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I actually hate that they made Lupin marry Tonks. Why? Because I feel it was really forced. Lupin didn’t want to be with Tonks, I’ve always thought the “Because I’m a werewolf” was more some kind of excuse. “Then why did they ended up together? Is love!” No, I don’t think so. Lupin was weak against social pressure and feared rejection. And Tonks and the Weasleys told him all the time he should be with her. I feel he did it because he feared they would be mad at him.

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warnings: fluff fluffy fluff, swearing??

word count: 3.4k

requested by anon: imagine if sirius gets stuck in his animagus form and there’s just a bunch of cute fluff when reader has to take care of him? (also would be hella cute if reader had a dog animagus form too)

summary: sirius’s first animagus transformation doesn’t go as well as expected

It was a normal Sunday afternoon at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Most students of the third year and above were currently at Hogsmeade for the first visit of the year whilst the younger ones were all outside enjoying the autumn weather. Every student was enjoying their free day– well, all except for one.

You were scurrying around your empty room, preparing yourself for a four-hour lock down in your room. The year had barely begun and you were already struggling with Charms. You were determined to at least get an EE on your upcoming exam and if that meant you’d have to miss a day out with your friends, so be it.

Just as you yanked the curtains in front of your desk shut to eliminate all distraction, your wooden door was slammed open.

“Y/N, we have a problem.”

Your shoulders slumped at the familiar voice, a guttural groan escaping your lips, “Good for you, James. Now you just need to figure out how to solve it.”

You weren’t about to let James Potter, the master of mischief, distract you from your critical study day. He didn’t need your help to solve every single problem he came across. Last time you heard those words, the boy dragged you all the way up to the Owlery so you could help him untie a parcel he’d gotten stuck on an owl’s leg. He could surely find someone more willing and able to help him this time.

You moved to slam the door shut on his face, but he stuck a foot in the doorway to prevent it from closing. A whine escaped your lips at his actions, “Please James, just leave me alone this one time. I promise I’ll help you with whatever it is later, just don’t bother me right now,” you begged. You knew that this would be the only time you could study as the girls would be returning later and you couldn’t just ask them to leave the room for four hours. 

“’Fraid I can’t do that, Dear Y/N,” he taunted in a sickly sweet tone. The glasses-clad boy tried to grab your hand and drag you out of your room, but you refused to budge.

“I won’t be moving from this room ‘till pigs fly and Lily agrees to go on a date with you.”

The underlying insult didn’t faze him as he merely shrugged, “Alright. I didn’t want to resort to this, but you leave me no choice.”

“What do you-”

You cut yourself off with a high-pitched shriek as James hauled your body from the ground and tossed you over his shoulder in one swift motion. Your feet were flailing in front of him as he secured your body atop his shoulder, much to your displeasure.

“James Fleamont Potter, if you don’t put me down this instant I swear I will make it my mission to make your life as miserable as possible until the day you die,” you seethed, not caring who might hear you as he sauntered with you on his shoulder through the hallways.

“I look forward to it.”

A scream of frustration pulled at your vocal chords at his response. You didn’t waste any more energy fighting him however as you realized it would only tire you out. Instead, you allow him to carry you outside, your chin rested on your hand which was propped up against his back. Your walk, well James’s walk, continued farther than you’d expected until the Forbidden Forest stood in front of you. A glare formed on your face at the sight, “Why the hell did you take me to the Forbidden Forest? Are you trying to kill me?”

James didn’t answer your query which frustrated you to no end. Ignoring any other statements, he made his way into the edge of the forest before finally setting you down.

“Now before you run, keep in mind that it’ll do you no good since you know I’m faster than you and I’ve already dragged you all the way out here,” he held onto your shoulders with a rather tight grip. You deadpanned, your arms crossed and jaw locked. It was obvious you were pissed off as you didn’t so much as nod in response.

James slowly took his hands off your shoulders as if waiting for you to run. After a few seconds of staring at each other, he let his hands relax by his sides.

“Why am I here, exactly?” you seethed.

Something seemed to snap inside the boy as he was brought back to the task at hand, “Right. Er, well you see we, the marauders and I, have found ourselves in a certain situation.”

