im planning on making a lyric video for all star using only georgi ogre edits- Nick

What if I will never be brave enough
to show anyone the deepest part of my heart?
What if I’m too afraid
to let anyone close enough
to get to know the unknown part of my soul?
To tell them my safest secrets
or let them be around
when I am at my worst?
—  // I am scared of losing a loved one but for you, I’m willing to take the risk
You are the first day of sunshine after weeks full of rain, heart touching poetry, nail-biting crime thrillers, the newest episode of my favourite show, that first chords after the band enters the stage, watching strangers passing by, spending hours and hours in an antique book shop, museums of art, that rush of adrenaline when you did something you’d always been afraid of, sleeping in after exam period, getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing a whole new level of life, poetry slams, citrus tea, the first snow of the year, finally seeing the floor again after tidying up, high quality fanfiction, hot midsummer nights by the river and foreign cities.
—  // you are everything good in this world