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‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ fans think same-sex Jaal romance was scrapped before release

  • In the time leading up to Mass Effect: Andromeda’s release, some fans say they data mined some evidence that Jaal was a romance option for both male and female versions of Ryder.
  • But then, when the gamecame out a few days later — no dice. The only two same-sex romance options for Scott Ryder are Gil and Reyes — two humans, neither of whom are one of Ryder’s main squadmates.
  • The other evidence for this conspiracy lies in a tweet from Mac Walters, creative director on Mass Effect: Andromeda. In it, he appears to promise a fan there are same-sex romance options involving alien partners.
  • Regardless of whether Jaal was planned to be a romance option for male Ryder and then scrapped — or whether that was never in the cards at all — fans are speaking up to let BioWare know that they’re not happy with their human-only romance options. Read more (3/23/17 6:25 PM)

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Just caught two Angaran women gossiping about Jaal - how he is both single and “impervious to flirtation.” Which they both think is a shame.

And I swear one of was voiced by Miranda Raison (our beloved Cassandra Pentaghast), who I have heard a few times in NPC dialogue so far.

Hearing Cassandra gossip about a man being frustrating to flirt with is humorous in its own right.

so far all the people (mainly women??? like what the fuck) arguing against jaal being patched in as bi are literally saying they don’t want men to touch him because if they do they will ruin him and it’s disgusting

“it will change him” ; “he doesn’t need to be questioning his sexuality” ; “it would make his romance a trope” ; “he’s perfect already” ; “it affects me[a woman] negatively because i[a woman] love his character as it is” ; “he was written for girls” ; “[jaal can’t be bi because] he treats sara in a way he wouldn’t treat scott”

just admit that you’re selfish and don’t care about the hurt feelings of a large group of gamers who were baited and teased and deceived into thinking they could have something they’ve been hoping for since the beginning. that you don’t have empathy for trans men who can’t romance the ONLY male alien squadmate that almost everyone(including game reviewers and scott ryder’s fucking va) genuinely expected to be available to all without inducing dysphoria. that you think just because women don’t get the same lion’s share as men that you have the right to deny mlm the romance that they were begging for for so long. bi jaal takes NOTHING away from women. it just gives something back to men.

to the ppl who think like this, you’re not advocating for maintaining straight jaal, you’re advocating for the silence of mlm and that’s not okay



Movie Night quest for player who’s romancing Jaal. Liam and Jaal being bros, and Sara wins “the Best Actress”.

I love you all, but most of all I love Jaal. And Jaal just loves romantic movies. Slight FPS loss.