You refused to let the curiosity inside you show in your eyes as you attempted to harden your stare, “What sort of situation?”

“A furry one.”

Your head whipped around to the source of the new voice. Your gaze locked on Remus Lupin’s, eyes ablaze with amusement. Your eyes narrowed further in confusion before he gestured to a rather large dog sitting beside him.

“What the hell are you doing with a dog?” you raise your voice incredulously, eyeing the shaggy, black creature. It looked oddly familiar to you. Its eyes seemed human-like as it stared at you and it almost looked like it was smirking.

James halted your train of thoughts, “Well, it’s not exactly a dog,” he shifted from foot to foot. Both boys held a guilty expression causing your suspicion to rise, “Well then what is it?”

The dog ran towards you at your words and knocked into your legs, causing you to stumble over your own feet. You stared at the animal menacingly as Remus scolded it, “Come on, Sirius. Play nice.”

Realization came over you as you gazed at the animal with wide eyes, “Wait, that’s Sirius?” you point at the dog. “You turned him into a dog?”

Amusement clouded your previously grumpy features as you released a hearty laugh at the situation. The dog let out a low growl, but to no avail, as your laughter persisted. Before he had a chance to lunge at you again, James spoke up, “Not exactly. He sort of turned himself.”

Your laughter halted abruptly, “Are you trying to tell me he attempted an animagus transformation?”

Your eyebrows knit together as you studied both boys’ guilty expressions, a sigh escaping your lips, “You do realize how illegal that is, right? He could get thrown in Azkaban if anyone found out.”

“Which is why you’re not going to tell anyone,” the Potter boy stared at you with a hard face. “Besides, he’s not the only one.”

Your eyes widened even further, “Are you saying that you’re both animagi too?”

“Lower your voice. And no, just me,” James hushed your quickly rising voice with a sheepish expression.

You released a snort at this, “So Remus is the only sensible one then.”

“That’s beside the point,” James rolled his eyes. “We, uh, we attempted our first transformation today and mine went alright but Sirius he, er, his didn’t exactly go so well,” he trailed off. You became aware of the dog sitting next to Remus again as it lowered its head in what looked to be embarrassment.

“Well? Spit it out then. I haven’t got all day,” you snapped, tired of their hesitance.

“Sirius can’t turn back.”

It took you a moment to process the information Remus had spit out, only to burst out into another round of laughter. This time Sirius barked at you, though your giggles only heightened. Remus put his leg out in front of him to prevent him from lunging at you for a second time.

They waited impatiently for your laughs to subside. You pulled yourself together, wiping the tears that had formed in the corners of your eyes, “What exactly do you expect me to do? If you think I can help you must be barking mad.”

This initiated a third round of laughter. Remus and James chuckled quietly at the pun, but Sirius wasn’t having it. He released himself from Remus’s grip and darted towards you, head butting into your side. His attempt at intimidating you failed, however, as you cooed at him and rubbed behind his ears. “Can you just stay like this? You’re so much cuter as a dog.”

His jaws snapped at you though he didn’t make a move to shake you off. In fact, your scratching felt rather good. “We figured out that there’s a potion that can be made to turn him back, but it’s really advanced magic.”

A frown etched onto your lips as you continued to stroke the black dog, “And you suppose I can make it for you? Did it occur to you that I have things of my own to do? I’m not about to spend my Sunday Workday helping you perform an illegal transformation.”

As if expecting your answer, James retaliated instantly, “You and I both know that even if we let you go now, you wouldn’t be able to do your work.” You grumbled incoherent phrases under your breath, knowing he was right.

“Why doesn’t Remus just do it? He’s good at potions,” you whined but to no avail as he had also anticipated that response.

“Y/N, you have the highest grade in our year in Potions. I’m good, but you’re way better.”

You sighed, resting your hand on the dog’s neck, “Suppose I say I’ll do it. What will I get out of it? I’m certainly not doing this free of charge.”

“Which is why Peter’s out at Hogsmeade restocking your secret candy stash in Honeydukes.”

“How did you know about my-”

“And Remus and I will be writing your History of Magic essay for you.”

