Austin Butler - 1991 * Donnie Wahlberg - 1969 * Giuliana Rancic - 1974 * Helen McCrory - 1968 * Mark Salling - 1982 * Rachel Hurd-Wood - 1990 * Robert De Niro - 1943 * Sean Penn - 1960 * Taissa Farmiga - 1994 * Tammy Townsend - 1970

lilylunawrites  asked:

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2. your least favorite face claims

Darren Criss for sure (because I don’t like him personally, I don’t like Blaine, and tbh I don’t think he’s anything special in terms of looks or acting range), umm honestly the only fcs I truly dislike are ones where the FC someone I actively dislike and therefore would hate having to see on my dash ie. Jared Leto, Mark Salling, etc.

6. your favorite fandom oc (or one of your favorites)

Oh Goddddd let me see, I think I’ll have to say Nadia Zabini is one of my favorites. She can be such a pain in the ass both to witness and write but she’s also so much fun to delve into because she has so many layers to her and really thrives in tough scenarios, you know, when she’s not adding to the chaos by accidentally resurrecting the dead. I love writing her because for all her talent and poise and her thinking she knows everything she messes up a lot, but always tries to learn from it and do better for the people she loves despite being such a grumpy mother hen.

7.  your favorite oc who isn’t yours (or one of your favorites)

DYING because there is no way I could possibly choose a favorite but one at the forefront of my mind and one of many favorites is definitely @ravenclawwrites Artemis Carrow. Where do I even begin with Artemis HONESTLY she is such a brilliant mind and so strong and her commitment to doing what she has to is at times tragic but really so beautiful at the same time she just ???? makes me so emotional and the verses where she gets a happy ending are my favorite because after all she does and goes through she DESERVES it.

15. your favorite rp otp

I love all of my otps my god I love all of the otps I see on my rp dash like ??? Okay but let me talk about Ladia because when I first made Nadia I was legit convinced she would never have a ship because she is SO guarded and SO about putting her family and friends above all and not allowing anything like romance to make her weak and so there I was, content in the fact that Nadia was going to be forever alone but still a v v fun character to play—-just kidding, in comes @noahsczxrny w/ Lance Ahn and his ridiculously endearing teasing and fearlessness when it comes to baiting Nadia and just challenging her and getting her to open up and all of a sudden Nadia Zabini was all heart-eyes  for another person and a muggleborn at that. So this otp that blindsided me almost as much as it did Nadia has a very special place in my heart xoxo.

16.  your favorite rp notp

Kirsten already talked about JATE which is my ultimate notp but honestly, I was going to say a few things here but I think it can all be boiled down to Nate Tuft x the Wotters being my favorite notp. He really just (other than James, sometimes ;) ) does NOT mesh with that family and his interactions with Jules’ Lucy and @lilycallowcy‘s Albus as WELL as @lilylunawrites Lily and @littlescngbird‘s Dominique are priceless. Nothing gives Nate as much pleasure as fucking with the Wotters and ??? the entertainment I get from it is really what kept him alive post-Imperio Mess.