Send me a number and a pairing, and I’ll sketch it for you!

1. “Good morning” kiss
2. Kiss on the forehead
3. Drunk/sloppy kiss
4. Awkward kiss
5. Angry kiss
6. “I’m sorry” kiss
7. “I’ve missed you” kiss
8. Seductive kiss
9. “War’s End” kiss (see how adorable it looks HERE)
10. “Goodbye” kiss
11. “Spiderman” kiss
12. Kiss on the nose
13. Kiss on the ear
14. Kiss on the neck
15. Kiss on the back
16. French kiss
17. Shy kiss
18. Surprised kiss
19. Sad kiss
20. “Doing the do” kiss


AU: On one of the many adventures that the sons of Odin led thorough out the realms, Sigyn, wife to Loki and Goddess of Fidelity, suffered injuries that not even a god could overcome. She left Loki only with a promise that one day, they would get a chance to find each other again. Many centuries later, Jane Foster came to Asgard on the arm of Thor, and the aether swimming insider her. Odin told her of a grim fate, that the aether would kill her and that there was nothing that could be done. The ever resilient person that she was, refused to accept this fate. And so she sought out the only person she believed could help her, Loki. They led a journey into Svartalfheim, seeking out someone that could bring the aether out of her. Though, Jane was ever the mortal that she was born as. The aether took a toll on her body, and through her pain, it was discovered that Jane was not as simple as she appeared. Sigyn had kept true on her promise, reincarnated into a mortal, Jane.  (requested by starzangelus)


Thor: The Dark World AU:
Long after the defeat of the Dark Elves, Jane remains pensive about the final moments leading to Loki’s death. How could the same person who nearly devastated New York willingly shield her from harm and die for the brother he supposedly despised? Darcy and Erik, however,  are worried about Jane’s sudden change in mood since her trip to Asgard.