the signs as gay pjo/hoo things

Taurus: nico’s descriptions of will
Gemini: annabeth and reyna’s hot chocolate date
Cancer: will being super worried about nico
Leo: piper and annabeth stealing each other’s food
Virgo: JERCY
Libra: clarisse and silena
Scorpio: luke and percy’s date and subsequent foe yay
Sagittarius: artemis placing zoe among the stars
Capricorn: nico and percy’s trip to the styx
Aquarius: zoe going on a quest she knows that she will die completing to save artemis
Pisces: reyna crossing the atlantic for annabeth 

Reading is all that I do...
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>me:</b> i don't have anything to readddd<p/><b>my friend:</b> oh, i've just read this book-<p/><b>me:</b> fanfics. i need fanfics.<p/><b>my friend:</b> <p/><b>me:</b> <p/><b>my friend:</b> you can read actual books you know<p/><b>me:</b> nO<p/></p><p/></p>
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Problematic ships. Quite possibly the most addictive thing to some people. To others it is the bane to their existence and they spend every waking moment trying to stop the ships and shame on people who ship them.

I understand where you are coming from people who have been abused. I have to. (Here comes some heavy crap that I probably shouldn’t be telling total strangers but fight me.)

From the time I was little my mom abused drugs. I know the smell of Meth by heart. My mom also smoked. I never knew my biological father, and I still dont. She got into an abusive relationship with a man when I was very young. He and his family kept us isolated in a different state cut off from friends and family. One time my mom was holding me and he put her in a headlock and started punching her so she had to drop me on the stairs to protect me. He slammed her head into a window and I have a scar from the glass shards. I won’t go into details for the sake of time but it was BAD. I don’t remember how young I was when she met him but when we left I was four.

Then about a year later she met another man who was addicted to meth. I would also go to my grandma’s house. One time she left me with “a trusted family friend.”
He was the man that molested me. After a while my moms boyfriend moved us to Hawaii. I was happy for a while I had come to call him dad. I loved him. Then the screaming started. Fighting and anger swarmed into our house. I saw him throw a lamp across the room. He would get so mad. I would be so scared but he was my dad and I didn’t want to belive he did those things. We fled Hawaii back home. I was five when we met him and (I think) ten or eleven when we left.

(Time skip to a year later)
Mom was homeless so I was staying with my biological grandma. She smoked and drank heavily along with her roommate. I would go to school and get teased. I got called names like “smoker girl” and people would ask stuff like “hey got any spare cigarettes​ I need a smoke”. At home my grandma’s roommate was almost always drunk. It was the worst on Friday's​ and the weekend. He would call me his little “girlfriend” in front of his girlfriend. And he took advantage of me too. It was nowhere near as severe as the man before but that doesn’t make it right.

My mom found herself a new man. He was a drug addict as well. He was by far the most abusive. He nearly fractured her rib and broke through a car window trying to get her. He slammed our black lab puppy by the throat against the wall because he pooped in the car. Ironically he helped me and my mom find Jesus by having us go to church. He is in prison now for six years. He has a new baby on the way with some other woman(Lord help her). My mom was adopted by a pastor and his wife. They are my beloved grandparents and I wouldn’t trade them for anyone.

Make no mistake though. I still love my biological grandma even after all she has done. I am trying to repair the broken relationship with my mom. I don’t hate the men that molested me but I don’t know if I can forgive them(I hate saying that because everyone deserves forgiveness but… It’s really hard.) I’m not sorry and I don’t regret my past because it made me stronger. My past helped to shape who I am today. It makes me sad that other people have experienced things similar to what I have.

I know for a fact if I didn’t have loving friends then I probably​ would have committed suicide. I’m glad I didn’t because this world has a whole lot of bad and a little good and I hope that I can be a little good too. I love everyone. You probably won’t believe me but everything in this post is the truth. I don’t care about race, sexuality, religion, ship preference, or kink reference. I care about who you are on the inside.

However the reason I made this long and emotional post is because I have seen ship hate. Lots of it. It makes me so sad because we are all people and we are all on this planet together. Shaming people for what they ship is mean and abusive. I’m sorry I have to say this(i shouldn’t have to people should know already) but you are not “saving” anyone you are causing them pain.

