I think a lot of people forget you can ship pairings without wanting it to become canon.

Like seriously, 90% of my ships I wouldn’t ever WANT to be canon. I ship some fucked up ships that I believe have no business BEING canon. I simply like them in AU and fanfiction (when done justice), because it’s more complex and entertaining to roleplay or read. 


Thor: Ragnarok [Fix-it Canon AU] - Jane Foster is worthy

While on Earth, Thor is attacked. His hammer is destroyed and he’s taken prisoner. But Mjolnir is no ordinary hammer. It’s capable of reassembling itself. But now, without Thor to wield it or Odin to command it, Mjolnir is free to choose its own Thor. And after years of spending time with mortals, there is one in particular it knows to be worthy. Mjolnir chooses none other than Jane Foster as the new Thor, Goddess of Thunder.

Jane is then transported to the gladiator’s arena where she finds Thor - who is now going by the name ‘Odinson’. When he sees her, he realizes his vision hadn’t been about Loki, as he suspected, but about Jane. Together, they escape back to Asgard where Jane has to fight for the right to keep Mjolnir. Odinson, disheartened by the loss of his hammer, decides to leave Asgard and travel the Nine Realms in search of redemption.

While on Asgard, Jane finds an unlikely ally in Loki. He seems bound and determined to ensure that she’s allowed to keep the hammer. Jane suspects he has some ulterior motives, but it’s still nice to have someone on her side. So she and Loki come to an uneasy truce, much like they did when he helped save her from the Aether.

But their alliance is put to the test when Hela invades Asgard. She is hellbent on revenge and will stop at nothing to punish Odin. Even if that means completely destroying Asgard. Jane and Loki barely make it out alive. After the loss of his home, Loki becomes depressed but Jane knows if they’re going to stand any chance of victory, she’s going to need his help.

Finally persuaded by Jane, Loki takes up arms against Hela and her forces. They are later joined by Odinson and those who escaped Asgard in time. Together, they manage to defeat Hela on another world. And somewhere along the way, between bickering and battling, Jane and Loki find that they have more to offer each other than just an alliance.

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Hiding in a bathroom trying to escape a terrible tinder date. Lokane ☺️ only if you have time for another prompt

The restroom door creaked as it opened, and Loki glanced up briefly from washing his hands. It was an involuntary movement, cursory at best, and his gaze dropped to the sink before he realized what he’d seen. His head snapped back up in a double take, and yes, there was a petite woman sagging against the door, palms pressed into her eyes as she muttered under her breath. Something about strangling people; it was a toss-up between a person named Darcy and “the idiot who invented tinder.”

Loki smirked, glad he’d needed to use the facilities after his monthly get-together with his brother. This might prove to be an intriguing, if brief, diversion. He leaned against the counter and cleared his throat. The young woman pulled her hands away from her face, mouth forming an “o” when her gaze landed on him. She tipped her head back with a mirthless laugh.

“Don’t tell me,” she said. “I’m in the men’s bathroom.” She went on before he could confirm her gaffe. “Because that would be the icing on the cake of this crappy night. I’d say it couldn’t get any worse, but I’m pretty sure the universe would take that as a challenge.”

Loki chuckled. She was a spirited little thing. “Bad date?”

“Oh, no,” she answered with a snort. “I’ve been on a bad dates. What’s happening out there is a disaster.”

His interested was most definitely piqued. “And what, may I ask, makes it a disaster?”

Someone tried to push the door open, but she threw her body weight against it and yelled, “It’s occupied!”

Loki gave a significant glance at the two empty stalls and the row of unused urinals.

Her responding grin was underscored with a tinge of pink in her cheeks. “I just want a minute to figure out a way to safely escape this guy. I mean the fact that he’s photoshopped my tinder pics with his is creepy enough. But then he told me the things he’s planning to do to me—things that he feels he’s earned the right to do because he’s bought me a couple of drinks…” She shuddered visibly. “I’m a little bit worried that he’ll follow me home.”

Loki frowned. That was rather problematic. “Would you like some help?”

She looked him over, eyes narrowed. “I don’t know,” she said slowly. “I’ve already got a budding stalker waiting for me. It’d be just my luck that you turn out to be a charming serial killer.”

He laughed. Charming, he’d take. Serial killer? No, not precisely. “You’ll just have to trust me.” He straightened and crossed the few steps to her, offering a hand to shake. “I”m Loki Odinson.”

She peered at his hand for a beat before taking it. She clearly didn’t recognize his name, but he wasn’t surprised. He was well-known only in certain circles.

