I just got done reading a couple of soulmark fics.  You know, that thing where the first thing your soulmate will say to you is written somewhere on your body.  It’s a pretty cool idea, and I was thinking about how it could be applied to Lokane.

It would be great, because Loki is already over a thousand years old when he meets Jane.  That means he could have gone centuries looking at his arm or his shoulder, wondering what the hell a ‘New York’ is and what he’s going to do that makes his soulmate want to avenge it. 

Thor and the W4 spend ages teasing him over how weird his soulmark is, until finally, the day comes when Thor brings Jane to Asgard, and without missing a beat, she walks right up to Loki, punches him, and says, ‘That was for New York!”

And then, everything just goes dead quiet.  Thor is in shock, Sif feels like maybe she should leave before the fight breaks out, and Loki is just like, ‘Seriously?  This tiny mortal woman is my soulmate?  Well, at least she’s pretty, and intelligent, and she was Thor’s which means I just stole her out from under his nose and he’s going to be so mad!  Awesome!  Best soulmate ever!’

Meanwhile, Jane is having a bit of a crisis, because she’s always figured that her soulmate must be either world famous or some kind of arrogant jerk if the first thing he ever says to her is that she’s already heard of him.  Of course, it has to be a coincidence that Loki just said those words.  There’s no way, if there really is a god up there, that he would be so cruel as to make a potential world conquering maniac her soulmate.  It simply can’t be so, but then he’s giving her that look and that smile and what she just said couldn’t possibly have been his soulmark, right?


Why does Thor look like he wants to cry?

Uh oh.

And while she’s freaking out, Loki is just standing there, whistling innocently and planning the honeymoon.

Streetwalker 11


Odin had been on the phone for twenty minutes.  He paced outside Loki’s room, his shadow passing over the bed and Jane’s joined hands more times than she could be bothered to count.  If she looked up, she’d see the same thing every time: Odin at the window, talking or yelling or barking at whatever poor soul was on the other end.

Not that Jane looked up very much.  Her attentions shifted between her white, sweaty palms and Loki.  Though he had yet to wake up, he was looking much better.  More like his usual self, like she could just tap him on the shoulder and whisper in his ear, and then he’d open his eyes and everything would be normal again.

Not that anything had been all that normal before.

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Let me feel your hands,
Above those shores of absent heavens,
Sign of cross on my chest,
Helps me believing in my rest

Sad crow stands now on dead twigs
Whistling my funest hour by his wings,
Black bird shadow counting out,
To lead me on my ending future

I’ll be forever screaming your name,
My spells will bless your heart
I’ll be forever screaming your name

Even if the clock keeps ticking
The sad poem of my last breathing
My soul is slowly fading,
Forever, I am failing (x)


Quite a while ago, Startraveller776 and I thought of collaborating on a Lokane AU called Creative Disruption. We hunkered down, came up with a grand plan and steamrolled our way through a few chapters of what was supposed to be an epic story. 

However, I think she has gone off the grid now (I can’t even find her Tumblr account) and the story remains…sadly abandoned for reasons I still don’t know about to this day. 

I still have the first few chapters on my hard drive though, and it seems like a shame to leave this to fester especially within a community that is so fanfic-driven. Which brings me to the question I’d like to ask all of you. 

If there is anyone who would still like to read the very little that we’ve got (bearing in mind that it WILL stay incomplete? 

So, Lokaners, what do you think? 

Worthy: Chapter Twenty

One Month Later


There was a change in the palace. Thor felt it. His warriors felt it. Something had changed. Shifted. And it stemmed from Loki and Jane. He had always known that his brother held a strange power over the court with his mercurial moods and schemes – everyone was on edge with Loki around as if awaiting what chaos he would bring upon them again.

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Hey! It’s pankolicious16 here! Sorry i’ve been gone from the lokane community for a while- things kept popping up and that led to loss of inspiration. But, I hope i’ll be able to start writing again so I’ve created this blog! Just a reminder, I work 100% off of mobile, so nothing will be perfect. Most of my writing is just one shots. So, I hope it goes well! Any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns? I do have an ask box.

