Wrath of an Analyst // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Penelope getting protective over Reader dating Reid.

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: I wasn’t quite sure if you meant Penelope being protective over Reid or being protective over the reader so I went with what flowed!(the reader one) So I hope you like this cute lil oneshot!

Spencer sat alone at his desk that morning as he had arrived earlier than his team with only a few other lonely souls wandering in the building. His mind was focused on the files in front of him as he looked through a case involving recent fires in the area and drafted up a profile to send back to the county police department. He was so consumed by his work that he had failed to notice the blonde that had strode in, marching towards his desk with determination in each step. It wasn’t until she slammed her hand onto his desk that he jumped in surprise, staring right after her bracelet covered wrist and bright pink nails.

“Garcia?” He asked in confusion at her attitude, his gaze landing on her upset expression. She huffed, pulling her hand back and crossing her arms across her chest.

“I have a bone to pick with you, boy wonder,” she stated as she took a step back and continued to glare. He frowned, unsure as to what the usually upbeat tech analyst was referring to.


Penelope rolled her eyes at his obliviousness and took a step forward, shoving her rhinestone covered phone in his face. Spencer stared at the phone’s lockscreen and smiled as he saw it was a picture of both you and Penelope together.

“Oh no! Don’t you dare smile that little charming smile of yours!” Penelope retracted her arm and shoved her phone back into her purse. She raised an eyebrow at him as if daring him to say something.

“Wait. What?” He asked again, still confused as to what she was talking about. Garcia was never one to act so rudely and he could pick up on her aggravation through her posture and the way her hands clenched into fists.

“You and Y/N are dating,” Penelope replied with a frustrated sigh as if he was missing the most obvious fact. “Why didn’t you tell me!”

“I-I didn’t think it was something I had to announce,” Spencer’s voice was laced with confusion at her reaction. Penelope was always someone who was ecstatic to hear about a new relationship among them. He would have expected her to be bouncing off walls, not shoving phones in his face. “She said she would tell you.”

“She’s my best friend!” Penelope exclaimed in disbelief. “She didn’t tell me until last night! You’ve been dating how long now? Do you know how hurt I was?!”

“Very?” Spencer guessed meekly as he slumped in his chair, attempting to make himself smaller as the woman’s wild arm gestures threatened to take his head off.

“Yes very! I swear to god, Reid. Y/N is everything to me. If you hurt her I will personally make sure your life is a living hell. I will wipe you off the planet.”

“I understand,” Spencer replied with wide eyes at her threats.

“Ah ah no! I’m not done yet. You won’t be able to buy anything. I will close your bank accounts down and you won’t be able to go to watch foreign movies or even order the newest scientific journal. You won’t even exist online! I swear Reid if you-”

Penelope stopped mid sentence as she caught sight of the framed photograph that sat at his desk. It was a picture of you looking radiant as always as you dreamily stared out of the window of a cafe, the mug of coffee sitting untouched in front of you. The lighting was soft, taken just around sunset and it held a delicate beauty that immediately melted her heart.

“You have a picture of Y/N,” Penelope whispered as she looking at the beautiful image. The serene look on your face was something she’d only ever seen when you were at your happiest, when you felt at home. “Is…did you take that picture?”

“Yeah. I took it on our third date,” Spencer admitted sheepishly as he looked at the framed photograph that had occupied his desk for weeks now. It had been a wonder that Penelope hadn’t figured it out, but you had asked the team not to mention it to her and they had all agreed, even Morgan although he did so begrudgingly.

“Oh…well then,” Penelope cleared her throat as she realized that Spencer took you seriously enough to want your picture in front of him while he worked. She knew what that meant when it came to someone like Reid who needed to have his workspace ordered all the time. If he had placed your photo there, it was because he wasn’t planning on moving it anytime soon. “Just treat her right, okay?”

Spencer grinned, nodding at the blonde with sincerity. The thought of doing anything else was insane to him.

“I try my best to,” he replied with a smile. He caught sight of you as you walked into the bullpen with a cup of coffee in your hands, the next person to arrive to work that morning. Penelope followed his gaze after noticing the way his eyes had brightened so suddenly and felt her heart swell and melt all at once as she realized he had reacted in such a pure way upon seeing you.

“Y/N! My love! Good morning!” Penelope called out as you walked towards them. She opened her arms just as you came closer, begging to be hugged. Spencer watched as Penelope embraced you tightly, squeezing you with all the love she felt before turning back to him with narrowed eyes.

“I’m watching you,” Penelope whispered in warning. She turned back to you and placed a loud kiss on your cheek before bouncing away, ready to return to her colorful trinket lined abode.

“What was that about?” You laughed as you turned your gaze away from your friend and toward Spencer.

“Oh, she just came to give the whole “Don’t you dare hurt my friend” routine,“ Spencer chuckled with a shake of his head.

“I highly doubt she would do anything,” you laughed as you placed a small kiss on his cheek in greeting and took a seat at your desk.

