• Remus:Sirius you have to stop
  • Sirius:I can't, I can't stop, Remus
  • Remus:Sirius it's not healthy, you can't go on this way
  • Sirius:I know, I know! [sobs] It's just so hard Moons. [throws himself into Remus' arms]
  • James:What are they talking about?
  • Peter:Sirius has a serious glitter obsession

Yeah, I don’t buy the fact that Snape’s first words to Harry were his super, secret, in-depth way of saying that he bitterly regrets Lily’s death.

I think he was just being a jerk.

At least, on the first two questions.

Unless Harry had done advanced reading, as Hermione had done, he wouldn’t have known how to create a Draught of Living Death, nor would he have known what a Bezoar was.

But the third question is different.

“What is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?”

By all accounts, Harry should know the answer to that question.

Harry should know the answer to that question like the back of his hand.

Regardless of the first two questions, I think that Snape asked Harry the third question for a very specific reason: He wanted to see if Harry knew the answer.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“Why would he know the answer to the third question if he didn’t know the other two?”

Well, I’ll tell you.

At no point would he have come across the Draught of Living Death or a Bezoar.

But he should have known the answer to the difference (or lack thereof) between monkshood and wolfsbane.


Wolfsbane/Monkshood is the key ingredient in The Wolfsbane Potion.

AKA: The potion that Remus John Lupin takes every single month, before transforming into a werewolf.

The fact that Harry didn’t know what wolfsbane was told Snape something very important.


A.) Harry was remarkably unobservant when it came to the potion that the parental figure in his life took once a month.


B.) Remus Lupin was not in this child’s life.

And if Remus Lupin wasn’t looking after this boy, then who was?

anonymous asked:

R/S - "I'm not cut out for this."

OKAY THIS GOT SMUTTY. Don’t know if that’s what you had in mind but… Dunno! Hope you like it!

  • A whoosh of air left Remus’ lungs as Sirius pushed him back against the stone wall of the broom cupboard, leg between Remus’, grin spread wide on his face.
  • “Sirius-“
  • But Sirius had his mouth on him in a second, lips dragging up his neck, sucking on his pulse point.
  • Fuck, Pads- People. People right outside-”
  • Remus let out another loud groan as Sirius ground his hips forward, breath hot against his skin, “Well I certainly won’t let them in.” He breathed, teeth scraping against Remus’ skin.
  • Remus squeezed his eyes shut, head tilting to the side on its own, “They’ll- they’ll hear-“ His hand flew to Sirius’ arse though, pressing them harder together even as he said the words.
  • Sirius pulled back and raised an eyebrow at Remus, but his hands flew down to Remus’ belt, fingers working nimbly at it, “And do you make a habit of opening doors on people who are making sounds like you just were a moment ago, Moony?” Remus flushed and Sirius smirked, “I didn’t think so.”
  • And he dropped to his knees.
  • Fuck.” Remus cursed again, fingers instantly going to Sirius’ hair, “Merlin, just- just make it quick.”
  • Sirius’ smirk widened as he unthread Remus’ belt buckle, tugging his trousers down to reveal a very prominent bulge in his white boxers, “My my, Mr. Lupin, requesting a quickly in the closet-“
  • “Oh shut it, you idiot.” Remus shook his head, tilting his head back to hide his smile.
  • A smile that quickly turned into a gasp, as Sirius had leaned forward, pressing a hot kiss to the fabric of his boxers.
  • He risked a glance down and immediately felt heat pool in his stomach, “Oh-“
  • Sirius was gazing up at him, eyelashes casting long shadows across his cheeks in the softly lit space, mouthing at his clothed cock.
  • Remus ran a hand over his own hair, pressing his cooler palm to his suddenly slightly clammy forehead, “Merlin. Merlin, I’m not cut out for this, I- fuck.”
  • There was a brief feeling of cool air and then a wet, hot heat around him making his eyes roll back in his head.
  • He let his head fall back against the wood behind him, one hand staying firmly twisted in Sirius’ hair and the other  reaching back to grip onto what felt like a coat hook - well, he needed something to hold onto.
  • “Oh god, Pads.” He risked a look down but quickly hit his head back against the wood because that was definitely too much. He’d be gone in a second if he kept watching that. It was obscene really, the way Sirius was still looking at him as he took more and more of him into his mouth. Obscene and bloody fucking hot.
  • He looked down.
  • Sirius’ eyes were squeezed shut now, one hand down his own trousers. Remus’ mouth hung slightly parted, breathing uneven and coming out in little huffs. He could feel every time Sirius moved his tongue, see every time he sucked in his cheeks. Remus already felt like he would loose his footing any second, so his knees nearly gave out when Sirius fucking moaned around him. The vibration went shooting to every part of his body like sparks, his fingers tightening in Sirius’ hair.
  • “God… Oh god, Pads… I’m gonna-“
  • Remus’ chest was heaving, his breathing getting quicker as he felt the heat pooled in his stomach coil tighter and tighter until-
  • Fuck…”
  • Stars danced at the edge of his vision as he strained to keep his eyes open, to keep watching Sirius. Sirius who stuttered for only a second, eyelids fluttering, before riding Remus’ orgasm out, tongue swirling.

