Loretta: “…What will I do without you by my side?…I’m a brat who can’t do anything by herself, just borrowing her father’s power. Galahad spoils me and never scolds me.”

Marco: “I have no regrets. Loretta Cristiano Amodio, you are my pride.”

In my mind, Casca would have made a phenomenal leader for the Hawks if Griffith hadn’t fucked it up so much beforehand. The fact that she maintained unity all the way up until the Eclipse demonstrates that people will follow her, and that she has the ability to push others in desperate times. Many might say that she only kept them around with the promise of returning Griffith, but they continue to follow her after they find out Griffith is incapable. Griffith is a symbol, not their leader at this point in the story. Casca is smart and strong willed, and her experiences make her a hardened fighter with the empathy to inspire her troops. I think that it would be tragic if she were to remember everything (including the eclipse), but she could work through it. She’s not known for being weak, and in the end, the horrible things she experienced wouldn’t hold her down. I would love to see how strong she could become if she remembered. Because even through it all, Casca is a badass.