You contemplated their offers for a moment before letting out a huff of defeat, “Fine. But only if you finish my Herbology homework too.”

“Deal,” James jumped at the offer. Remus looked hesitant about the idea of doing your work for you, but you frankly didn’t care as you’d be wasting your day away making a potion for Sirius.

Remus handed you a ripped out page of a book containing step by step instructions of how to brew the particular potion. You carelessly crumpled it in the pocket of your jeans before storming back in the direction of the castle. Sirius the Dog trotted beside you as James and Remus walked at a more leisurely pace a few yards behind. “You so owe me for this,” you grumbled towards the animagus who nudged your leg in response.

You quickened your pace and made it back to the common room in no time. You began treading up the stairs to your dorm when a whine stopped you. You whipped around to face Sirius who sat at the bottom of the stairs, “I’ve got to get a few things and then we’ll head to a classroom. Come on,” you motioned for him to follow.

The dog-human trailed behind you as you made your way to the right door. You slammed it open, only to be met with four curious faces. Both yours and Sirius’s eyes widened at the sight, not having expected your friends to return for at least another three hours. “What are you doing here?”

Lily spoke for the group of four, “Marlene forgot her money and refused to let anyone pay for her,” she spoke airily as her attention as well as everyone else’s in the room was focused on the dog sitting beside her. “What are you doing with a dog?”

Flustered and unsure of what to do, you blurted, “This? Oh yeah, this is,” you trailed off, racking your brain for ideas. Only one popped in your mind, and you knew Sirius was going to kill you for it, “This is Snuffles.”

The animagus growled in displeasure at the name to which you gave him a warning nudge. “And what exactly is Snuffles doing in the castle?”

“He’s my, uh, he’s my new pet! Yeah, he’s my new pet,”  you lied terribly, quickly growing uncomfortable under her gaze. “I found him outside and decided to keep him.”

The redhead shot you a suspicious look but decided against questioning you further as she wanted to head back to Hogsmeade already. “Okay,” she drawled as you stepped fully into the room. “Well, we need to get going now that we’re all ready. We’ll see you later, Y/N.”

Your dorm mates all sent you a smile as they left, you reciprocating with a nervous one. As soon as the door shut your shoulders slumped in relief and Sirius barked at you. You looked down to the dog who appeared to be wearing a glare. “Oh come on, Snuffles. Lighten up.”

Sirius the Dog whipped you with his tail, making sure you knew he wasn’t happy about this. You rolled your eyes at his actions as you gathered the few things you needed.

You didn’t stay in your room for long as the two of you made your way to the empty Potions classroom. Upon arriving, you poked your head inside to ensure it was completely empty before both of you slipped inside, shutting the door quietly behind you. You dropped your materials carelessly on the closest table with a cauldron atop it. Digging through your pocket, you finally pulled out the crumpled page with instructions. You attempted to flatten it some as you set it on the wooden table, the dog’s head peeking at it from under your arm as if reading the instructions himself.

You cleared your throat before speaking to him, “Can you go and get me some dittany, a bottle of dragon blood, and fire seed?” He nodded his head and turned to trot over to the open cabinet of ingredients whilst you prepared the cauldron for brewing. He came back with each thing you’d ask for in his mouth, plopping them down on the table. 

The next hour continued like this with you brewing the potion and him handing you everything you asked for. After stirring the concoction one last time, you used a ladle to scoop up some of the liquid and pour it inside a vial Sirius had brought you.

“Now you’re supposed to drink a vial of this and then the transformation should occur in a few hours or so,” you instructed. Sirius the Dog woofed and wagged his tail, nudging your hand with his head. You scratched behind his ears at his gesture, an almost hum of satisfaction escaping him. He opened his mouth for you to tip the vial of liquid down his throat which he quickly gulped down.

With his help, the two of you quickly cleaned up the area and headed back to the Gryffindor dorms. Upon arriving you made your way to the stairs leading to your room, Sirius right on your tail. You opened your mouth to tell him to find his own friends, but decided against it as they were probably off doing who-knows-what who-knows-where. Once the two of you had made it to your room for the second time that day, you fell rather ungracefully on top of your bed with a long sigh. Sirius hopped up on your bed next to your and sat on his hind legs, staring you down.

