, seductive-model-like, and Marinette was painfully reminded that he was only doing this because he had a photoshoot and not because he actually liked her. Marinette closed her eyes and let go.

When Marinette finally ran from the room, red from her hairline to where her neck disappeared beneath the collar of her blazer, Adrien slumped against the back of the bench, face in his hands. It was uncomfortably hot in the classroom.

“Why’d you lie?” Plagg asked from his messenger bag, nibbling on camembert. “You don’t have a kissing photoshoot.”

Adrien whimpered. “Because she’d probably say no if I just asked to kiss her randomly… she doesn’t like me anyway and –!”

Plagg just shook his head. “Moron.”

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eyyee so looks like you guys won’t have to wait till my bday for another post. Still school is very stressful so I dunno if I will be posting so frequently. Also idk if I mentioned this before (probably did) but I literally only do this comic in school when I’m bored and i really did not expect it to take this long I’m barely through the beginning jeez. So as the school year is ending I have no plans to how I’ll manage my time to do this comic. I mean, I’ll have the free time but…. ahh we’ll see. 

I also got 2,000+ followers omg crazzyy. (getting v close to 2,100 by now lol) I haven’t had the time to think of how to celebrate this so maybe something will come later.

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finally.. ........ the truth about the miraculous ladybug fans

Ladynoir Fans: watched too much anime when they were twelve

Adrienette Fans: see a cute boy in the soup aisle and start designing wedding invitation covers

Marichat Fans: who cares they’re not reading this they’re too busy writing porn

Ladrien Fans: like to suffer™

Dj Wifi Fans: pretend they just like the dynamic but are secretly crushing on Alya

Nathanette Fans: aren’t even pretending anymore like. they have like five homemade Nathanael plushies

Julerose Fans: everyone pretends Adrienette is the purest ship but these guys got it figured out

Heartrate Fans: they are definitely reading this since they’re on tumblr searching for another gif of the one scene they have

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Jealous Adrien with: “I’m sick of you always taking the cat’s side in everything!”

It was futile, and Adrien knew it.

It still didn’t stop him from glaring at the back of his wife’s head peeking out from over the top of the sofa, pointedly away from him. He knew she had a smirk on her face and Plagg in her lap and Tikki was nowhere to be seen to back him up.

“I swear it wasn’t me who knocked the vase off the table!”


Plagg snickered quietly.

“He’s guilty!”

“Who, Plagg? He would never do such a thing.” She finally glanced at him over her shoulder, eyes narrow. “You, on the other hand…”

“He’s guilty!” Adrien protested, coming around the couch to face Marinette squarely. Indeed, Plagg was nestled in the small dip between her thighs, purring contentedly with a smirk. “You can see it on his smug little face!”

Who, this little cutie?” Marinette rubbed a finger affectionately over his kwami’s head. Plagg purred louder.

“I’m sick of you always taking his side in everything!” Adrien whined. He got down on all fours and put his hands on her knees. He rested his chin against his knuckles and pouted up at her, putting on his best Puss in Boots impression. “I purromise it wasn’t me!”

Marinette was weak against his kitty eyes. She knew it. Adrien knew it. So she sighed and patted the spot on the couch next to her. Plagg yowled as he was forced from his spot on Marinette’s lap as Adrien’s head took it’s place, swinging his body up onto the cushions and relaxing against his wife.

Marinette laughed as a deep rumble emanated from Adrien’s chest. Plagg, disgruntled, simply reclaimed his spot, curling up against his chosen’s temple. She stroked her fingers through golden tresses and short black fur, wondering when she adopted two cats.

Dialogue Prompts

  • marinette:[corrupted by an akuma victim's influence] CHAT NOIR I AM GONNA TAKE YOU OUT
  • chat:if you wanted to go out on a date with me all you had to do was ask
  • marinette:how is it that I'm the one corrupted by an akuma and you're still more terrible than I am
  • chat:good to know you're still in there, marinette