First of all LGBTQ Ships.

Shaming people for this is wrong. I am a pansexual Christian woman. I love these ships I have THOUSANDS of them. Telling people not to ship these is just stupid Because:

1. They will anyway
2. Who are you to know what is right and wrong? Who gave you the power to judge others actions? Take care of yourself please.
If you believe it’s not right because you believe in God. I believe that God loves all of his children no matter what and shoving your religion in their face is dumb because then they will start to hate God. Let them be.

Ships with pedophilia

First of all people let’s get something straight. Pedophilia is the act of an adult loving a child BEFORE puberty. Therefore Ereri/Riren/ Eren x Levi from Attack on Titan. Is NOT pedophilia.

Like I said before I was molested twice and I still ship some of these ships. Don’t get me wrong I would NEVER condone this in real life. However this is not real life this is fiction. Using the argument that “if you say it’s ok in fiction then it’s ok in real life.” Is not valid for example:
1. If you used this argument then in real life it is perfectly ok to watch your crush sleep. Without their consent. (Twilight Edward x Bella)
2. It is perfectly ok to date your adopted sibling because they “aren’t blood” (Attack on Titan Mikasa x Eren )
3. It is perfectly ok to date someone even though you are using them for your own benefit. (Deathnote Miss x Light)

There are so many more. The thing is is people don’t ship these ships to “fill some primal pedophilic need” they ship it for their personalities. I for one ship Sebaciel (Sebastian x Ciel Black Butler) because I like how they seem to have a mutual care and respect toward one another. People don’t ship it specifically because of their age. I bet if they were the exact same age (like Sebastian was a 12 year old demon) people would STILL ship it. That’s what ships are all about. The belief that character A and character B would make a great relationship.

Kink shaming people.

This in my point of view is the dumbest hate of all. Shaming someone for what they like sexually is quite honestly stupidity. What does it matter to you? Are you sleeping with them? Are they asking you to do these things? No. It would be like me calling you a moron for liking chocolate ice cream or pineapple​ pizza or ranch Doritos. There is just no point to hating.

Incest ships.

Ok for me I can’t ship parents and their children. I just can’t but I don’t hate it. I’m totally cool if you ship MinaNaru(Naruto) it just isn’t really my thing. Anyway shaming people for shipping twincest and incest is pointless because most of them won’t give a dam. Besides we already discussed the “if you say it’s ok in fiction then it’s ok in real life” thing so moving on.

Polyamorous ships

Shaming people who ship poly characters because it’s “cheating”. Unless you know for a fact that one or more members of the relationship weren’t aware or did not agree to be in the relationship then it is not cheating. Polyamorous relationships are all of the people the poly person is dating are aware that they are in fact seeing other people and agreeing to it. Anything else is, in fact, cheating.


I for one am not a fan of beastiality but I don’t hate the people who like it because they have the right to like what they want.

The point of this post is that in my opinion putting down others for what they ship is wrong. The world is not black and white. It is filled with shade after shade of grey. So please stop the hate. Can’t we all just be ok with each other. A lot of people won’t care about this post but maybe just maybe if I can reach one person. That would make it worth it.
(If you are responding to this please be nice. I hate arguing.)

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Some Lukercy headcanon, please? I'm literally dying for this ship.

