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AU: The 100 as LOST

One hundred strangers have their lives turned upside down when their plane crashes on an island in between Sydney and Los Angeles. These strangers must learn how to live together in harmony, but they quickly realize that not everything on the island is as it seems. There are monsters, buttons that will end the world, and another group of people on the island (dubbed “the Others”) who don’t seem happy that the crash survivors are there…


As I walk through the streets of my new city
My back feeling much better, I suppose
I’ve reclaimed the use of my imagination
For better or for worse, I’ve yet to know, but I
Always knew you’d be the one to understand me,
I guess that’s why it took so long to get things right.
Suddenly I’m lost
On my street
On my block

Oh why, Oh why
Oh why haven’t you been there for me?
Can’t you see, I’m losing my mind this time?
This time I think it’s for real, I can see

All the tree tops turning red
The beggars near bodegas grin at me
I think they want something
I close my eyes, I tell myself to breathe

And be calm.
Be calm.
I know you feel like you are breaking down.
I know that it gets so hard sometimes.
Be calm