“What?” you snapped at the expectant look on his face.

Seeing as he couldn’t exactly respond verbally, he softly nudged his wet nose against your hand. You rolled your eyes at his action but pet him nevertheless. The two of you laid like this for a while, you on his back and him on his stomach as you stroked his head. It only then occurred to you that you still had to at least attempt to study for your Charms exam.

You released a groan, “I need to get up and study for Charms.” You pulled yourself from your reclined position, only to be stopped by a paw placing itself on your stomach. A frown etched onto your face as you stared at Sirius the Dog, “I can’t just lounge about all day. I have things to do for myself, you know,” you defended yourself and tried to push yourself up again. This time you were stopped by his whole body as he sat atop your stomach.

A grunt escaped you at the surprisingly heavy added weight, falling back onto your pillow. “You’re horrible, you know?” you looked down at Sirius. His mouth opened at this as he leaned forward and left a slobbery lick on your cheek. You groaned in disgust, wiping off the wetness with the sleeve of your sweater, “That’s disgusting!”

A human-like smirk seemed to form on his face at your words, though you still made no movement to get up again. Sure you could’ve easily thrown him off, but was that really worth the effort?

Instead, you allowed the animagus to rest his head in the crook of your arm with his face right beside your jaw and below your ear. He moved his body so he was no longer directly on top of you but was nestled between your arm and torso. You subconsciously took his fur between your fingers and stroked its softness, a tired sigh escaping your lips. You shuffled your body so you were laying on your side facing the dog. He snuggled into your side, the heat from his body warming you.

The two of you laid together in silence, your hands running through the tangles of his fur. It didn’t take long for both of you to fall sleep on your bed. But the peaceful silence only lasted for a few hours as you were rudely awoken by a scream.

“What the hell is Sirius Black doing in our room?”

Your body jolted awake at the shrill voice of Lily Evans. You squinted your eyes, shielding them from the bright light with your arm. You tried to regain alertness as you blinked them over and over, still groggy from your nap. It was the guttural groan coming from a body next to you that brought you back down to Earth, “Jesus, Evans. Must you be so fucking loud?”

You suddenly became aware of the four gaping girls standing at the door, the legs tangled with yours, and the firm arm draped over your side. Your own eyes widened as you shoved Sirius, who had evidently shifted during your sleep, off of you causing him to tumble off the bed.

A loud ‘thump’ sounded throughout the room followed by a heavy grunt, “What was that for?” he scratchily grumbled, voice still thick with sleep. The four standing girls watched in awe at the scene unfolding before them, unsure of how to react to one of their closest friends in bed with the boy she never stopped complaining about.

“What do you mean, ‘what was that for’? You know exactly what it was for,” you snapped at the disgruntled boy pulling himself from the hardwood floor.

“Hey,” he frowned, “You weren’t complaining a few hours ago. Besides, you’re the one who was basically snuggling into me,” he defended himself with a cocky smile. You began to wish the potion hadn’t worked so he couldn’t talk.

Marlene awkwardly cleared her throat, forcing both your heads to snap in her direction, “We’ll just go and come back later so you two can sort out, er, whatever this is.”

The girls scrambled from the room as giggles could be heard even after the door slammed closed. You diverted your gaze to Sirius who was already looking towards you, “So your potion worked.”

You wanted to wipe the infuriating smirk on his face, instead settling for another eye roll, “And seeing as it did, you can kindly take your fleas with you and leave.”

The animagus wasn’t fazed by your insult as he edged closer to you so his arms were on the bed but his body remained standing, “Hmm, I’d rather not,” he hummed. “I find this quite enjoyable, actually.”

“What? Pissing me off?”


By now he hovered mere inches away from your face. You took a sharp intake of breath at the close proximity. It was like your brain could no longer think of anything but the color of his dull eyes or how his hair would feel between your fingers.

