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Yep, MGRP really does go in a different direction to the rest of "Suffering Magical Girls" in its plot, especially in the later novels after the worldbuilding happens. It's actually much closer to Danganronpa than PMMM. Also, the author is actually a big fan of shows like Sailor Moon, believe it or not.

I completely agree.

I couldn’t wait another week to know what will happen so I decided to read the light novels and holy shit does it get fucked up.

I couldn’t stop reading until I finished and omg now that I know what each one will go through I’m afraid of the next episode lmao.

I like how the plot has nothing to do with Madoka or Yuuki Yuuna, this is more about the magical girls rather than the magical girls against some evil force that tricked them.

If the anime keeps being as flawless as it has been so far, we have a new potential anime of the year here.

#Justice4Nemurin tho

Hey, how are all of you?. Im sorry for endlessly dissapearing time and time again, university is very demanding and I can’t post and it hurts me inside. It’s frustrating and depressing to know I’m letting all of you down. I’m sorry.
I’m not abandoning either project. I will see them through to the end. I just need time and when I find it, I’ll post again. Have a fantastic day, and let’s hope you see me again very soon