  • Yeah, Remus thought, he’s defiantly not cut out for this.
  • And Sirius pulled off, cheek falling instantly against Remus’ hip, panting. And Remus realized that his own hand was still working furiously. Without a second thought he sank to his knees as well so that they were nearly chest to chest, and Sirius’ head was now dropped to Remus’ shoulder.
  • “Here- Love, let me…”
  • Sirius shuttered as Remus’ thin fingers took the place of his own, “Re…”
  • Remus worked skillfully, hand a tight pressure, thumb swiping over the head at all the right times, until Sirius was panting hard into his neck, fingers digging into his shoulders.
  • Re. Fuck, Remus..”

  • And they knelt there, slumped and breathing hard against each other, the occasional kiss being traded.
  • “Shit..” Sirius finally broke the silence, “s’always so good… How’s it always so fucking good?”
  • Remus snorted, “Dunno. It’s us?”
  • He felt Sirius smile against his skin, pressing his lips there. He felt him loops his arms around his neck and pull his face back so their noses were brushing, “Yeah, suppose that’s it…”
  • Remus just grinned back softly, slowly tilting his chin forward until they were kissing, long and deep, and with Sirius practically pulling himself into Remus’ lap.
  • “Should get back to the common room.” Remus mumbled, “Want to sleep with you..”
  • “Thought you just did that.”
  • Remus rolled his eyes, “Shut up, you know what I mean.”
  • Sirius just laughed, pressing a light kiss to his lips and got up, throwing Remus’ shirt at him.

  • They stumbled out of the door, falling against each other and grinning.
  • Until there was a soft cough from beside them, making them turn and freeze.
  • “Jesus fucking-“ Remus pressed a hand over Sirius’ mouth.
  • About five, maybe first or second years, were gathered on a bench in what looked to be a study group.
  • Fuck. Remus thought.
  • Sirius yanked his head until Remus’ hand fell away,
  • “See? Told you they wouldn’t open the door.”
  • One of the girls flushed. Sirius frowned slightly, “Weird that they stayed though-“
  • “Oh my god come on, Pads.”

Even though this is like all smut, I still feel like it’s 50/50 smut cute uk?

  • Sirius:[stumbling into the common room, clearly drunk] I just got a standing ovation from 25 Slytherins!
  • Remus:How on earth did you pull that off?!
  • Sirius:[hiccups] McGonagall accused me of excessive drinking during dinner and made me do a series of sobriety tests...
  • James:So why does that warrant a standing ovation from the snakes?
  • Sirius:Because I passed!! [passes out]

Based on this prompt: You just told someone that we’re dating in another language because you thought that I would not understand but I did and I’m very confused. (Found on @dailyau by @tarsussfour)


Sirius wasn’t happy with the way things were going on.

