msleamichele I know you’re serenading everyone right now.. We love you Cory! Happy Birthday..❤️

marksalling #MCM goes out to Cory Monteith. Miss you more than ever brother. Happy birthday

harryshumjr Happy Birthday, brother!

kalanafalana I wanted to share one more memory of Cory: He had this brilliant way of making certain moments so sweet and sincere but with a dose of the ridiculous. You can see it happen in most of our interviews and it was one of the things I loved most about Cory. About a week after he passed away and I was a wreck, I remembered he’d signed a poster for me that was rolled up in my office. I had forgotten what he’d said and was anxious to read his kind and thoughtful words. And then I read what he’d written - obviously meant as a joke - and burst out laughing. Even in the saddest moment Cory made me laugh at something ridiculous and I know he would have enjoyed that. Love you, Cory. #CoryMonteith #CoryAlwaysInMyHeart

msamberpriley I miss you! Gone but never ever forgotten. Happy Birthday brother ♥

JOAQUINSEDILLO Happy Birthday Cory… ❤ …loving you still.

Remember this? 😂
The season final of Once Upon A Time was amazing! Omfg that ending! I’m so excited, I cannot wait to see what is gonna happen 😱🔮
Anyway, goodnight, all 😘
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Who remembers when she slipped? 😂
Q: What’s your favourite movie(s) and/or movie franchise(s)
A: I think I prefer movie franchises over standalone films. So I definitely think the Saw series is one of my favourites✌🏼📺
I’m supposed to be writing an essay, but I really wanna watch Greys Anatomy 😬🏥
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marksalling: Good times at Oak Grove disc golf course with the number one female disc golfer in the world. @paigeapierce #OGdiscgolf #whereitallbegan

onestreetnorthofhernandez: It ain’t trickin if you got it…and I got it. #myclique#allhandsondeck #steadymobbin

@paigeapierce: Had the pleasure of meeting and playing a round of disc golf today with@marksalling at Oak Grove disc golf course today. He showed me all the sidearm lines, yes he beat me!