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that,” Spencer replied with a small grin. Although Garcia would never do anything physically, he was well aware of the fact she could easily turn his life upside down with just a few clicks at her keyboard. And looking at you, sitting in your beautiful glory with an effortless smile on your face, he wouldn’t blame her for doing so.

I've had a Bad Day (Spencer Reid)

Warnings: smutish
*you have a bad day * (bc me currently)

His pov:
Today was one of those rare occasions that I had gotten off work. I needed some rest and I wanted to go him to see Y/N. I shot her a text telling her I was off knowing she’d be happy. After a few minutes of waiting for her text she didn’t text back, which is odd but I shrugged it off. I drove to our apartment together and pulled into the parking garage. I throw my messenger bag over my shoulder and tuck some of the long strands of hair behind my ears. I locked the car and made it over to the elevator taking me up to my floor. I had to search for the keys to the apartment in my bag when I found it in the bottom. Stepping through the door I noticed that all the lights were off. Not even the TV was on. ‘Y/N should be home by now’ I thought as I laid down my bag. My eyebrows furrowed, confused when I found her in our bed. She was already curled up in a blanket on my side of the bed. She had one of my sweaters in her hands. Even though I loved this sight, I knew something had to be wrong. I walked over to her and got on my knees by the bed. “Y/N, wake up.” I said softly while I rubbed her back. She didn’t move, “Love wake up.” I said again running my hands through her hair. She fluttered her eyes open and took a deep breath. I could see the bags under her eyes. Her eyes were blood shot and watery. “Love what’s wrong?” I asked rubbing a thumb on her cheek. I saw a small tear slip out and she sighed. “I had a very bad day. I just wanted to come home and go to bed.” I nodded understanding and got up from the bed. She caught my hand “Where are you going?” She said trying to sit up. “Shh baby, lay down, relax. I’ll be back in a second.” I went to our closet changing into something more comfortable. I walked out into the hall closing the bedroom door quietly. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed the chocolate from the top of the fridge. I then made coffee and took it back to our room. She sat up and I handed her the chocolate. “Thank you Spence.” She said in broken breaths. “Sweetie don’t cry, tell me why you had such a bad day?” She leaned her head in her hands and sighed. I crawled onto her side of the bed and got behind her having her in between my legs. I pulled her back into my chest. My hands wrapped around her waist as I pulled her as close and tight to me as possible. “Tell me sweetie.” I said softly slowly kneading her shoulders and kissing the back of her neck. “I just had a lot of stuff I had to do and it just overwhelmed me.” I continued massaging down her back until I got to her hips. I nodded my head “I understand babe. Its okay, I can always help you if you need it.” It was her turn to nod. She sat still in front of me as I rubbed her bare legs. I rested my chin on her shoulder. My hands when under her shirt. My fingers danced on her hot skin until I reached her beautiful perky breasts. I cupped them and slowly kneaded them. I saw her eyes close as she moaned a little. “That feels good.” She told me resting her hands on top of mine. I started to kiss her neck again. I took a hand down to her now wet center. She moaned a bit when I finally touched her. I rubbed small circles over her panties. I then dipped my hand down into the hem of them. I circled her clit and started to rub it. “I just want to take care of you sweetie.” She nodded her head and relaxed in my arms. “Shh just feel it” I told her as she tensed edging on her high. I started to circle her clit faster, “Come on love, cum.” I said kissing her shoulder. I felt her let go. She let one final moan out and I saw her smile. I pulled my hands out of her panties and she turned around and kissed me. “Thank you” she whispered. I captured her hips in my hands and spooned her. I placed the duvet over our bodies. My fingers tangled through her hair again. I kissed the back of her head and tucked my chin in between her neck and shoulder. “I love you dear.”

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One song | Starboy by The Weekend & Daft Punk

Two films | Forever High Fidelity, for always Jeux d’enfants

Three shows | Green Wing, Doctor Who, Utopia

Four people | ahem #salivieiscanon, Kate McKinnon is a hero, MGG is king of my heart, and the morning security man at my work who is my fave.

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Could you give me any pointers for running a successful relationship?

Well to begin with I wouldn’t refer to it as running as relationship.

So mine and Matt’s (yes hubby really is called Matthew and its not me being delusional about Mgg) works for the following reasons.

We love each other - obvs

We have a lot of the same interests, ie we both like a lot of the same bands and movies. We also share a lot of the same opinions about the state of the world and such.

We also have another interests that are different. He likes gaming, I prefer to read. I could happily sit and watch film after film after film, he’ll watch one and then get bored and go and do something else.

We both enjoy spending time together but also accept that we both like our alone time, and spending time with our friends.

We share the household chores. Ish… He washes the dishes and does a lot of the cooking and vacuuming. As he doesn’t drive, I drive us everywhere and do some of the ickier jobs such as cleaning the bathroom and changing the bed sheets.

We compromise. We discuss things before making each decisions about our life.

We trust each other. I went down to London to meet Internet friends by myself and went abroad with a friend for a week earlier this year. He went to a musical festival without me.

We also like each others friends.

I can’t really tell you want makes a successful relationship but I know that the above things make ours successful. We’ve been married for four and a half years and together for nine so we’re doing something right.