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Prompts: “Who were you with?” Johnlock ;)

*Full disclosure, this is based on this post because it reminded me so much of our Teenlock babes*

Sherlock leans against the bar on a shaky elbow, full glass held shakily in his hand as he attempts to leer, and more than anything squints, at John. “Hey there good lookin’.”

John bursts out laughing. “Hi love,” he grins, watching with glee as his boyfriend teeters on his bar stool a little, glassy eyes blinking slowly in his direction. “Had a little too much?” 

“Hm?” Sherlock sighs, seeming only to just notice the damp cup in his hand. “Oh. No.”

“No?” John smiles, taking a sip of his beer and enjoying his adorably intoxicated partner. “You sure?”

“Mm,” Sherlock hums, sticking his tongue out trying to find the straw in his glass and taking far longer than it should to get it in his mouth and sucking harshly before offering a watery smile at John. “You come here often?”

“No,” John giggles helplessly, finding this Sherlock unbelievably endearing. “I’m usually home in our dorm with you. It’s nice to be out.”

“Mhm, nice,” Sherlock emphasizes the word and John assumes that was meant to be some sort of euphemism that got lost in drunk land but Sherlock doesn’t look deterred one bit. “You are very handsome. Are you single?”

“No,” John grins, heart completely full to the brim with love for this inebriated boy. “I am most definitely not single.”

And just like that Sherlock’s features drop, the low-lidded eyelash batting he’d been laying on thick gone to reveal that very worried little crease between his eyebrows that John loves so much, his eyes going wide. “What?”

“Yup,” John nods with a sigh and a shrug like there isn’t much he can do about that fact, enjoying this just a little too much. “I’m taken, baby.” 

And John’s heart practically bursts in his chest with so much damn affection as Sherlock’s eyes fill with tears. “You… but you’re…” Sherlock mutters, mouth parting in sad shock, bottom pouty lip trembling. “You’re perfect,” he murmurs more to himself than anything, staring at the bar in a full-on sulk. “Of course you’re bloody taken.”

“Oh my god,” John mumbles, beaming at his partner with all the love in the world, leaning his cheek on his hand and smiling. “You are ridiculous.”

“Who’re you with?” Sherlock suddenly demands a little sloppily, big silver eyes glancing up to John from under damp lashes as he reaches for John’s hand. “Is… is he a good guy, this boyfriend of yours? Is he good to you?”

It’s almost impossible not to break the ruse right then and there. “Yeah,” John smiles and going a bit watery himself. “Yeah, he’s… he’s the best.”

Sherlock seems to take that as miserable confirmation, nodding sullenly as a tear races down his cheek. “Good,” he mumbles, squeezing John’s fingers. “That’s… that’s good.” He sighs and begins to steady himself to hop off his stool, reaching blindly for his jacket and instead tipping onto the stool behind him. “Well, I’d better get going…” 

“Oh for godsake,” John laughs, grabbing and steadying his boyfriend onto the ground and snaking arms around his waist. “Come on, you lunatic. Let’s get you home.” 

Pale cheeks go red immediately as Sherlock takes in their current position, looking at John like he’s lost his mind. “But… you said… your boyfriend…”

“My boyfriend,” John grins, emphasizing the word with a squeeze to Sherlock’s hips. “My boyfriend is going to love what comes next.”

The next day over text…

Sherlock: I wasn’t even that drunk last night.

John: You were flirting with me…

Sherlock: You’re my boyfriend.

John: You asked me if I was single and when I told you I wasn’t you started crying.

Sherlock: …Yeah that sounds like me.

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May I request Mewberty Marco. Everything seems to be under control with him until Marco doesn't go back to normal at the time he should. Humans aren't supposed to go true Mewberty so the effects last a couple of days instead of a couple of hours?

Sure! This was a lot of fun to write! I already did a Marco mewberty fic but I did this one too because it was a lot of fun and I wanted to update and make it better lol. Because the other one wasn’t really the same as this request! I hope you like it! Enjoy!


“It must be from spending so much time in Mewni. I told Star he shouldn’t be eating the food there.” Glosseryk shook his head. Tom looked in awe at Marco. He was floating in the middle of the room with six arms and big red butterfly wings. He had four eyes as well, all glowing and his hair was floating up, like it was made of fire.

“How do I fix him!?” Tom cried. Glosseryk didn’t seem to care, he kept going through his bag of chips and shrugged.

“It’s mewberty, let it run it’s course.” He told the demon. Tom was about to protest when he heard Marco speak in an odd sounding voice.

“Deeeeeeeemon~!” He gushed. Om looked up at him oddly before Marco tackled him down in a hug. Marco lifted his hands up and stuck a red heart on Tom’s forehead. “Miiiine.” He said in a very low voice. He then started spinning some sort of web out of his finger tips and trapped Tom against the wall.

“Glosseryk! Help!” Tom cried. But the magic man was on his way back into his book.

“Nothing I can do, mewberty only lasts a few hours. Until then just humor him and don’t let him take any other boys prisoner. It took us weeks to find all the ones Star hid.” Glosseryk rolled his eyes. Tom was about to responded but Marco grabbed his face.

