What if Merlin started wearing jumpers because of Harry? When they were younger, and had just started their relationship, they both spent most of their days wearing their tailored suits. But on days off, while Merlin was apt to wear a band t-shirt, tight across his shoulders, and a pair of well worn jeans, Harry always favoured soft jumpers, long in the sleeves to cover his hands. They always smelled of Harry’s cologne and the cigarettes he’d smoke on occasion, blowing the smoke out door in his study.

And then later, Merlin get’s moved - no longer a knight but a quartermaster - and he’s suddenly spending far too much time watching Harry’s absurdity through a computer screen, without his own missions to distract him from the danger Harry’s constantly in. So one day, after a mission goes tits up and Harry returns with a broken leg and a concussion, Merlin is sitting beside Harry’s bed in medical. He’s brought one of Harry’s jumpers from home for the man once he wakes up. But instead, he ends up stripping off his suit coat and putting it on over his shirt and tie, and falling asleep in the chair to the smell of Harry and home.

Later, after Harry wakes up and finds Merlin in his jumper, he tells him that he’s quite fond of that look. After that, Merlin takes to wearing a jumper everyday, and Harry still makes sure to wear them at home on his days off, so they always smell like him.

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One day in the future you may leave platform 9 and 3 quarters for the last time, you might climb out of the rabbit hole, you might shut the door to 221B bakers street, you might throw the sheet back over the wardrobe, you might leave Camelot, you might stumble out of a blue police box for the last time, you might finally defeat the demons, stubborn angels and drive off in the impala. 

But you will remember the days leading up to the end. The adventures, the love, the happiness, the sadness, the pain. For these fictional places and characters are never quite going to go away. Because the ones that love us, never really leave us. 


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