“I liked you better as a dog.”

that was kinda really long and little bit rushed by ThAt’S oKaY

i really liked this request and it was fun to write even though there wasn’t too much dialogue :)


Battle of Hogwarts (1)

The Battle of Hogwarts was a conflict that ended the Second Wizarding War. It took place in the early hours of 2 May, 1998, within the castle and on the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Worth it - Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Could you write a Sirius x reader where she is like the guys’ little sister and once he walks in on her changing and sort of falls in love and starts seeing her as more than a friend?
Warnings: My English. Gifs aren’t mine. Credits to their original owners.
Word Count~ 2k
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It was always the five of you. Always had been and always will be. You were family. They were your loving and overprotective brothers and you were their little sister. You loved them and their crazy ways. You would fight anyone who dared to mess with them; except Lily. She could mess up with James and his big ego as much as she wanted to.
You knew about Remus and his “furry little problem” as James had named it. You were the one who suggested that you must become Animagi to keep him company and prevent him from hurting himself. He was furious at you but forever grateful as well and honestly, a bit proud. You were a package deal. You would stick with each other no matter what.
You were aware of Peter’s issue with his confidence and you tried your best to help him any way you could. You helped him with his assignments and his essays; you helped him with Mary. Boy, he was in love with her. You tried to boost his self-esteem as much as you could. He was thankful and he was always kind and sweet to you. 
You knew about Sirius and his so-called family. You were the one that got him to eat and sleep and function like a human being. James had tried but failed. Sirius hadn’t even let him inside the room; he never did. It was you who got to see him like that. It was you who got to help him and clean up his wounds. His ‘mother’ hadn’t let him leave without a fight. You knew that she had used the cruciatus curse on him. He had never cried before but that night he did. And you were the one to hold him and hug him tightly. You were the one to help him sleep. And somewhere between being his sister and being his friend… You fell for him.
But you kept it quiet and you buried it six feet under. Someplace you never visited in the very depths of your mind. You would never jeopardize your friendship with him for your stupid feelings. And you knew he didn’t feel the same. Mainly because he always called you ‘sis’ and he slept with everyone else. He had every girl (and boy) he wanted. It wasn’t that you weren’t beautiful. You were. Or at least, that was what the boys told you. You could have many dates. But with the Marauders as your friends… Well, they were intimidating and they had probably sworn to never let you go out. Sometimes it was sweet but sometimes was awful. It felt like every time you thought that you would get over him… Nope. Just nope.
You had worn a black crop top and a pair of black shorts. You knew that it wasn’t your uniform but it was Saturday and you were visiting Hogsmeade. If you didn’t wear shorts now, you would never get to wear them. Your hair was down and natural and you had a hint of makeup applied on your face. Just a bit of eyeliner and lipstick.
You were stepping down the stairs to the common room when somebody halted you.
“What on earth are you wearing?” James asked you shamelessly with one eyebrow arched. You mimicked his expression before answering him.
“Clothes, Jay. Clothes” you informed him, amazed by his overprotectiveness. “Go change and put in something that actually covers you. Please”. If he hadn’t added that 'please’ and if his tone wasn’t almost concerned, you would have yelled at him. However, since he was a sweetheart, you just rolled your eyes, low-key happy that you had a brother, and raised an eyebrow.
“Only because you asked nicely, Jay” you told him kindly. It felt good to know that someone wanted you to be safe and protected. He smiled brightly and told you that he was going to wait in the common room for the guys.
Once you got back to your room though and opened your wardrobe, you realized that you had nothing to wear. Like what were you supposed to choose? The little black dress or the everyday jeans? Damn you, James!
You took off the clothes you were wearing and paced back and forth in your room. You were alone, so you didn’t care that you were only in your lingerie. A beautiful, silky, mauve set of underwear. And if you wanted to be honest that bra made your chest look awesome.
You never really understood that someone was indeed in the same room with you. That, someone had come up to ask you what was taking so long. That, someone was staring at your figure with a slightly gaping mouth. That someone saw you for the first time like a… Woman.
You never understood any of this. You were too caught up to notice his gray eyes roaming your body, staying on your bum a lot longer. You didn’t notice that he was having trouble deciding whether to let you know that he was there or continue to stare at you and leave at some point before he got caught. You didn’t know that his mind had stopped working and started screaming at him. What am I thinking? Why am I looking at her while she is almost naked? She is like my sister! a voice reprimanded him. But another voice, a soft and a bit bitter was whispering that he was one of the luckiest men alive-you weren’t really his sister, after all.
He crept out of the room. You hadn’t realized a thing. You were still trying to find what to wear.

