choose your fighter

pros: large stick fends off the enemy
cons: conspicuous height

pros: timeless fashion sense
cons: can’t play the mandolin

pros: the only one with basic self-preservation
cons: not a merry man

pros: miraculous healing powers
cons: sympathetic towards every opponent

bok troi
pros: +1701 willpower upon eating chocolate
cons: none. she is perfect.

pros: head like a dome
cons: knows too much


Then and Now | Waldemar Edition

bonus: some things never change

I need more sheith ppl to follow im actually so lazy to make a great post but I need more sheith in my dash cus idk what i did but I barely see it and nothing could make me more sadder so if u post a lot of sheith pls like/reblog so i can check u pls 💦💦💦💦

April 27, 2017
  1. Virgo
     Hill road

  2. Cancer

  3. Capricorn
     Light blue

  4. Pisces

  5. Aries

  6. Taurus

  7. Libra

  8. Sagittarius

  9. Leo

  10. Scorpio

  11. Aquarius
     Cream puff

  12. Gemini
     Key case

anonymous asked:

Sometimes you just gotta sit down and. Beg for more oswald content disney bless us with the rabbit boy.

let us beg together i want to be known as the oswald fandom grandma come and sit with me billy and let me tell you a story it’s been 11 years and besides the epic mickey series they’ve done pretty much jack with him in terms of character building like OH HEY let’s make a new mickey mouse series that would be a perfect way to reintroduce oswald into animation and broaden his audience only let’s not put him in it whoops see billy disney feeds off of us oswald fans’ tears and they know we’ll lap up every little oswald crumb they throw at us so you know what they do? if you beg and plead and cry hard enough sometimes they release a pin or shirt of oswald in one of his generic stock poses that have been used a hundred times and we EAT IT UP like the desperate underlings we are while disney sits on their icy elsa frozen throne and LAUGHS they LAUGH AT US billy!!! and all the while we cling to the small sliver of hope that someday maybe disney will see the potential this little rabbit has and how big of a hit he could be if only disney would give him that chance he so desperately deserves but hey at least we’re getting FROZEN 2 BILLY!!! AND LIVE ACTION REMAKES WHO DOESN’T LIKE THOSE??? WHY DOES DISNEY HATE ME BILLY WHY DID I CHOOSE TO BE OBSESSED WITH ONE OF THE LEAST POPULAR DISNEY CHARACTERS IN EXISTENCE BILLY I JUST WANT OSWALD TO BE HAPPY BILLY WHY DID THEY SHUT DOWN JUNCTION POINT BILLY WHY– and this is the part where mommy comes and drags grandma away to take her pills the end

Guys I met a girl

And she’s fucking fantastic. She knows that jiu jitsu is my life and she wants me to teach her stuff and she respects my training schedule without making me feel bad about it and she’s really special and I have a good feeling about her. She’s such a lil nerd too and it’s the absolute cutest thing in the world because she also has a nerdy sense of humor.