• Arthur: In the meantime, Gwaine, you’re temporarily suspended from going on quests. I’m going to need you to hand in your sword.
  • Gwaine: Alright, fine, you can have my sword, but we’re doing it in your office so I can slam it down on your desk and yell out, “The system stinks!”.
  • Arthur: Actually the procedure is to bring your sword down to armory, fill out for four-five-two-underscore-J, hand said form to Leon, and then receive a claim check.
  • Gwaine: Oh. The system stinks!

The unmistakable gleam of pride in Arthur’s eye was tinged with the tiniest bit of admiration, and it straightened Merlin’s spine, made him want to charge back out and do it all again, just for the smile on Arthur’s face.

“Well done,” Arthur said, as they walked toward the kitchens, and Merlin paid no mind to the bone-deep aches and pains the week had wrought. Arthur’s praise was worth all of it, and more.

When You’re Busy Making Other Plans by helloearthlings

Word Count: 3,339 / Rating: Teens and Up

Summary: Merlin and The Plan were two irreconcilable parts of Arthur’s life. He wasn’t ready to let go of either of them.

Comment: It’s always been my headcanon (for any AU) that Arthur has a plan for this life (whether it be as rigid as this one or otherwise) and then Merlin throws a wrench in his life and flips him upside-down. And that’s what happens.

Dear Daddies Long Legs

[Following after this letter]


I’m sending this letter on with Harry because I’m sure he’ll know when the best time to give it to you is.

Well done. Your loyalty is something I know Harry and I are Kingsman will be glad to have. I’m very proud of y

In future, trust your gut. You were the only one to notice the drug in the champagne, even though the others surely have more experience with how it should have tasted. You knew and when you’re on missions, trust yourself and use it.

[several blank lines, then crammed near the bottom of the paper]

Maybe, if you’re convincing enough, you can get Harry to share a few more of our letters with you. Ask him about the ones he sent (to the house, but addressed to me) from his mission to Argentina. I nearly blew the first one up when half a dozen dead butterflies fell out.

I’m sorry I can’t be there with the both of you tonight. We can’t take any chances now that the end is in sight. But after the test, once Arthur’s said his peace and the paperwork is done, I’ll excuse myself and meet the two of you at home. It might be the right time for that conversation.

I’ll see you tomorrow, Eggsy.


(Dear Daddies Long Legs is an ongoing epistolary fic collab/rp with @trekkiepirate, @elletromil, and myself)


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You seem like a very positive and happy person and your tags are very neatly organized. I love your blog and hope you have a good day!

Hi Anon. I hope you are doing well.

Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words. :-) I try my best to be consistent with tags and such. Also, I’m so happy you love my blog (it’s multi-fandom with emphasis on Katie/SuperCorp, so I appreciate you saying this). <3 

I hope you have a lovely day/night. :-) 

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