Dark Horse Chapter Thirteen

In Which They Get Back to Basics

There’s something tragic about you,
Something so magic about you.
Don’t you agree?
There’s something lonesome about you,
Something so wholesome about you.
Get closer to me.”

John woke the next morning to an icy cold room. He tilted his head back the same way he had the night before and noticed the landscape in his window had frozen overnight: it was now a lake of ice with a blanket of white on the dock and on all the trees in the distance. He smiled a little until it struck him that it might be some sort of inauspicious omen.

He shook the feeling away and managed to smile again, this time for a different reason. Though John hadn’t been certain he would be, Sherlock was still there. In fact, he was lying on top of John and didn’t seem to have any intention of moving as he was dead asleep. John could feel him breathing though and see the top of his head peeking out of the heavy blankets. His galaxy eyes were closed, but John was still fascinated by the way his lashes swept across his cheek. Tentatively, he reached out to touch the ends of his dark curls.

Something stopped him, and he realized immediately that he was getting way in over his head. He didn’t even know if Sherlock was going to want to look at him once he woke up, and John was already waxing poetic about his damn eyelashes! He needed to slow his roll and think.

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Beauty in the Frost Chapter 6: (5) The Kitchen Three, a thor fanfic | FanFiction
The invasion in New York was stopped; Thor returned to her; she had SHIELD and Stark Industries backing her research. Jane's life was going well. Or so she thought, until a candlestick landed in Thor's landing site instead of Thor. Maybe she's finally lost it, but if what the candle says is true, it's up to her to save Asgard. The question is: who's going to save her?

Chapter Five: The Kitchen Three

           “Come on.”


           “The bread is delicious.”


           “The soup?”

           “I’m not hungry.”

           “You don’t have to eat. You could stare at my lovely face the whole time.”

           Sif sighed in exasperation. Fandral was set on trying to convince Jane to accept Loki’s invitation to dinner, but the mortal refused at every turn.

           “Have you eaten any Asgardian delicacies?”

           “Well, no,” Jane admitted. “But…”

           “Then now would be your chance.” Fandral raised his eyebrows, smiling. “Think of it. All those tastes and smells. The new flavors. The appetizing aroma wafting through the air.”

           “I’m not going,” she told him firmly. She did want to try Asgardian food, but she always thought Thor would be the one to show her. Not his brother.

           “Milady, you must be a tad peckish?”


           A growl rippled through the room. Jane’s face reddened, realizing it was her stomach. She really should’ve had more than… oh, wait. She didn’t have a chance to finish her coffee. Now she was famished. The candlestick was grinning at her. She frowned. “No.”

           Fandral sighed. The mortal was stubborn. Like someone he knew, he thought, giving the teapot next to him a knowing glance. Her focus on Jane, she ignored him.

           “Lady Jane,” the teapot addressed her. “Going to dinner might do well for you.”

           Fandral looked at Sif in surprise.

           Jane shook her head. “I’m not going to sit down with him. That’s playing his game.”

           “Would you rather starve?”

           “I doubt he’d let me starve. Then he would have nothing to taunt Thor with.” She said those words with confidence, but there was doubt in the back of her mind. She wasn’t sure if that would be enough for him not to starve her. The pang in her stomach grew. Food would be good right now, but she wasn’t going to let him have sway over her.

           “You do not know that,” Sif insisted. “Loki can be-”

           There was a knock at the door. “Dinner is ready.”

skatzaa asked:

Since Zutara week is coming up soon, I just wanted to let you know that I followed you last year for your zk story and ended up shipping Lokane (and several other ships, once I figured out what my "type" was), so thanks for that :p

Oh wow, really?  That is such an honor to know I got someone into my OTP.  :D

I’m so glad you enjoyed my Zutara Week fic last year, and I hope you like my entries this year, too.