True he was on holidays in France with his crush since first year. He finally manage to convince Remus after one full week of begging and pleading.

“But Moonyyyyy. We have to do something to commemorate the end of Hogwarts. Jamie is planning his wedding and Pete is in Mauritius. Please don’t abandon me.”

Remus managed to resist his puppy eyes and pout for 15 seconds before sighing and agreeing. Sirius’ stomach did a sommersault and he  tried his best to not give this too much thought.

It did not matter he had been pining to the tawny-haired boy for years now. Remus didn’t feel that way about him. He just accepted that in a friendly way.

So here they were, in some French bar. It was their first night in France. They arrived during the day and slept until around six.

Sirius was annoyed because it seemed that every person in the bar was looking at his Moony.

He understood why. Remus was fucking gorgeous with his curls, amber eyes and almost sinful-looking mouth. But that didn’t mean he likes it.

Sirius moved closer to his friend and glared at almost everyone.

And that was Remus’ fault also. He was wearing some really tight trousers and a huge sweater. He was the image of cute and hot. In fact, Sirius thought he was about to die when Remus came out of the shower with his trousers hanging low in his hips while he was toweling his hair.

He was pretty sure Remus caught him staring many times.

Back at the bar, Sirius was trying to look as though he was paying attention to what Remus was saying. But he found his gaze drifting to his lips more and more. Remus looked deliciously flushed-probably due to the scotch- and his eyes had that twinkle.

Sirius was sooo gone at that moment.

“Pads? Are you even listening?” Remus asked in an amused voice.

Just as he was about to answer, he noticed someone at their table. It was one of the guys staring at remus.

The guy was attractive. Sirius had to admit that. He placed his hand in Remus’ shoulder and Sirius felt jealousy pooling in his belly.

How dared him? That was his friend! Well crush to be honest. But Remus didn’t know that. So…

“M'accorderez-vous cette danse?” The stranger asked in a flirting voice. He flashed a charming smile to Remus.

He could see Remus’ eyes reddening and hated that it was this guy who managed that. Remus glanced at him and was about to answer him when Sirius became his impulsive self.

“Non. Il ne dansera pas avec vous. Figurez-vous que c'est mon petit-ami.” Sirius replied. That was the first to he felt grateful for the French tuitions his mother forced on him.

The guy sneered at him but excused himself noneless. However, he winked at Remus before moving away and Sirius felt his stomach sinking again.

Looking back at Remus, he noticed that the boy was looking at with a curious-and slightly hopeful- look on his face. He cocked his face to a side and looked at Sirius with expecting eyes.

“Erm…did you just tell him that…that you’re my boyfriend?”

Sirius suddenly felt his cheeks warming up and could not meet Remus’ gaze. So he just nodded at the table.

“And why did you tell him that?” Remus had apparently moved close to him during that moment because he was sitting really close to him now.

He could feel the warmth radiating from the ex-prefect’s body and was finding it more and more difficult to concentrate.

He took a deep breath and continued staring at the table. “Erm because I didn’t want you to dance with him or anyone else for that matter. Because I want you to dance with me. Because I really like you Moony. Like you as in fancy you.” He said all that really fast, hoping that Remus heard him and did not hear him at the same time.

He felt a warm palm cupping his cheek and instinctly leaned into it. That was it. Remus was going to let him down. Gently surely-that was Remus. But let down all the same.

“Look at me Pads.” Remus whispered in his ear, sending a shiver down his spine.

And he did look at him. Because he could never deny anything to Remus.

Remus was looking at him so intensely that he felt he could read his soul right now.

“Did you mean that?”

Sirius nodded. He felt too tongue-tied to say actual words at the moment. He was hoping against hope at that moment.

“Cause I really fancy you too Pads.” He glanced at Sirius’ lips and instinctly Sirius locked his lips. He noticed Remus’ eyes darkening. “Could I…erm… can I kiss you?” Remus asked him shyly.

