Tricks Not Treats


You clutched at your heart as Spencer’s roaring laughter was heard throughout the bullpen. He took off his Halloween mask, the one covered in blood that made it look as if his face had been mutilated, and continued to laugh as you shot him death glares.

“Spencer Reid, do NOT do that to me!” you exclaimed as your heartbeat began to steady. He had jumped out from behind you, excited to see your reaction which had turned out to be better than he had expected. The scream you gave caused the entire bullpen to turn their heads only to chuckle as they realized it was that time of year again.

Everyone knew Spencer Reid took the Halloween season very seriously.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized although his smile said otherwise. “I just wanted to see your reaction. I’ve already scared everyone else here and you’re the newest one.”

“So you decided to conduct some sort of Halloween initiation ritual?” you laughed. You couldn’t deny the fact that it was amusing. You were so used to Spencer being a bit more on the serious side so seeing a childishness to him was refreshing. You had seen different sides to him, your favorite being his flirtatious side which often included horrible jokes that others would have shook their heads at, but you had always found it charming. Nonetheless you had heard the rumors of Spencer’s Halloween antics, and now had proof in front of you.

“Something like that,” he chuckled.

A loud roar interrupted the short conversation as Luke snuck up on you wearing a werewolf mask. He and Spencer had planned this out. Spencer would complete phase 1 where he would scare you and them get you to let your guard down again. Then Luke would creep up behind and try to scare you again. They had all taken bets as to which of the men would get you to scream the loudest.

What they hadn’t anticipated was your actual response - a straight punch at Luke’s face.

Luke dropped to the ground more out of surprise than at the actual force. He pulled his mask off and held his nose, feeling it pulsate.

“You punched me!” He exclaimed as Spencer watched with wide eyes. Your eyes widened in horror at the fact you had just physically assaulted a teammate before a loud laugh rumbled throughout you.

“You came up behind me! It was instinct!” you defended, a small smirk on your face as he stood. He shook his head, fighting the laugh that was building in his chest. It was pretty funny when he thought about it.

“I guess that means I owe you twenty bucks,” Luke commented to Spencer. Your jaw immediately dropped.

“You took bets on me?!”

“And that is my cue to leave,” Luke chuckled as he quickly made his exit and got as far from the scene as possible.

“On your reactions,” Spencer quickly clarified. “I bet I would make you scream louder, which technically, I did.”

“We’ll see who’s screaming louder by Halloween,” you replied, a sly smirk sliding onto your lips.

“Is that a threat or a promise?” Spencer dared to say, surprising even himself. He took pleasure on the shocked look that passed on your face for a moment.

“That depends,” you replied with a mischievous grin and wink that immediately caused him to blush, “on what kind of game you’re trying to play, Dr. Reid.”