Bones doesn’t just flip Helen’s brownies, he deliberately comes in next week with BETTER brownies “as a peace offering, Jim!” and when she compliments them he smiles sweetly and says “well that’s because they’re not BOXED” and that’s it, its a feud and he is GUNNA THROW DOWN GODDAMN JIM I WANNA KEY HER CAR PUT ME DOWN
—  cephalopodvictorious being flawless in response to this post

Tony McCoy next to his 2010 Grand National winner Don’t Push It in the Parade of Champions at Sandown on his final day as a jockey earlier today, 25 April 2015.

I’m not crying. I’m not crying. NO I’M NOT CRYING.
Happy retirement AP.
What a champ the sport says farewell to today.

Photo: via twitter: @paulgarbett