!mass effect

So sick of the Sarah Ryder hate

When Bioware comes up with a female character who has actual human features and you bum around in Photoshop to Disney-fy her and wail about how that was so easy and can’t they make “good” female characters, does it EVER occur to you to wonder if they did what they did on purpose?

….Because women’s features aren’t actually distorted that way?

…Because on average, male characters are not as skewed in terms of eye size, etc, it would be nice to start showing female characters who look as much like normal women as male characters look like men?

…Because it is genuinely nice to have characters who act like their game mission is their first priority, not “corrective” surgery so they can be attractive to you? (Looking at you, you “don’t they have nose jobs in the future” asshole.)

…Because unlike you, they are not literally equating being a “good” female character with being attractive? Because they know that’s not what women are for?