Modern Beast

Never actually tried drawing Hank McCoy in his current “blue and furry” form, so I thought I would give it a shot.  Out of all of Beast’s furry looks, I think this one is actually my favorite.  Probably because he no longer sports the pointy devil-haircut that many mistakenly refer to as “Wolverine-hair”.  I definitely like this look for Beast more than any version of lion-Beast.

I do think I need to draw furry Hank more often, if for no other reason than to get over my urge to go all OCD when it comes to rendering the fur.


“The best of the 1900s will return after these messages!” the radio clicked on, rousing Alyce out of bed. She hated California, but two weeks put up at a hotel so that she could speak at this conference, she would take it. It was a good networking opportunity, and she was between jobs again. But today was not a day to work. Today was a day to get dressed into her finest slacks and leather jacket and go exploring the city. She would breathe the warm, moist air, get some good, non-replicated coffee and go see…

The back of a head she would recognize anywhere. Spite was the first thing to boil in her veins, but she couldn’t be angry with him. Not truly. Not for his reasons for leaving. Never one to master skills like personal space or maturity, Alyce scooted over to her ex-husband, sliding her hands over his eyes from behind.

“Guess who.”

Podfic of Five Times Leonard McCoy had Strictly Friendly Sex with Jim Kirk, and One Time He Didn't

by ineptshieldmaid

What it says on the tin: five and one, in podfic form.

Words: 24, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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anonymous asked:

Can you recommend a few movies or shows Noel is in? And something where he has a good amount of screentime, i don`t want to watch something because of Noel to recognize he is in there for only 2 minutes. I`m not so interested in the law and order, criminal minds stuff, i´ve already seen them. Anything you think is worth watching, I´m glad for every recommendation :)


Ohmygosh I love this freaking show so much. It only has a season and a half on netflix but it’s amazing. And Noel plays a big part so you’ll see a lot of him! :) (Gotta say, I love his character in this more than I love Mickey. And that’s saying something! His face is my icon)

You’ve also got Hatfields & McCoys. But be warned, the ending isn’t so happy. Noel isn’t in this a ton but his character is literal sunshine and you HAVE to see him! I’m gonna lump this together with “A Dog Named Christmas” yes it’s a holiday movie but it’s better than it sounds and Noel plays a developmentally disabled person. I’m just gonna leave it at that! <3

He’s in a lot of Law and Order but you’ve already seen those…oh! Try his episode of “Terriers” Interesting show but he’s cute. And shows like “A Booth at the End” (season 2 only) “Lie To Me” (3x05) “Bones” (4x13) “Life” (2x01) and the movie “Pope Dreams”

And if you want some fun, watch “Max Keeble’s Big Move” You won’t regret it I promise!

He’s been in so many things in his 32 wonderful years of being alive but these are only a few. I hope I helped some! :)


@dogwoodbones, the post you reblogged about McCoy having sex ed made me think of this scene.