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Dearest Charlie,

I wrote you not too long ago saying I wrote him a letter. Today I received an email from him. I was scared to open it thinking it was going to hurt me further. As I sit on this train heading home in tears, the email was a half assed apology. I’m crying because I deserve more than a half assed apology. I deserve more than some bullshit. I deserve more. He’s done nothing but tear me apart like a piece of garbage and in return all I get is a half assed apology that ends with a “hope we can stay in contact?” NO CHARLIE I DONT FUCKING DESERVE THAT!!!! I feel like I’m stuck, yet again.

Love, J. (5/22)

so some of u already know this, but one of my absolute best friends is also my ex boyfriend. last night he slept over n I was just thinking about how grateful I am for the relationship we have. We just defied all the odds and we made ourselves have this incredibly close and special friendship and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the entire world

Lo ammetto: non vedo l'ora di arrivare da te.
Nonostante io stia poco bene, nonostante sia stanca, assonnata, col mal di testa da tre giorni, i dolori e tutto il resto, non vedo l'ora di arrivare da te, che le tue mani mi accarezzino in posti nascosti, che le tue labbra mi facciano rabbrividire, che le mie mani ti tocchino in posti solo a me accessibili. Non vedo l'ora di ascoltare i tuoi sospiri, i tuoi affanni, di vederti sorridere e riempirmi di baci. Non vedo l'ora, davvero.

The ACOWAR box, curated by the amazing girls at @the-yachronicles has finally, fiiiiinally arrived! 🎉🙌 (No, but really, the Romanian post office is an absolute joke 😡)
But it was so sooooo worth the wait! I can’t even begin to explain how happy this box made me! All the care and thought that went into it is amazing ❤ Thank you so much for a wonderful box, loves 😍 You absolutely kick ass!
The ACOWAR box included:
* A Court of Wings and Ruin by @therealsjmaas (😍) @sjmaas
* A custom-made and exclusive High Lady of the Night Court candle by @koolandco (it smells absolutely divine I can’t even 😍)
* A custom ribbon bookmark by @charmedfiction (gooooorgeous, wings and roses on one side and a star on the other ❤)
* A custom Feysand bookmark by @readandwonder_ (all the feels forever ❤) 
* A Feysand print by @charliebowater (I fangirled so much it’s not even funny 😂) @charliebowater
* A Night Court tote bag by @paperlyandco (it’s so pretty and it has one of my favourite quotes on it ❤)
* A baby Rhysand sticker by @taratjah (the cuteness is too much 😍) @taratjah
* A custom pin by @eviebookish (I’m so in love with the design, it’s gorgeous)
I adored everything about this box ❤
Everyone needs to check out The YA Chronicles because they’re absolutely fantastic ❤

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Auguste's reaction when he finds out that someone in the guard (or a modern AU version of guard) tried to get Smaurent to smoke. First time Auguste hears Smaurent swear. Smaurent brings home a snake he found in the gardens and wants to keep it. Smaurent giving Auguste a heart attack when he finds him climbing high library shelves. Auguste is hella overprotective, fight me.

I really want to contribute to this but I’m honestly too busy crying into my pillow