just to set some things straight, Jim Kirk is a total nerd. Spock is a total nerd. the only reason Leonard McCoy isn’t a nerd is because ‘nerd’ is part of his name and he will not tolerate being called one anymore it isn’t funny Jim stop you are a captain stop being so childish stop saying leo-nerd that isn’t even a good pun it isn’t funny

You know what would be awesome?  If McCoy in Star Trek Beyond gets to wear a short-sleeved blue uniform.  This would be great for two reasons: the shout-out to TOS McCoy and the fact that we would get to see Karl Urban’s uncovered arms.

February 6, 2016  Puget Sound, WA

Whoa, this was a brute!  Seems as thought the SRC’s are already anticipating the Chum fry, almost feel bad for the poor little salmon.  When they do arrive it will be nothing short of a gauntlet they have to endure to make it out of Puget Sound.  Have already spotted a couple of individuals in the shallow water along the shore in the south Sound so it should be any day.

On the steelhead front, lots of rain but quick recoveries on the Sol Duc and upper Bogi lately.  Last week just before the rain arrived yet again Tom swung up 4 beautiful wild chromers, none made it to hand but after the take, it didn’t matter…great times.

photo Dave McCoy

Year One: Flowers

[Also on AO3]

The captain sneezed over his fried eggs and toast.

“They’re beautiful, Lieutenant, but it really wasn’t necessary.” He smiled as Lieutenant Arnett handed him three yellow roses elegantly wrapped around the stems with a white bow and clear plastic wrapping. The captain returned to his meal as the Lieutenant left with a sheepish grin.

Kirk sliced a knife through his eggs and sneezed a second time, yellow yoke splattering off his fork and onto the front of his uniform.

“What’s wrong with you, now?” As the echo of the captain’s sinus expulsion reverberated throughout the mess hall, Doctor McCoy had rushed to Kirk’s side and pressed a hand against his forehead. “No fever.” He abandoned his breakfast tray with a clatter on the table and pulled a tricorder from his pocket, proceeding to wave the device across Jim’s body.

“Just something caught in my nose.” Jim shrugged and sneezed again. “Go back to your grits. They’ll get cold.”

Spock placed his spoon parallel to his empty bowl of plomeek soup and stood, approaching the captain’s table at the end of the hall where this disruptive scene was taking place. He stood at parade rest beside the doctor. “As the captain’s medical file contains extensive details in regards to his pollen allergy, there is a ninety nine percent likelihood that he is suffering sinus aggravation due to the influx of flower bouquets he has received from crew members this morning along with boxes of chocolates, cards, and a variety of small wrapped gifts.”

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