Months had gone by but he couldn’t help himself. He was thinking about that day, playing the scene on repeat so many times that your shape had been engraved in his mind. He was sure that he could trace all the patterns on your skin, that he could find your soft spots even in the dark. He was in a very difficult place. Not only he was actually falling in love- Sirius Black, in love?; it sounded ridiculous because he had never, ever, had that kind of feeling- but he was falling in love with someone, who up until that moment he thought of as a sister.
He had noticed everything about you. The way your eyes would twinkle with mischievousness every time you liked a prank idea or the way they would look away and stare into space every time you were lost in your mind. The way your lips- those full, plump lips that he longed to taste- would turn into a genuine smile or a smirk or a forced one. He noticed that they were different. Whenever you forced a smile, your eyes wouldn’t smile- they were cold and distant. The way you bit your bottom lip in concentration. The way you played with your hair. They way your scent was so intoxicating; like caramel and sandalwood and something else, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. The way your shirt was tightly hugging your chest and a couple of buttons were undone. The way that your skirt was a bit too short, or the way it would ride up your thighs, leaving them exposed. The way your skin was always so smooth and seemed to be perfect. The way your elegant and slender fingers would turn the pages of a book or actually touch him. He was electrified every time you touched him. He knew when your happy, sad, excited or… well, there was one feeling he didn’t know what it was. You were usually around him when you were in that ‘mood’.  At first, he thought that it was just because you were thinking about him just as a friend- a great friend or even a brother(he hated that last one)-but he noticed that you weren’t like that around the others and he felt doomed. Maybe you didn’t even like him as a friend, after all. Maybe you had a thing for Remus- well, that would make sense. You were always sitting close to him and you were touching each other and hugging and you had a tendency of falling asleep on his shoulder and he always looked so happy around you and- Stop it! When he suggested it and tried to ask him about it, Remus laughed. Because, Remus knew. He was way too clever not to notice the way you kept looking at his friend when you thought that nobody was paying attention to you. Or all the other things you would do unconsciously whenever Padfoot was around. Sirius had frowned at the werewolf. What did it mean? He didn’t leave him alone until Remus actually told him that you and he were friends-siblings really and that the feeling was mutual. The gray-eyed boy was a bit relieved. And then it hit him.
You weren’t acting differently around him because you didn’t like him- you had the different ‘aura’ exactly because you liked him. Well, maybe. But he had already concocted a plan and it was worth a try.
You witnessed the sudden change and you were puzzled. Why on earth would he be even more touchy and since when did he use his infamous pickup line and smirk on you?
It made you feel even worse. He probably didn’t do it on purpose, you thought. How naïve…
He kept pushing and pushing his luck until one day, you exploded.
You were in the boys’ dorm but it was only him and Merlin, he was shirtless and-no. No, no, no, no. He was bottomless as well. No pants. No briefs. Nothing. Nada. Naked. You immediately turned around. He is gifted after all said that annoying voice inside your head. You were red-not pink, red- and embarrassed but if you wanted to be honest, happy because let’s face it, when would you get to see him like that again? Never.
“Oops. Didn’t see you there” he said but you could hear the sarcasm in his nonchalant tone. He wasn’t sorry. Well, who would be with a body like that? You heard the sound of a zipper and thank Merlin when you turned he had his pants on and he tried to button his shirt. Without any success. He looked at you and pouted.
“Help a poor soul, miss?” he asked you, mockingly and playfully simultaneously. You? Touch his torso while he had nothing to cover it? You gulped hard but complied- like you were in a haze. With shaky hands, you tried to button his shirt but well… he took your hands in his and locked eyes with you.
“Why so nervous? It’s just me, love” he said softly.
“That’s the problem” you whispered under your breath but he heard it. He also heard your heart beating faster and faster. He wanted to kiss you. Like, right now. Was that worth it? Was it worth to ruin a friendship like that for something like that?  
Yes, yes it was. Because he didn’t want you as a friend. Not anymore. And you felt the same. And he knew it. Or at least, hoped so.
He kissed you and everything seemed so far away and so distant and unimportant. His lips were soft and hot on yours; he did taste like smoke and honey, like sin. His hands cupped your face and yours roamed his toned torso. Merlin, you had been dreaming of this way too long. But this time, reality had over won the dream. It was a million times better.  