“No one else. Just youuuuu.” He sang. Tom got a nervous look on his face.

“Are you gonna eat me or something?” He asked. Marco giggled and stuck more hearts on Tom’s face.

“Miiiine.” He shook his voice. “Deeeeemon~” Marco said again. Tom looked confused and then Marco moved in, giving him a bunch of kisses on the face. “My demon, my boyfrieeeend!” He giggled. Tom blushed.

“Oh, I think I see what’s happening.” Tom finally saw. Glosseryk rolled his eyes.

“You dated Star, how do you not know what mewberty is?” He asked. “Marco will become obsessed with the things he likes, even more so to the things he’s attracted to.” He proclaimed. “So you’re in for a rough night, kid.” Glosseryk added, before jumping in his book.

Tom looked up at Marco who was flying right in front of him. Tom was wrapped in Marco’s red, heart web and attached to where the ceiling met the wall. “Uh… hi?” Tom smiled. Marco grinned very big and grabbed Tom’s face.

“Deeeeeeeemon~” He sang again. Tom blushed deeper and watched the mewberty human spin more webs and kept throwing Tom smiles.


“What do I do? It’s been days! I thought you said mewberty only lasted a few hours?” Tom asked. Glosseryk nodded, scooping out a handful of pudding.

“Perhaps it affects humans differently. Has he calmed down a bit at least?” Glosseryk asked. “I mean, you no longer look like you’re being held prisoner.” He added. Tom nodded and looked around to try and find the butterfly human.

“Yeah he toned it down but-” Tom was cut off when a red, heart web shot out of nowhere and wrapped up Tom. Marco sprung forward and pulled Tom in for a kiss. When he pulled away Tom looked over at Glosseryk. “I’m still sort of a prisoner.” Tom admitted. Marco giggled at him and Glosseryk narrowed his eyes.

“You like the attention don’t you?” He asked. Tom blushed and got an angry look.

“I’m being doted over by my boyfriend, can’t you let me enjoy this?” Tom demanded. Marco giggled and kept sticking more and more hearts on his face. Tom looked down at him and smiled big. Marco swooped in for a kiss.

“Myyyyyy deeeemon!” Marco sang. “Myyyy Tooommy!” He giggled. Tom smiled big and looked up at the magic man.

“How long is this going to last?” He asked.

“Are you asking because you want it to end… or you want it to continue?” Glosseryk asked. Tom rolled his eyes and looked down at Marco.

“Well I’m worried!” He insisted. Tom then trailed off. “But at the same time… this is really nice.” Tom added.

“Marco will be fine. It will wear off in time. And at the rate I observed you probably have about three more days of Marco acting like a lovestruck fool.” Glosseryk explained. Tom smiled big and went to hug Marco. Marco smiled and when Tom hugged him, he wrapped him up in his webbing and stuck him on the wall.

“Yoooou staaaaay heeeeere!” Marco smiled. He then flew up closer and kissed Tom’s nose. “I want my demon here!” He sang.

“I’m not going anywhere Marco.” Tom laughed. Considering that he was going through an outer-dimension molt, the fact he was trapping him and sort of keeping him a prisoner wasn’t as weird as it could be. The circumstances made it funny, and even a little cute. Tom wasn’t shown much affection at home, the underworld tended to be a cold place. So he didn’t mind this. He actually liked it. It was nice, and he was going to have a lot of fun teasing Marco about it later on. Marco kept sticking hearts on Tom’s head while the demon giggled.

Star opened the front door and pranced in. “Hey guys! I’m back from home! I had a trip to Mew i and I-” She cut off when she saw the house covered in heart webs and Tom was stuck to the wall, being cuddled and kissed by Marco; who had wings and six arms. She stood there for a moment and raised her eyebrows.

“I shouldn’t have let you eat Mewni food.” Star sighed, She looked over at Tom. “Sorry, Tom.” She sighed. Tom giggled as Marco kissed him over and over.

“I don’t mind.” He assured. Star rolled her eyes.

“You guys are gross.” She grumbled, but smiled to herself. “Grossly adorable.” Star giggled. She watched Tom laugh bush while Marco kissed him and covered him with those sticky hearts. She gushed at her cute friends. “Too cute!” Star giggled again.

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You Got Me Trippin (Fluffy Woozi/Jihoon Imagine)

Based off of this request:

Summary: Jihoon never imagined falling as hard and as fast as he did. Especially not for someone he’d never met. Especially for not a fan. He always wrote songs about love, because that’s what the label wanted, but when he saw your picture for the first time, he truly understood what they meant. Fluff. 

(AN: I did go a little off the prompt, but I was just using my creative liberties. ;))

Sometimes he really felt stupid like this. Times when he caught himself grinning at his phone like an idiot and he had to flash back to reality and remind himself that he was in the studio or in the dance room taking a quick break or in the middle of a late night writing session and had only meant to check his phone for a quick moment. 

