The real implications of Arthur never knowing

One of the funniest/saddest/most interesting things about the Merthur relationship is that Arthur has no idea how unequal it is. Like it’s easy to get mad at him because we see all that Merlin’s done and sacrificed, but Arthur doesn’t. From his point of view he and Merlin have a fairly equitable arrangement going.

Sure, Arthur sometimes abuses his position of power in petty ways, and that’s not great, but he also lets Merlin get away with pretty much whatever. He lets Merlin talk back to him both in private and in front of people, which is a huge deal. Arthur is the king/crown prince, and he lets his servant disrespect him in public. He lets Merlin disappear to the tavern, sometimes for days, without any real punishment other than some yelling and some unpleasant chores he would have had to do anyway. From Arthur’s point of view, Merlin puts up with his bad behavior and in return, Arthur puts up with Merlin’s.

Arthur knows that Merlin has protected him and remained loyal to him far past anything that could be expected of a servant, but Arthur has also protected Merlin past what could be expected from an employer. He’s committed treason for Merlin, risked his life for Merlin, risked war to plead for Merlin’s life. Again, Arthur doesn’t know the lengths that Merlin has had to go to, doesn’t know how much he’s given and sacrificed without recognition or reward. He doesn’t know that Merlin is risking himself every day that he stays in Camelot. He only knows that they’re friends (even if he wouldn’t always admit it) so of course they’ll protect each other when they can.

Arthur also doesn’t know that Merlin can’t leave. He doesn’t know that Merlin is basically trapped by destiny and under a huge amount of pressure to take anything Arthur dishes out at him. Servants aren’t slaves. They can quit. Most of them don’t really have many other options but Arthur has every reason to believe that Merlin does. Merlin could go work for Gaius full time, or just go home to Ealdor if he was ever really unhappy. Except no, he can’t, because then he’d be failing all of Albion and also Arthur would die.

Merlin having magic and being Arthur’s destined protector changes everything about their friendship, makes it distinctly one sided and unfair, and makes every less than fantastic thing Arthur has ever done or said to Merlin about a million times worse and more abusive than Arthur ever intended. And he never gets a chance to make it right, to see his best friend as he really is and do something about it because the stupid writers never let him learn the stupid truth until he was dying.


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Words: 3355 - Warning: Almost dying - mention of blood

(A/N): I had to admit love that I struggle with this, just because I had to mix Teen wolf with Morgana , but I think I did it right, I have fun writing this. And you know me Alex,whatever request that has Katie in it , I’m more than happy to write it. I also learn how to put the “read more” thingy

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Four Days

Pairing: Merlin x Reader
Warnings: grieving, mentions of death etc etc 
Request: Anon “132: “ I haven’t slept in four days… ” + Merlin”
A/N: I kind of set this before this fic I wrote last night.

Four days, exactly. 

That’s how long it’d been since you received the news. Currently, you sat at the kitchen table, a cold mug of tea in your hand as you stared into space in front of you. It was lonely, it felt like you’d lost a piece of yourself when Hamish passed. 

You was thankful for Harry, who came and checked on you every day. When you heard the knock on the door that pulled you out of your daze, you knew he was here. Using all your strength, you pulled yourself out of the chair and carried yourself to the door. 

You opened it, and on the other side was Harry Hart. “Good morning, Y/N.” he said softly, stepping inside as you opened the door for him. He toed off his shoes and hung up his jacket as he followed you into the kitchen. You was about to go over to the kettle to make tea, but Harry stopped you, and gestured to the table. “You sit down, I’ll make the tea, don’t worry.”

Letting out a small sigh of gratefulness, you sat back down in your usual chair. It was silent for a few moments. “I haven’t slept in four days…” you said quietly, your voice drifting off.

Harry placed the tea in front of you and took a seat adjacent to you, sipping his own mug as he sat. “I know,” he said softly, putting his hand over yours, to comfort you. “You need to sleep, Y/N. It’ll catch up with you otherwise.” he said, sighing softly. 

Seeing you like this broke his heart. When Merlin was saying goodbyes to him and Eggsy, he made Harry promise to look after you, and he wasn’t going to break that promise anytime soon. “Look, why don’t you go upstairs and have a nap, or at least try? I’ll be here the whole time, I promise.” he said.

