Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy - Hugs & Bonds

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Hello People!!! I’m new to Tumblr and so I’ll tell you some things about myself! I’m a huge Anime fan and a Video Gamer! X3 Some Animes I watch: Soul Eater Kuroshitsuji Gunslinger Stratos Digimon Seraph of the End Another Assassination Classroom OHSHC Danganronpa Death Parade Akame Ga Kill Unbreakable Machine Doll K- project Angel Beats Video Games: Final Fantasy {XIII,XIII-2,LRFFXIII,FFXV,TYPE-0} KingdomHearts Resident Evil Assassin’s Creed Danganronpa {videogame} The Walking Dead Mortal Kombat X Dissidia Duodecim BRSThe video game COD

Five 7th Gen RPGs you should consider playing.

By: RJ (@suppadoopa)

The 7th generation lived a long life. With the Wii, PS3, and 360 nearing the bargain bin, one could easily pick up one of those consoles up with a few RPGs and be entertained for hours on end. Here are five RPGs I think that people should check out if they haven’t already. (In no particular order)

Note this list does contain personal tidbits and experiences and is presented such as if we were talking in real life.

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