do you ever think about how mordin tries to set garrus up with vakara 3 TIMES

like mordin do you not recall the awkward sex advice you gave me because EXCUSE ME

why does bioware only have like one romance (usually the most marketed one) who has like beautiful kissing animations, while the rest don’t? for me, it just feels so fucking weird like the creators only cared about one romance and to make it juuust “perfect” and the rest is just like meh, let it fade to black while they just stand close to eachother and add some kissing sounds mWAH MWAH mm 

  • Bioware: we need more time before we release Andromeda, there's so many tweaks and tests we need to do before the game goes out to the public. They'll know it's unfinished and we'll get backlash for it!
  • EA: *stepping into a bathtub full of money* what a shame, if only there was something we could do to help you
  • Bioware: you could give us more time to work on the ga-
  • EA: if only

plot twist: EDI loaded a backup of herself into a toaster on the Normandy to ensure survival, but she had to deactivate it to ensure it wasn’t taken out in the blast, so one day, while they’re trying to get the Normandy off that random planet, Chakwas is trying to force Joker to eat something and he finally just gives up and grabs some bread and goes to make toast. He pulls down the lever and hears “Good morning, Jeff. On a scale of 1-10 how burnt would you like this toast?” and he breaks down crying in the galley, to which Toaster!EDI can only respond with “That was a joke.”