“Jane,” she replied. “Jane Foster. You do realize that your given name doesn’t exactly instill a whole lot of confidence in the trusting department.”

His mouth stretched in a wide smile. Oh, he liked her. “No, it doesn’t,” he agreed. “But I can assure you that my idea of fun when it comes to the fairer sex is perfectly harmless—unlike your date.”

She chewed the inside of her cheek, apparently weighing her options. “Okay,” she relented. “How are you going to help me?”

“Go back to your date—” he nodded toward the door, “—and when I come along, follow my lead.”

She made a derisive sound, shaking her head. “That’s not cryptic at all.” She raised her hands with a sigh. “But I guess beggars can’t be choosers. Please don’t take long. He really is freaking me out.”

She yanked open the door and marched out. Loki waited a minute before he followed, and it took another for his eyes to adjust to the darker lighting of the main room. He hadn’t noticed earlier how busy it had been, but he found the large number of bodies inconvenient now as he scanned the establishment for Jane.

Ah, there.

She was in a booth in the corner, appearing both annoyed and disturbed as she listened to the man opposite her. Loki assessed her date as he made his way to them. The fellow was somewhat attractive, though slight in both height and build. Good. He talked animatedly, waving his arms to punctuate whatever it was he was going on about. As Loki drew closer, he caught the other man’s words.

“…have any special kinks I should know about? Because I’m not a selfish lover or anything. You’re gonna be screaming my name several times before the night is through and begging me for more, trust me.”

What a repulsive creature.

Loki stepped up to their table, and put on a mask of indignation as he addressed his new acquaintance. “What’s the meaning of this, Jane?”

She started and her shocked gasp was spot on. “Loki! What are you doing here?” Well done. This was going to be very amusing.

“If you’re trying to make me jealous, darling,” he said through gritted teeth, “you should have picked a more worthy foe.” He gave the other man a quick once over, letting his authentic disdain show.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” the disgusting fellow demanded.

In a flash of movement, Loki grasped the other man’s shirt and yanked him out of the booth. He jabbed two fingers into the guy’s abdomen, knowing he’d mistake it as the barrel of a gun. “I’m her husband,” Loki lied in a deathly calm tone. “And I don’t take kindly to those who try to steal what’s mine.”

The other man’s eyes went round. “Listen, I didn’t know she was married! I swear! I mean, she’s not even wearing a ring!”

Beyond the bleating coward, two of Loki’s companions—tall, muscled gentlemen—rose from their seats at each end of the bar wearing identical expressions of concern. He gave them a bare shake of his head, and they lowered back onto their stools. He then stared down anyone else nearby who thought to come to the aid of this idiot. Fortunately, most seemed only interested in recording the confrontation on their cell phones.

“You know now,” he bit out, turning his attention back to Jane’s date, digging his fingertips deeper into the man’s soft middle. “You don’t look at her. You don’t think about her. You don’t desire her.”

“Yeah, yeah,” the other man stammered, voice cracking with terror. Pathetic. “She doesn’t exist. I get it.”

“Did you let him take a photo of you?” Loki asked Jane, though he kept his glare on her date. “Because you know how much I despise any man having photographs of you.”

Her date fumbled in his pocket and retrieved his phone. “Here!” He held it up. “You can have it, man. Take it! Just take it!”

Loki held his gaze for a heartbeat longer before pretending to slip his “weapon” in the waistband of his trousers beneath his suit jacket. He took the device, dropped it to the floor and smashed it with his heel. He ignored the surprised cries from the gathering crowd as he said, “I’m glad we understand each other.” He glanced at Jane and reached for her. “Shall we, my dear?”

She looked up at him with awe as she came to his side. “I’m so proud of you, honey,” she said. “You didn’t kill or even maim this one. You really have changed.”

Loki had to swallow back his laughter. She had no idea. Good show, however. “Don’t push me, Jane,” he warned in mock sternness as he led them toward the exit.

“But I have to get your attention somehow!” she whined before they made it through the doors.

Once outside and a block away, she doubled over, guffawing. “Oh…my…god!” She steadied herself with a hand on his arm. “That was… That was amazing. His face was priceless. You terrified him.”

“I quite enjoyed myself,” Loki confessed. He had. “Your performance was rather noteworthy as well.”

A fetching blush colored her face. She was pretty—beautiful, in fact, in a wholesome sort of way, though he doubted she ever played the doe-eyed ingénue. No, there was too much intelligence and fire to her.