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I feel like both Sirius and Remus were both brought up in an environment where it was better or they weren’t allowed to cry (something that your body NEEDS to do sometimes or just feels better doing) and then they get to Hogwarts and they find each other and maybe the first time it happens it’s happy tears like they laugh so hard they cry together or something and they just can’t stop smiling because it feels better and lighter and they just help each other learn that it’s okay to cry and to be hurt and to accept comfort no matter who you are.


A/N: IT’S FINALLY HERE!  FINALLY!  I really hope this is fulfilling for everyone (I’m pretty happy with how it turned out) and enjoyable too.  Also if anyone cares I was listening to Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur a bunch while I wrote this because it’s fluffy and makes me think of Hinny (thanks @ anon who suggested that as a Hinny song!)

So here it is!  All 6,694 words of it :)

Also available on FF and Ao3!

The air in muggle London is still crisp enough that Ginny pulls her jacket tighter around her middle, despite the proclaimed official start of spring.  Since the New Year, her Quidditch schedule has been fairly demanding, the season rapidly moving toward its close, so her contributions to the wedding planning process were minimal.  So when she gets her first two days off in a row, Ginny strikes out for the muggle shops in the hope of beginning and finishing her honeymoon wardrobe.

Despite her seeming disinterest – which is hardly the case – Ginny’s relatively prepared, carefully organized list in hand as she strides down Brompton Road.  Her eyes downcast, she doesn’t see the frowning woman leaving the department store until they’re both nearly sent sprawling.  Ginny grasps the woman’s bony arms and manages to hold them both upright.  “I’m so sorry I was – “

Her voice dies in her throat as she reluctantly takes in the pinched face of Petunia Dursley, looking equally happy to see Ginny.  “Petunia.”



Petunia sniffs, tucking her pocketbook strap firmly into the crook of her arm.  “Are you still – ”

She trails off, looking rather like she’s sucked a lemon, and Ginny can’t quite decide where that sentence was going – ‘still with my nephew?’ ‘still living like a country bumpkin?’ ‘still a freak?’ – so she quirks a brow, her friendliest option for a reply at the moment.

“You and my,” she swallows awkwardly and changes tack slightly, “Harry.”

“Yes,” Ginny answers simply, the ring on her finger glinting in the late morning light.

Petunia’s icy blue eyes zero in on Ginny’s hand and her lips purse further – which Ginny previously would have said was impossible.  She glances around, blonde hair stationary despite the blustery day, and murmurs, “I didn’t expect to see you – here.”

Tamping down her rising anger at Petunia’s tone, Ginny crumples the list in her hand, her voice saccharine.  “Harry and I like to do both, since we tend to get lots of attention when we’re not here, as you termed it.”

Petunia blinks, eyes shuttering a bit but she nods, crisp.  “That sounds true enough,” she eyes Ginny’s ring again, “Can I assume you and Harry are engaged?”

Ignoring the less than congratulatory tone, Ginny nods, “Yes.  We’ll be married later this year.”

Passersby jostle them as the early lunch crowd descends on the nearby restaurants and Ginny futilely hopes Petunia will be swept away with the stream.  But sadly, she’s not, and for some unknowable reason she’s pressing on with the conversation, strained though it is.  “That’s lovely.  I’m.  I’m glad he’s found someone to take him.”

Ginny frowns, unable to repress the growl-like tone of her voice, “It’s no hardship for me, I assure you.”

