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One Dance
Jodi Benson/Ariel
One Dance

"One Dance"
sung by Jodi Benson as Ariel
from "The Little Mermaid"

Intended to be sung internally by Ariel as she is being shown
around the town by Eric, imagining the day when the pair will
share their first dance and find their happily ever after despite
their differences. Though recorded, the song was dropped because
it was thought that because Ariel wasn't singing to Eric, and was
instead singing to herself, child audiences may have found the
song confusing.

When Howard Ashman was coaching Ariel’s live-action reference model, Howard physicalised the now iconic extraction of Ariel’s voice to help her understand what she needed to express. “It was dance-like and very visual, clear and dramatic”, recalls director John Musker. When you see the voice extraction scene, in the moment that Ariel’s voice moves out of her body, you are watching Howard’s movement.