these are in my(mod abbey’s)luke returns au, a few years post-canon

  • they register high on the gaydar; it’s amazing this relationship was ever a secret. it’s not like they’re constantly pda-ing, but no straight guy would ever be caught looking at his bro like they look at each other.
  • luke ruffles percy’s hair a lot and makes like he’s being teasing but actually he just loves percy’s hair and touching it
  • they ended up sparring together a lot. being a natural with a sword is great until you realize it’s hard to find a real challenge who isn’t your childhood mentor/archenemy
  • percy did not cope well with the return of The Crush From Hell
  • luke did not cope well with realizing he was falling for someone who has every reason to hate him, and so tried what he does best: repress until you want to scream! and he succeeded for a while but when they’re practicing he slips into instructor mode and forgets he’s not touching percy ever, at all, 100% no, and critiques percy’s form from right behind him, touching his back and arms and waist and generally ensuring percy didn’t remember jack shit of what he said
  • that said, a lot of their best bonding moments happen at night. neither of them sleeps very well, so they end up talking a lot. it’s how they initially opened up to each other. percy found him after a nightmare and it started a conversation that lasted until they were both too tired to talk coherently.
  • it was fun explaining why they slept together when annabeth came looking for percy the next morning
  • the best at flirting in highly inappropriate times
  • recent google searches: how to tell your boyfriend you love him but he cANNOT KEEP PUTTING HIS HAND ON YOUR LEG DURING IMPORTANT COUNSELORS’ MEETINGS IT IS V E R Y DIST R ACTING
  • you know what’s even more fun than explaining to your ex that the two guys she’s been attracted to in her life are falling for each other? telling your iron-willed protective shotgun-having mother that her beloved son is dating someone who tried to kill him approximately 1,957 times. 
  • and luke gets it, he really does, what he did warrants more shit than sally could ever give him. he wants to take it calmly, like a hero would, but at the end of the evening, he’s just sitting on the fire escape, thinking about how he promised he would do everything he could to keep percy from becoming him, and isn’t risking corruption by proximity kind of breaking that promise? or at least fracturing it?
  • percy sits next to him, arms resting on his knees, until he starts talking, and when he’s done, lets out a long breath.
  • “y’know….my mom once told me my heart is always in the right place. and you know what they say about good intentions, but i trust her. i trust her to know that it’s a good thing, so she trusts me.” he bumps luke’s shoulder with his. “give her time. she’ll warm to anywhere i put my heart.”
hypocrisy in the air; a tire fire verse fic

title: hypocrisy in the air

pairing: unfulfilled percabeth, references to luke/annabeth, a hint of luke/percy, the barest whisper of percy/nico

rating: T - sexual references, canon level violence

word count: 1,417 words of manfight

premise: Luke survives the Battle of Manhattan. Percy and Annabeth intercede on his behalf despite a Complication of Feelings, and the gods agree to let him live on the condition that he remains tied to Camp Halfblood. Due to another Complication of Feelings, Percy and Annabeth are not together. 

rest of the verse can be found here or read on ao3

summary: where last we left off, Annabeth had just boned Luke (because that’s definitely how you stop yourself from thinking about your person), and Percy had just happened upon her leaving Luke’s house.

This is approximately 30% of the emotional fallout from that

The first thing Percy thinks when he sees Annabeth standing in Luke Castellan’s doorway is, oh. Because her hair is rumpled and falling over her face, and her shirt is like three sizes too big and slipping off one shoulder, and she looks relaxed in a way he can’t quite put his finger on, but hasn’t seen from her in too long.

She’s gorgeous, some part of him sighs wistfully, as the rest of him realises that she’s staring at him in horror, and starts to put the pieces together in a different fashion.

“Morning Percy,” she mumbles, ducking her head as she clutters down the stairs. Their shoulders brush when she passes him, and he thinks that she almost stops, half-turning towards him.

But then she’s gone and he’s left staring after her back and wondering what the fuck just happened.

You’re being paranoid, his brain supplies helpfully. There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this, you just haven’t had enough breakfast to figure it out yet.

“Sorry,” a voice says from behind him. “Would’ve warned you I had company, but you know Iris. She’s not exactly a fan of me these days.”

“Who is?” Percy snaps, resolving to put the whole incident out of his head. He’s not Annabeth’s keeper, he doesn’t control where she - okay, Luke isn’t wearing a shirt, and even from this distance Percy can see the red marks on his shoulder.

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let’s play a game called ‘how many people is percy jackson shipped with’
there’s the following:
1. annabeth
2. nico
3. jason
4. piper
5. calypso
6. rachel
7. reyna (don’t deny it i bet at least one person ships it) (not me)
9. bianca (was this only in the titans curse because if it’s after then he’s being shipped with a dead girl)
10. thalia (see their ship name is cool but i don’t ship it)
11. zoe (i saw it once i swear)
12. luke
please tell me im not missing any

UPDATE: he is also shipped with every god/goddess ever, octavian, will solace, hazel, frank, leo, sALLY, movie percy, chaos, gabe (i think someone said this??), nancy from the first book, and probably, off in an alternate universe, a different dimension, there is fanfiction of percy x buford the table.