Sagiri Seina’s #1! (part one)

At last I finished another article! This was from the June 2016 issue of Graph. 

I’ll be switching to posting articles whenever they’re done for now, as I’m not completing postable translations consistently enough to hold to a schedule. 

This article is long enough that I’m splitting it, the other half will go up tomorrow!

Sagiri Seina’s #1!

We surveyed all the Snow Troupe members about what was Sagiri Seina’s ‘Number One’!! And now, what are the results? Have a look, along with Sagiri Seina’s comments!

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  • Boueibu is pairing up with Gunma’s Ikaho Onsen, the collab will begin sometime in the first 10 days of September and there’ll be limited edition merch, a “lodging pack” (either a trip package or many trip packages) and a stamp rally, among other things. More details to come in the future. 

  • Nami Tsuda and Miyu Tomita will be on Animemashite with ample info on Aikatsu Stars and an interview with Yoshiki Murakami and Keisuke Koumoto next week (specifically on the 1st of August). August’s narration for Animemashite will be by Ayaka Asai.
  • Radio the VEPPer will be recorded at the Makuhari Messe Hall international exhibition hall main stage ½/3 on Binanshi August from 12:30 pm. Kazutomi Yamamoto and Kotaro Nishiyama will also be in attendance. It’s a part of C3 Tokyo, which will be on the weekend spanning August Binanshi and the 28th. If you specifically want to be in the seating area of this event, the details for that are yet to come. (This is classified as a Boueibu event on the site, so expect more coverage of this as it approaches.)
  • The puzzle game should show up on your Boueibu otome game like this (see image below) once the update is over. Of course, Anipani’ll keep the otome game content coming too.

  • A producer’s interview relating to the puzzle game is here. The producer’s name (their name appears to be “Shinbo”, although the article doesn’t confirm how to read the name and thus it could be something else entirely) is denoted in blue, while the interviewer (Sorairo) is in red. If you retweet one of the tweets as per the instructions at the bottom of the page, you’ll be in the running to snag some of the Boueibu game goods that have already been released.
  • Just to give some extra confirmation to this ask I received a while back…Sakegaki and Hara-sensei confirmed.

  • It seems even yamazo plays Pokemon Go…(The tweet states he wants to go to a nearby beer garden which has a PokeStop, but he can’t because of the rain in the rainy season.)

“You were WORKING, Miyu!!”

Irino Miyu, the youngest Matsu in anime and also in real life. You maybe remember that he also voiced this guy:

Haku from Spirited Away aka Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (or as Sakurai Takahiro –Osomatsu– often said: Sen to Chihiro no KamiyaHiroshi XD I honestly don’t know for what reason)

Miyu hit puberty soon AFTER he voiced Haku, so it was said that Haku’s voice is no longer in this world ^_^;

Totty remains XD