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夜桜 - Kirigakure Saizo x MC

It ended up to need longer time that I thought… oh well, it’s still the 22nd here so Happy Birthday Saizo!
I intended to make this a super angsty one but it ended up a bit fluffy and an OOC Saizo… I’m so sorry huhuhu. I got another idea I started to write about already but it’s for another Lord, so… Oh well! Nevermind that, enjoy! Sorry for errors, I rushed through this while having a headache >.<

The title is read as ‘yozakura’, or cherry blossom at night ^^

It happened just right when he started to feel like he can be happy about the day he was born. About the day that marked the birth of another assassin, foreshadowing countless deaths by his little hands. But she said that for her, it was the day where her love of her life is born. The person more important than her own life. The person she waited in worry no matter how good he is in his job, and welcomed with a relieved and happy smile plus a warm embrace every single time.

And he should’ve known, he really should have. She was a woman of her words, and would never back down from anything she decided to do, after all.

It was a particularly good day in the beginning of sakura season. And Yukimura being himself, he ordered Saizo to join him and other retainers for a hanami tonight, to drink with him until morning. Sigh… His young master never changes, and Saizo knew it was his Lord’s way to try to make him enjoy his birthday, especially after that particular event a few years back. So here he was, drinking glass after glass of sake that Yukimura poured for him without pause.

The guys were loud as usual, with the girl servants either pouring alcohol for them or gossiping and giggling over how the drunkards are acting. Of course, Yukimura being smashed was nothing unusual, but it still gave everyone a laugh, especially with sake in their body and the festive air. Sakura’s petals that dancing following the night wind id adding to the scenery, illuminated with the lanterns hanged on the sakura’s branch here and there. It’s almost a perfect night to do a hanami, especially with the moon so bright and stars can show its light without being bothered by the clouds.

Saizo glanced at Yukimura dancing in the middle of today’s party. Ahh, what a bright guy. His smile is blinding, even at night, and his laughter is infectious. What a perfect master he had, the light for his shadow. He looked at the moon reflection on his sake glass and smiled bitterly. Standing up, he swiftly jump into one of the bigger branch of the sakura tree, sipping his drink slowly, watching the storm of pink petals fluttering around before it fell on the ground.

It’s a beautiful sight. And somewhere deep in his heart, he hated it.

He remembered it like it happened yesterday, how those pink petals get stained with red. He remembered how the fresh one landed on top of the dark pool. He remembered them swirling around her, as if reminding us how transient and fragile life is, how it could end with one slash of sword.

“Just surrender yourself if you want her to keep her life.”

“Oh? Do you think I care? She’s only someone who’s favored by my Lord and given to me as a duty, after all. And what a pathetic guy they sent after me, now. Do they think I get soft just because I don’t do as much mission as I did before? Or has the standard gone down? Shame, really… I was expecting to get some fun out of this…”

“It’s the opposite, oh great Lord Assassin. We know for sure that we have your weakness, actually. Or will you actually leave her to die? Doesn’t matter for us, her life doesn’t have any value if she doesn’t mean anything to you. Her being dead or alive won’t change anything, so… should we try your words and kill her right now, right here?”

He could see the dagger pointing on her throat. Aah, what a bad timing for a hanami. He should’ve tried to refuse her, no matter how futile it is. He should just accept any mission so he didn’t have to be here. He should’ve not left her unguarded while he battled with the rest of the guys. He should have…

His sword wavered for a moment, his eyes met hers and he swore she could see his state of mind right now.


Before he could do anything, her voice reverberated through the silence.

“Never surrender your life, Saizo, or I will not forgive you. Ever.” Her eyes gazing right into his, as if to show her resolve. “Live, Saizo. Live, for Lord Yukimura and Sanada Clan. Not only survive, please, live a true life without regrets… for yourself…”

And before he could move, she twisted free and pulled a dagger from her obi, slashing the man’s throat open.

“I will kill myself before you can use me to gain advantage on him. I will end my life myself before his life taken to save mine. I will take your life and kill my own heart before I let you hurt him.”

Ah, how could he forget that his innocent, pure lady knows how to defend herself even though she never needed to before. How could he forget the dagger he gave her, even though he never intended to let her use it, ever.

And it was the first step she made into his world, into knowing the darker side of being a woman of a shinobi and samurai. Knowing the warmth of blood, also the taste and smell of iron in the air. It was the point where she left her old self to die for the sake of protecting the things she hold even dearer than her own life.

It was also a day where a boy who later be called the Lord Assassin was born, and now it also marked the day where his woman got her first taste of blood.

“Saizo, sorry for the wait! I’ve brought the dango so let’s eat them together with the others!”

Her voice pierced through his memory, pulling him out of his reverie.

Ah, he hated this day because it reminded the time he had failed and let her get dirtied with those filthy blood. He hated it because she should never know the shadow he and his world bears. He hated it because it made him realized…

“Saizo! Come on!!” 

“Sensei let’s eat~!! It’s so good! I’ll eat them all if you won’t!!”

“…So noisy… Alright, alright, now stop talking so loud you two…”

“Ah! Senseeeei it’s miiiine!! There’s still a lot left so why did you take miiiine?!!”

…that she had become so important to him that he was willing to drag her to the darkest part of his world, if it meant he could keep her by his side.

Well, just like this storm of cherry blossom still looks beautiful at night… She would surely still looks radiant to him even after drowned in his deepest darkness.