Sirius sweat his heart could explode at the moment from all the emotions. “Fuck yes…please yes…”

Remus stopped his ramblings with a kiss. His lips were as soft as he imagined. He could not stop pulling and biting his bottom lip even if he tried to.

But ohhh, Remus started buying his bottom lip and that was way much better. He opened his mouth willingly under Remus’ tongue.

He felt dazed when they pulled back and had a stupid dopey grin on his face.

“Do you mind if we apparate back at the hotel room to continue this?” Remus asked him.

He didnt even answer but simply raised, taking Remus’ hand in his and left.

They could not keep their hands away from each other once they apparated into the room.

The next morning, Sirius woke to a warm arm holding him across his middle, holding him tightly. Not really uncommon.

But this time, he could kiss the owner of the arm until he woke up. And he did just that.

What The Houses Say Every Day
  • <p><b>Ravenclaw:</b> That's not possible, it defies the laws of Merlin<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> Oh my God, we should totally hang out some time<p/><b>Slytherin:</b> What is wrong with that guy? Man, it's like I'm surrounded by idiots<p/><b>Gryffindor:</b> Mate, you need to shut the hell up<p/></p>

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Hi :) headcanon that Remus thinks he's not enough for Sirius, simply not enough in everything, and Sirius comforts him? (I'm sorry if my English isn't perfect, but English is not my mother tongue 🤔😂)

Your English is just fine. :)

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get to this! I just turned in my final assignment of my Masters degree and I wanted to celebrate by writing something that I actually want to write. 

So here it goes!

