Tony McCoy next to his 2010 Grand National winner Don’t Push It in the Parade of Champions at Sandown on his final day as a jockey earlier today, 25 April 2015.

I’m not crying. I’m not crying. NO I’M NOT CRYING.
Happy retirement AP.
What a champ the sport says farewell to today.

Photo: via twitter: @paulgarbett

Barbecue Sauce was one of our gang’s most notorious members. We called him that because he always carried around a bottle of his special barbecue sauce in case there was a barbecue. He had a bunch of catchphrases all based around the fact that he had some barbecue sauce and if the boss was ever eating food he’d be right there to pour it out. This one time Smackdowns McCoy’s laid down a verbal smack-down on some local shopkeepers and Barbecue Sauce said “Say, that was a pretty sick burn. Wouldja’ like some barbeque sauce on that?” and we couldn’t stop laughing. Yes, those were the best of times. Nobody had the balls tell him it was contrived because he was nine feet tall.

L’amore sta nelle piccole cose,nelle premure di tutti i giorni
e anche nel saper chiedere scusa.

(Sarah McCoy)

Another Fun Paranet Papers thing

So to explain how some wizards draw absurd amounts of power, the Paranet Papers added something called Mental Toughness, which basically makes a character into more of a calm mental fortress.

…Except that every Mental Toughness has a Catch that ‘breaks’ it. A hole in their armor. Anything that breaks their self-image or their convictions and briefly makes them unable to entertain that kind of dispassion.

McCoy’s Catch? People fucking with his family.


What’s Y'all Thoughts On This?

It seems that a sex tape could never do for a Black woman what we’ve seen it do time and time again for white women. A day full of taped sex and room service with Brandy’s little brother got Kim Kardashian a multimillion dollar empire. On the other hand, it got Mimi Faust a few checks from Vivid Entertainment, some Instagram memes and a married boyfriend who keeps popping up in her life like some incurable STD. There’s no denying the double standard and recently, actress LisaRaye McCoy chose to speak out about that.

“It’s them and it’s us,” she told 97.9 The Box last month. “With them, they can do whatever they want to do. They can date five or six guys—like Taylor Swift. We know that she has been through a lot of people at her young age. She sings about it all the time; let that be a Black girl and that’s a problem.”

“Let somebody do a sex tape that’s a Black girl and her career is ruined,” LisaRaye continued. “She’s not going to parlay it into fashion and stores and reality shows and marriage.”

While she doesn’t believe that it’s fair, the 47-year-old went on to say that because of this double standard, Black women have to be more careful and brand themselves differently.

Source: MadameNoire