Standing on the battlements of Camelot, Arthur had been ten years old when his father showed him the land that he would one day rule. “Your birth entitles you to what I’ve won,” Uther told him, voice quiet. “But never forget that birth is a gift as well. These are your lands and your people; their blood is what drives this kingdom, their labour that sets food on your plate and gives you the leisure to learn how to lead men. You will be their king, and I hope you will be a good one. But first, you’re their protector. You are what stands between them and what would threaten them, and their enemies are yours as well.”

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More of this by andiwould

Teen | 3k | Modern AU | Summary: It’s funny how getting oneself into the shittiest situations can end up in the best possible ways.

Written for this prompt: “Today, I went into a small coffee shop. In line, a guy came up to me and was like "I haven’t seen you here before, are you new in town?” and I replied with “Oh, no I’ve lived here for years. The coffee here is crap, though, so I only come here when Starbucks is full” He’s the owner of the shop. FML"

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The Window - Sir Gwaine

December 2nd! Second day of 25 Days of Winter Fics!

After slipping the blue cloak over your dress, you made your way down the steps of the castle until you stepped outside. A fresh snow coated the grounds of Camelot, and you wanted to take all of the time you could to experience it. As the snow began to crunch underneath your feet, you heard more crunching come from the other side of the courtyard.

“Hi,” you said, smiling as Gwaine led his horse over your way.

“Good morning, princess,” he said. You opened your mouth to ask why he had called you princess, when he knew and was on a first name basis with you. However, he nodded up to the window, and you looked back and saw your mother watching from the window. You smiled and waved her way. 

“Lovely horse,” you said, walking forward and petting the horse. Gwaine smiled and leaned in close, petting the horse as well. Now that your mouths were both out of sight, your mother couldn’t see what you were saying. Glancing back, you noticed that she had left the window.

“I hate it when you call me princess,” you said, taking a step back from the horse.

“Why? Everyone else does.”

“We’re friends though. I don’t always call you sir.”

“I like the face you make when I call you princess though,” he said, smirking up at you. You rolled your eyes and laughed. You began strolling around the small courtyard again, kicking around in the snow. “I can’t believe your mother actually let you out of the castle.”

“According to King Uther, I’m allowed to go anywhere I want.”

“Once you find a suitable match, right?” he asked.  You smiled and nodded. 

“Exactly. But, she knows I love the snow, so she let me out. Of course, that was permitting that no hoodlums come and bother me.” He grinned.

“I should go then?” Again, you looked up at the window. Your mother still wasn’t there, so you shook your head.

“Absolutely not,” you said, bending down in the snow. “Or else I couldn’t do this.” In an instant, you balled a pile of snow and chucked it right at Gwaine’s chest. A bit of it brushed up on his face as a surprised look swept over his face.

“You’re suppose to be a member of a royal family, raised in class and etiquette, and you can’t even hit me in the face with a snow ball?” he asked. You opened your mouth, ready to say something back just as snappy, but then you were greeted with some snow in your mouth. 

“Not cool,” you said, spitting it out and wiping the rest off your face. 

“Hey, you started it, princess.” Your mouth formed into a line and you shook your head before sprinting to the opposite side of the courtyard, taking shelter behind a bench. Gwaine laughed heartily, and glancing up from your cover, you realized he had taken some cover too because you couldn’t see him.

Quickly, you scrambled to make a few more balls, and waited for the perfect time. Carefully, you raised your head and surveyed the courtyard. Just across the way, Gwaine was hiding behind a bush. You both spotted each other at the same time and heaved your snow balls over towards each other before falling back down in your cover. 

You weren’t sure if your snow ball had met it’s target, but Gwaine’s was just a few inches off, hitting the top of the bench. You threw a few more balls his way, but each time you looked, you always missed him by an inch. Realizing that your only way to get him was a blitz attack, you gathered up as many snowballs in your arms as you could. Summoning up all of your courage, you stood up and started running toward Gwaine.

He laughed when he realized what you were doing, and started running across the lawn. You threw your snowballs at him, only a few of them reaching their target. However, he did wear you down until you were out of ammo. A smile swept over Gwaine’s face. 

“You didn’t think your plan through did you?” he asked.

“No,” you said with a laugh, running away from him. Gwaine followed, and just as you slipped and slowed down, he ran into you. Grabbing onto his cape, you both fell down to the ground. Gwaine was now on top of you, and you were laughing.

“I wouldn’t have fallen if you hadn’t have chased me without ammo! I also so totally thought my plan through I just didn-” you stopped your rambling when you realized that Gwaine was staring at you intently. You looked up into his brown eyes and sighed. “What?”

“Is your mother in that window?” he asked. You glanced up and shook your head. You didn’t even have time to say no before Gwaine’s lips were on yours. You were out of breath from the moment he kissed you, and the longer he did, the more you felt the breath of him run into your lungs. You brushed some of his hair away and pulled him in closer.

The only reason you pulled away eventually was because of the snow soaking in through your cloak. Gwaine smiled down at you and you did, too. He sat up and held out a hand for you, too.

“That was a little-”

“Y/N!” You heard the screech of your handmaiden, and looked up at the window. She was giving you a disapproving look, and you realized you were still holding Gwaine’s hand. “If your mother-”

“Sorry, Lane. I’ll be up in a minute.” She gave you another look, but moved away from the window. You looked back over at Gwaine who was smirking. “Don’t even.”

“I couldn’t help it. I saw my window of opportunity.” You rolled your eyes.

“Ha ha. I should go. She’ll most likely tell my mother.”

“Maybe I’ll be that suitor she’s looking for,” he said, grabbing hold of your wrist as you tried to leave.

“Hopefully,” you said after a pause. He smiled and you leaned in to kiss him quickly. “Goodbye, Gwaine.”

“Goodbye, princess.”

ART: Winter has begun (Gwaine/Percival - G)

Title: Winter has begun
Author/Artist: ANON
Pairing(s): Gwaine/Percival
Prompt: Peppermint Winter - by Owl City, (x)
Art Medium: Digital art
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Merlin characters are the property of Shine and BBC. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: Thanks to the mods for organizing this wonderful fest and merry holidays to everyone! <3
Summary: Gwaine and Percival spend some time together during the holidays.

anonymous asked:

It's 2016 and I can't believe some fangirls still ask him about merthur... Now I'm angry and I want to punch someone.

Oh, my dear lovely anon… I feel you. You have no idea how this infuriates me. How can they not let him be already? Jfc… I’d never ask any of my beloved favourite actors questions about my OTP. Never. It’s plain rude imo. Ship whatever you like, but don’t bother the actors with it. That’s my opinion.