  • There are nights where Remus sits up alone by the fire well after everyone else has gone to bed. 
  • Maybe he’ll join his friends in the wee hours of the morning, or maybe they’ll wake him up with a light nudge of his shoulder.
  • Or if it’s Sirius, the slow drag of fingertips pressed to his scalp and a kiss on the top of his head. 
  • He’ll stir and make some excuse that he was up studying, but it’s only half of the truth.
  • Remus doesn’t think Sirius knows, but there’s something in the way that his eyes linger too long on him when as he shuffles past to get ready for Transfiguration that makes him wonder otherwise. 
  • The situation isn’t any better when he sits across from him at breakfast. 
  • Sirius’s eyes are intense and Remus feels like he’s gasping for air from the weight of his stare. 
  • Or maybe it’s the weight of his own self-loathing? Either way, he feels like he’s suffocating and he can’t stand it. 
  • He’s quiet in class, and he can tell that despite Sirius’s playful banter with James that he’s trying to make him smile. 
  • He does smile, but only after he accidentally melts his house of cards to the table trying to turn them into a horse carousel. 
  • And he’s not smiling because it’s funny, even though it is. 
  • He’s smiling because Sirius actually messed something up. Naturally gifted Sirius Black messed up a spell. 
  • As soon as the smile appears and Sirius grins at him, Remus looks away and buries his face in his hands. 
  • How horrible of a person he must be to think something so ill of someone he cares so deeply about? 
  • “Oi, Moony!” James calls from beside Sirius, “You all right, mate?”
  • By now Remus can feel everyone’s eyes on him and he realizes that his sweet carousel horses are waging war on one another around his arms. 
  • He ignores Professor McGongall calling after him, and barely hears Sirius running to catch up. 
  • “Moony! Hey! Wait!” 
  • Remus’s mind is reeling when he round the corner to the prefects bathroom. He thinks he’s gotten enough speed on Sirius that he’s lost him by the time he turns to charm the door shut, but he freezes when Sirius throws the door open, hair in his face and eyes firmly on his. 
  • “What was that all about?” 
  • Remus opens his mouth, but nothing comes out. He sits on the edge of the bath and stares at no one thing in particular. 
  • “Remus!” 
  • “Stop shouting!”
  • “Then answer me!” 
  • Remus huffs, but doesn’t offer him any other answer save for patting the spot beside him. 
  • They sit in silence, Remus quietly trying to sort things out, and Sirius tapping his foot in a poor attempt to be patient. 
  • Finally, Sirius asks, “Did I do something wrong?” 
  • At that, Remus turns to him. 
  • There’s that look on Sirius’s face again. He’s seen it a lot over the last few days, especially today. It’s intense and overwhelming and…
  • …sad. 
  • “What?” Remus is genuiely surprised by his question and he blinks several times. Maybe he hit his head on the table in the classroom?
  • “You’ve been avoiding me. You don’t come to bed at night. …You’ve been crying in your sleep again, too. You haven’t done that since second year.” 
  • Remus frowns. Has he really been that bad? 
  • “So I’ve been trying to get you alone, but you always say you’re studying. I just want to know, Remus…”
  • “It’s me. It’s all me. It’s got nothing to do with you.” Remus blurts out. 
  • “That isn’t reassuring, Moons.” 
  • Sirius looks devastated, and Remus almost doesn’t catch why until he sees his hands shaking. 
  • “No, no! Sirius I…” Shit. Why is he such complete shit at everything?
  • “If you don’t want to be with me anymore-”
  • “I do!” Remus is on his feet and he’s grabbing Sirius’s hands like a life line. “I do, Sirius. If anything you’re too good for me.”
  • Sirius scoffs, but doesn’t move away. 
  • “I mean it. I’m such an ass, Pads. I’ve been beating myself up because I’m struggling to keep up with you and James in class and I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’m not cut out for being a wizard after all.”
  • Sirius looks at him, shock evident on his face. 
  • “It’s so stupid. I’ve been trying so hard that I’ve been neglecting you and Merlin, Sirius, you are the most important person in my life and I don’t even know why you bother with me half the time. I’m such a monster and I treat you like-”
  • “-Like I’m worth something.” Sirius cuts him off. 
  • Remus stares at him. 
  • And his eyes are just so calming and he feels himself getting lost in those stormy depths. 
  • “I’m sorry, Sirius.” 
  • Sirius pulls him into his lap and kisses his cheeks and Remus can feel weeks of being on edge simply melt away under those lips. 
  • “First of all, you are not a monster. Monsters are the ones that feed upon the good in the world and twist them for their bidding, like my family. You are my Moony, and my sexy boyfriend. 
  • Remus rolls his eyes, but smiles in spite of himself. 
  • “So please, talk to me next time, Remus. I’m good, but I’m not a mind reader,” he says with a joking lilt to his voice, but Remus knows that he’s, well, serious. 
  • “I can help you study. You don’t have to do it on your own.”
  • Remus can’t help the narrowed look that forms on his face.
  • “You hate studying.” 
  • “But I love you, and that outweighs everything else.” 
  • Remus’s cheeks heat up and he lightly smacks his arm as he smiles. 
  • “Sap.” 
  • Sirius laughs and kisses him softly.
  • “You love it.” 

Code:Realize ~Blessed Future~ - B’Logs June 2016 - Full Article

As promised, here’s the scans of everything Code:Realize from this issue. As always, re-blogs are appreciated in case someone would like to volunteer translations. I would really love to know about the Interviews as well as the general summary for the upcoming game. The poster is at @flowermikoscans​ and Van’s edit with the English translation is at @flowermikonotebook

Do not re-post anywhere without requesting permission . Thank you & enjoy!

Harry Dares Draco That He Can't Get Someone To Serve Him Liqour
  • harry:on a scale of 1 to 10 how drunk are you?
  • draco:*looking up with sleepy eyes and messy hair* *droopy grin* hehe... 69 *bursts into a fit of giggles*
  • harry, while draco is laughing and leaning on him:ok yup time for bed
  • draco:*high fives self*

Attention Crunchyroll subscribers!

The missing two episodes of Lupin III Part IV are now available for viewing in the West! Both episodes are exclusive to DVD and Blu-ray in Japan, while they both aired on TV in Italy as episodes 6 and 22.

What a way to start the weekend! We hope everyone enjoys the final two episodes of the new show, and we look forward to seeing more from Lupin and the gang in the future!