Whatever remnants of the Glee fandom there are I hope you recognise Mark Salling for the pedophile he is. I just checked the tag and you all keep tagging his name in things like nothing has happened. The man who played Puck is a pedophile. Don’t treat him like he’s normal. He was a pedophile during the entire filming of Glee

Glee fam: love you guys

Today is a reminder that we are a family, no matter if the years pass by and glee is over. We love you Cory, forever. Thank you for touching our hearts the way you did it, and still. Be safe guys, always. Remember, you’re not alone in this world, no matter why, no matter what. You are so special, and nobody have the right to tell you otherwise. If you need someone to talk send me a message, more than happy to help. Love you my dear gleeks. And for the people that doesn’t like glee or never watched it, it goes the same. You’re special, one in a million, we all are. Please take care of yourselfs guys.

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Imagine singing a duet with Puck.

You couldn’t keep the grin off of your face as you caught your breath and heard everyone clapping. You just finished an amazing duet with Puck, who you happen to have bit of a crush on.

“Hey, Y/N, we should definitely do this again.” You looked up at Puck when he said this.

Your grin got even wider. “Agreed. That was awesome.”