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Hi, I'm sorry if this has been asked before but what is your favorite mass effect game and why?

Oh man that’s gotta be a tie between me2 and me3!

I love the character driven side of me2, and how it’s essentially a friendship simulator hahaha. I like that there really are consequences if you drag your ass and don’t finish the main quest quick enough (it makes it feel a lot more important) and I LOVE that there are so many diverse squad members!!

But there are so many things I love about me3. you’re back with your old me1 crew (with the addition of James, of course) which makes it so…sentimental. I love how the story is so much darker than the past games. I love the vastness of the story. I love how influential all of your actions are. I love that we can save entire races and stop wars and save planets. I just love how diplomatic and IMPORTANT you become in me3, after two games worth of people telling you you’re not needed.

That being said, I’ve always loved how me1 managed to set up an entire galaxy, its planets, it’s races, it’s political systems, etc all in a game that can be completed in 10 hours. me1 has aged so the mechanics can be rough and the animations aren’t all that stunning, but it’s such an intelligent game that doesn’t pander to its audience with over the top sequences and showmanship, which I really respect. But for me, it still pales in comparison to its sequels!

tl;dr I love all three eternally, but me2/me3 are tied for my fave

Thanks so much for asking omg

Don't you love

• when you cry over fictional characters
• when your get overly attached to fictional characters
• when tears come out of your eyes because of fictional characters
• fictional characters

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So I replayed through the Citadel assault recently, and one of the things I noticed just after exiting the C-Sec offices is that Khaleesa al-Jilani is broadcasting a live report or calling for help over a public network. Despite the relatively small role she plays, I thought it was a nice touch. (I think I have a soft spot for the reporters in the MEverse)

I have a soft spot for them too. Emily Wong is more or less loved but Khalisah al-Jilani and Diana Allers not so much, which is really too bad because they’re doing a very hard job in-game and don’t deserve the hate they get.
One of my favorite Shepard quotes is: “Keep asking the hard questions.”
They say that to Khalisah al-Jilani during ME3. It was like the game was finally recognizing how important reporters like her are, and they used Shepard themselves to convey the message. I mean, that was such a great moment. 
I’m also a huge fan of Allers’ finale message to Shepard. 

And my favorite thing about Allers is the crazy situation you have on the Normandy at the time of ME3. I talked about it in my post about Allers (the one from months ago) but I’m amazed that she’s on the same ship than the Shadow Broker. She even mentions that she tried to visit Liara but couldn’t… I wonder why :)

(I’m also wondering why more people aren’t shipping Allers and Samantha since they talk to each other all the time during ME3. Could be because you never *see* them together? Idk. I’m sure there are more reasons.)

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You're entitled to your opinion but did you seriously not like ME3? I've never heard anyone say that, ever. I mean yeah sure people exist out there but...whoa. I just..? I dunno.

yah the game sucks

So … something just occurred to me. In the control and synthesis endings of ME3 it kind of implies that Shepard’s spirit gets absorbed and added to the Crucible. In the control ending it basically says she becomes the new Starchild-stupidhead-thingi and controls the reapers.


Does this mean that Shepard can’t meet Garrus in the bar after all if you choose those endings?

just look at this. look at this motherfucking video that i just whipped up in like five minutes from shitty low-quality footage from my let’s play two years ago and tell me - TELL ME that this is not the PERFECT soundtrack for an me3 trailer if me3 was a movie. just add some exposition and lines that slam onto the screen like “ONE SOLDIER… WILL HAVE TO FIGHT… TO PROTECT EVERYTHING SHE’S EVER KNOWN….” and you’ve got this fucking traile r just fuckign

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I guess I didn’t really see synthesis that way. I just saw it as Shepard sacraficing herself so that everyone else could live; EDI, the geth…but that the silverlining would be that she could be with Thane. But I do see your point x_x

I *have* to believe that the geth and EDI can eventually be restored in the Destroy ending. Even if they couldn’t be I’d still go with that ending, but it would be harder. I just can’t do anything that will keep the reapers alive (control) or force billions of people to have their minds and bodies altered. not to mention the geth who would be changed too.

It’s a messy and problematic way to end the game, and just unfulfilling. I wanted more to be wrapped up - I needed closure that I didn’t really feel I got. I still love ME3 and I do like the ending, I just wish I knew what happened to those characters I loved.

But I guess that’s why I love fanfiction so much! I get to write my own endings and stories!