You was about to protest, but you knew you needed some kind of rest, if not you would get sick. Nodding silently, you had one last sip of your tea before disappearing to your bedroom, where you haven’t been for four days. It smelled like him.

The bed was still made from four days before, and hadn’t been touched. You laid on top of the duvet, you couldn’t bring yourself to lay on the sheets that smelled like him, smelled like home.

Harry set about tidying your kitchen, and he started to cook a dinner for when you woke up. He worried about you, but he knew how hard it was going to be.

And he was prepared to go through all of that by your side.

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white crown - finding the other wearing their clothes. Have some young!Merlahad

“I believe that’s my jumper.”

Merlin stirs, lifting his face from where it’s pressing into the sofa cushion, blinking blearily up at his partner through the shock of black hair that falls across his eyes, “What?”

Harry kneels down next to the sofa, stroking Merlin’s hair back out of his face. “That jumper,” he says, grinning. “I do believe it belongs to me.”

Merlin is awake now. He glances down at himself, and yeah. Yeah, that is Harry’s favourite jumper he has on. The fog of sleep blows away, and he remembers why he put it on in the first place. He pushes himself up into a proper sitting position and blushes.

Harry climbs back to his feet and the slides into Merlin’s lap, “Oh, I like that face. Do tell.”

Merlin blushes harder and tucks his head to the side. Harry takes his chin in his hand and tilts it back to look at him. Slowly, Merlin admits, “I missed you. You were only supposed to be in Peru a week, and it’s been nearly three.”

“That doesn’t explain why you’re wearing my jumper.”

“It’s cosy and warm and…and it smells like you.”

Harry’s smile goes from playful to sappy in the span of two seconds. “Oh,” he says. “I missed you too, you know.”

“Yeah?” Merlin asks shyly. This thing between him and Harry is still so new, and every admission that Harry cares about him, thinks about him, makes Merlin’s heart race.

“I did. It was even worse without your beautiful voice in my ear, telling me what to do.” He grins, “Bossy.”

“It’s not bossy if it’s my job.”

“I didn’t mean it badly,” Harry gives him that faux-innocent grin that Merlin has quickly come to love and dread in equal measure. “I like it when you’re bossy.” He leans in and presses a lingering kiss to Merlin’s lips. “By the way,” he murmurs, “you really look very good in a jumper.”

“You’re just saying that because it’s yours.”

“Am not. Although I do like you in my clothes. But I’m serious. It makes you look approachable.”

“I am approachable,” Merlin huffs.

“You look fantastic in the suit, don’t get me wrong,” Harry says quickly. “But half of your department is terrified of you. I hear things, you know.”

“You’re a terrible gossip, Harry Hart.”

Harry doesn’t even look the slightest bit guilty, “Wear this to work, and I guarantee they won’t be frightened of you.”

“And what if I want them to be frightened of me?” He doesn’t, he’s just trying to wind Harry up a bit.

“Wear it tomorrow,” Harry says, “and I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Really?” Merlin grins. “How so?”

Harry’s grin twists in a very particular way, his eyes glittering, and he leans forward, his breath ghosting against Merlin’s ear. In a whisper, he tells Merlin exactly what he’ll do if Merlin wears the jumper to work tomorrow.

Well. He definitely has to do it now.

And thus, the soft jumper-wearing Merlin we love was born.

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Headcanons for Harry and Merlin getting you a puppy for Christmas because you didn't get one in training because you're a techie?

  • Everyone in the Mansion all got a wrapped, boxed present, except you
  • Although you tried to not let it bother you much, you was still upset about it
  • You thought you at least deserved one present
  • Merlin and Harry came into your office, and told you to follow them
  • You was confused, but did so anyway, what could be worse than not getting a present for all your hard work?
  • When they led you into the main HQ meeting room, you couldn’t quite believe your eyes
  • On the table with a bow on its head, was a beagle puppy
  • “Is this mine”
  • You couldn’t believe it
  • When you was recruited, you never got a puppy, because you’re a techie
  • When they told you it was all yours, you could’ve cried tears of joy
  • This is one of the best presents you’d ever get

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