were you, when she
was a livid asymptote

when gravity was a claw
trapped in the striae

of uncoupled stars
was grotto & torch

a rosary of razors
a god at triage

all the burn-marks
all the snakepit altars

holy of such honeyed
rum tinder in her

arrowed songbird
such dagger-brush

as if lightning had
wandered into that

sheep of skin

Scherezade Siobhan, from “Seshat,” published in Anthropoid

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Hello, everyone! So both me and Nicole are excited for summer 2016 so we decided to host a summer awards together and we are so excited! I hope you guys and gals are to (beaches, nice weather etc omg!)


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  • Best overall: Summer solstice
  • Best posts: Sunshine Journey
  • Best Add-ons/Futures:  Road Trips with friends
  • Best Playlist:  Dancing in the heat
  • Best Url: Ocean breeze
  • Best theme: Beaching out 
  • Best icon: Bathing suit hotties
  • Nicest blogger: Bikini’s and Shorts
  • New discovery: Ocean Diving 
  • JC’s faves: Hiking in the shimmering sun
  • Nicole’s Faves:  Morning Walks Under the Sun
  • Best Up and Coming Blogs: Popsicle under the sun


  • Choosing 2-4 people per category depends on notes
  • Choosing Sometime during the first week in Summer
  • Banner made by the beautiful @aurorant
  • If you have any questions feel free to ask me or nicole :)

~ TY and let this awards be a countdown to summer 2016 aren’t you all just as excited as us! ~

~ That is all Both me and Nicole wishing you all good luck and we Ilove you all to pieces <3 ~

~ much love JC and Nicole <3 ~


msleamichele I know you’re serenading everyone right now.. We love you Cory! Happy Birthday..❤️

marksalling #MCM goes out to Cory Monteith. Miss you more than ever brother. Happy birthday

harryshumjr Happy Birthday, brother!

kalanafalana I wanted to share one more memory of Cory: He had this brilliant way of making certain moments so sweet and sincere but with a dose of the ridiculous. You can see it happen in most of our interviews and it was one of the things I loved most about Cory. About a week after he passed away and I was a wreck, I remembered he’d signed a poster for me that was rolled up in my office. I had forgotten what he’d said and was anxious to read his kind and thoughtful words. And then I read what he’d written - obviously meant as a joke - and burst out laughing. Even in the saddest moment Cory made me laugh at something ridiculous and I know he would have enjoyed that. Love you, Cory. #CoryMonteith #CoryAlwaysInMyHeart

msamberpriley I miss you! Gone but never ever forgotten. Happy Birthday brother ♥

JOAQUINSEDILLO Happy Birthday Cory… ❤ …loving you still.