If Everett Ross meets Doctor Strange to discuss how to treat The Avengers.

Dr.Strange: I don’t care. Do as you want.
Ross: You do not care, eh? You wear that weird costume and just look like one of them, and you’re saying you don’t care? How amazing.

(And I want the both of them to start hating each other hahahaha)

anonymous asked:

Hey you've probably gotten this question before, I'm new to Supercat and I'm coming from reading Shutter (which was phenomenal btw), anyway I'm wondering if you had a specific picture in mind when you wrote the scene in the first chapter with the white t shirt? It was so detailed that the image seemed to beam directly into my brain. But yeah I'd kill to see Melissa Benoist like that, so if it exists let me know!

Man do I have a treat for you. The amazing and talented @xxtorchxx actually made the photographs for my story. Working with her was incredible, because it was like someone could pull the images out of my brain and magic them into existence. 

We worked together really closely - I started with my own descriptions, then she worked on the images, and I tweaked my descriptions to match her art.