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Midnight discussions ©
  • At 2.00 am in the Marauder's dormitory...
  • Sirius: James, I wonder if your mom and dad went along like you and Evans do.
  • James: Shut up Sirius.
  • Peter: No actually it is a really good question! Did they James?
  • James: I am not talking about this.
  • Remus: Please don't say that you are talking about the werewolf on the moon again?
  • Sirius: No, we are not but I still want to know what would happen, though.
  • Peter: Yes! And I want to know about your parents James!
  • James: No you don't.
  • Peter: Yes I do.
  • Remus: Both of you shut up!
  • Sirius: And what about me?
  • Remus: You, come here and sleep with me. You better shut up if you sleep with me, though.
  • Sirius: I will.
  • James: Please, silencing charms. I want to sleep.
  • James: *slaps his hand in front of Peter's mouth* Yeah good night.
Tea Time

Pairing: Remus X Reader

Prompt: As the end of the school year draws near, Remus tries one last time to tell Y/N exactly how he feels. 

Warning: Some minor language and overuse of cheesy plotlines.

A/N: This was cute to write, but it took a lot longer than I anticipated. Sorry for the shortage in writing lately, but I hope you all enjoy this one!

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Remus blew gently on his cup of tea as steam tumbled out of the small cup. The warmth hit his face invitingly as he looked around the common room. Despite it being summer already, he always managed to find time in his day to sip on tea, no matter how hot it was outside. The windows to the tower were open, letting in a cool breeze. There were seldom students in the area, most of them doing last minute studying and catching up before the year ended. He looked around the room before checking the time. It was six in the evening on the dot, yet Y/N was nowhere to be found.

Perhaps she was just running late. He leaned back in his chair, and not a minute later, she showed up. “I’m so sorry!” Y/N quickly apologized and took a seat. “The stairs were switching so much, I’m surprised I hadn’t fallen off them yet.”

“I’m glad you didn’t. I’d hate to not see you as often if you were stuck in the Hospital Wing.” Remus handed her a drink as she sat down. He silently observed the frazzled way she looked whenever she was in a hurry, from charging into Potions with tousled hair to being late for breakfast with her tie undone.

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Sirius Black Kinks


The boy is a sex animal (see what I did there, cause he’s a dog, get it, okay that was lame sorry) he’s not afraid to try anything, nor did he have a fear of getting caught, the boy is proud of his body. I’m pretty sure he walked around the Marauders dorm naked once in a while (James probably did too, Peter and Remus wouldn’t be confident enough.

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  • Sirius “determines” if he’s satisfied you, depending on the scratches on his back. If the scratches are faint and very few, he feels like he didn’t do his job in satisfying you, but when they are all over and dark red, he feels proud, which usually leads to him walking around the common room shirtless.

  • Sirius is alright with spanking, it’s not often my he’ll do it. He’s not into slapping you hard to the point your whimpering, but he loves lightly hitting your ass, he likes watching the pink tinge form on your backside, with the soft hits, but he’ll never do it hard enough to hurt you.

  • Merlin’s beard the boy would love to praise you, of course, he loves when you say things like “So good” or “Merlin, Sirius don’t stop” things that make him feel good, but he praises every piece of your body. “You’re so tight princess” “Merlin, you’re perfect”. 
  • Sirius is a tease, not so much before sex in a means a foreplay, but when you’re around other people. In class, in the Great Hall, even in the common room, or anytime your around the other 3 Marauders.

  • Okay, I hate myself for saying this, but Sirius’ favorite position is doggy style (No I’m not saying it because he is a dog). He loves this position because he just loves watching your ass jiggle, and plus he loves watching his dick sliding in out of you.

  • Okay so like I said before Sirius probably walked around the dorm naked, so James, Peter, and Remus are used to seeing Sirius naked. So while pounding into you, Sirius never thought of locking the door, which meant the boys walk in on you guys almost all the time. Sirius didn’t stop thrusting, just groaned at the fact they walked in, leading to James replying with “Carry on Pads we’re just grabbing our potions homework.” Honestly, Peter would have run to the common room at first glance of what was happening. And as the two boys leave both would probably yell in unison “Hi (Y/N)” before shutting the door and leaving you two to finish. (Sirius would not have stopped fucking you with the boys in the room because he really didn’t care and really didn’t want to stop).