aP1130155 Merlin filming at Raglan by archaeologist_d

Their Sins

Diane: nothing. she is pure. untouched. does nothing wrong, fight me on it.

Meliodas: touched the tiddy

Merlin: probably murdered a man

Gowther: sold his own soul to satan for a corn chip out od self hatred

King: he’s a ginger. that’s it

Ban: honestly everything this man does have you even seen him

Escanor: is he 400 or 4 no one knows bc of the fuckin mustache

With a step Merlin gets close, chest to chest. He radiates warmth, a wall of it that seems to come right from the core of him. Angling his head, he reads Arthur’s expression before leaning so close their noses brush, so that he can taste the breath off Merlin’s mouth. “Am I wrong?” he asks. “If I’m wrong I can–”

“No.” Affection settles beneath Arthur’s breastbone like a lead-stone. A pricklier sensation, all thorns and want, crackles down his nerve endings, as if he’s downed wires and they’re now sending his heartbeat spiking. “You’re not wrong at all.”