Shame on David Cameron.

The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, today announced that the UK would accept “thousands” of Syrian refugees, but not a single one of the many thousands of refugees risking life and limb to travel across Europe will be among them.

Instead he intends to extend a scheme introduced in early 2014 to relocate the most vulnerable people directly from Syria to Britain, a scheme that has so far seen just 216 people relocated to Britain. A scheme that would have done nothing to prevent the dead bodies of small children from washing up on Europe’s beaches.

Cameron speaks of morals, but he has none. He has no real interest in helping refugees, in helping poor and desperate people who are fleeing for their lives. No, Cameron wants a war, he wants to send troops and bombs to Syria to help his friends in the UK arms industry. He repeatedly talks about Britain sending boats to help the refugees, when his government initially pursued a “let them drown” policy in the Mediterranean. He is a man without honour, a man without shame and a man with the blood of children on his hands.


Apparently there is some confusion and some people think I’m posting Trespasser DLC spoilers. At least one person got upset and unfollowed me over it and while I’m not bothered about numbers, I AM bothered about misinformation and being assumed to have done something I didn’t. I posted a pic of the Inquisitor wardrobe that was added in Game Patch 10, which was a PREPARATORY patch for Trespasser that ALSO contained general game updates and some additional non-spoiler free features. I tagged it appropriately.

I did not and will not be posting any Trespasser content for a good long while since I just started a new Inquisitor to play through it with eventually as I don’t want to play it with Julien first and I’m avoiding spoilers as much as anyone. It’s really not nice to accuse people of things they haven’t done and I’m kind of miffed about that right now.