“So, I guess I should say thank you and be on my way.” She pointed to an old sedan. “That’s me. It was a pleasure meeting you, Loki.”

He considered prolonging their encounter, but unfortunately, he was needed elsewhere tonight. “Likewise, Jane.”

She graced him with a brilliant smile as she backed toward her vehicle. He waited until she was inside, engine sputtering to life before turning to his companions who had lingered in the shadows behind him.

“Follow her date,” he said to Algrim. “Make sure he doesn’t accost any other women—ever again.” Algrim gave him a curt nod and headed to the bar.

Loki pulled his phone out of the inside pocket of his jacket and dialed his assistant. She answered on the first ring.

“Please tell me you’re on your way to the hanger,” she demanded without preamble. “You’re late. If we don’t get in the air in the next hour, you’ll miss your meeting in Stockholm.”

“I’ll be there.” Loki strode to his town car where Mal was already holding the door open for him. “I want you to find everything you can on a woman named Jane Foster.”

“Jane Foster,” his assistant repeated. “Who is she?”

Loki grinned. “I have a feeling she’s someone worth knowing.”



From my twitter, that’s why the @/skywalkerxseb.

I met him, he is the most amazing person ever!!! I waited almost 7 hours just to see him. When he was near, I asked him if Loki was in Infinity War but because of all the people shouting, he understood “Is Loki finished?” and he answered “No” (is that a spoiler? lol) He signed my picture and now he knows I ship Lokane lol jk. I even have a group selfie but I look horrible xD


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“we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now i think i might actually be in love with you” au plus Lokane pretty please

A/N: So, you probably were thinking you’d get a High School or College AU. But instead, I’m giving you a Medieval AU. (Don’t ask. My muse never makes any sense.) I hope you enjoy it anyway!


The first time they met, he teased her about her freckles and she stuck her tongue out at him. His brother let out a hearty laugh, even his mother was amused. But Loki scowled. How dare the scrawny creature with straw braids defy him, a prince. What was she, but a starving, dirty urchin taken in as the royal astronomer’s newest charge? Loki decided then and there to have nothing more to do with Jane.

But she was always underfoot. Mother thought it best that the girl sat in on his and Thor’s lessons. After all, if she meant to apprentice with Selvig, then she would need a proper education. Loki didn’t feel so magnanimous. He did his best to hinder her efforts. Cutting the tips of her quills. Locking her in her rooms and laughing at the furious tirade she unleashed on him later when she managed to escape. She tried so very hard to be intimidating, but he couldn’t keep his eyes off of the brambles in her hair from having to shimmy down the vines outside of her window.

It wasn’t only language, letters, numbers, and histories that Jane learned alongside the princes. It was music and riding and swordplay. When Loki complained about Jane being in the practice yards to his mother, asking what point there was for the girl to learn the weapon, his mother rose from her throne, drawing her own blade from its scabbard. “Choose your next words carefully, my son,” she warned, looking every bit the terrifying Warrior Queen who protected this kingdom at his father’s side. Loki left without further protest.

The girl was clever, Loki grudgingly admitted. Annoyingly clever. He put more effort into his studies, spent more time in practice because it galled him that a peasant could come close to surpassing in skill and intellect a boy of noble birth. She challenged him even in swordplay; what she lacked in brute force, she made up with a cunning that rivaled Loki’s.

As the years passed, he was less given to wild pranks. They seemed an unnecessary endeavor when a well-placed comment could do the trick easily enough. He reveled in the bright crimson of her cheeks, the stuttering invectives she would shoot back at him that never quite hit the mark. No, not never. There were times when her words were like a dagger slipping between his ribs, they would leave him so breathless. Later, when his shock and anger receded, he discovered a filament of reluctant admiration. But it didn’t mean he liked the wisp.

Both he and Thor grew taller; Jane didn’t. Jane’s freckles faded. She stopped wearing her long locks in braids, and Loki studiously ignored the other changes occurring in her body. Instead, he made sport out of raising her ire with witty rejoinders that only she understood. (His brother, though not a fool, lacked a passion for the finer points of their education.) Loki secretly delighted in her equally devious retorts, and he engaged her more often.

There were other games—once innocent but had matured as the players aged. He remembered when Fandral introduced the game of Maiden Favors to their growing circle of companions. Jane had drawn Loki as her knight, and he taunted her, tapping his cheek in cavalier expectation of the kiss she was to place there. She marched up to him, drew her fist back, and punched him in the mouth before storming off. He licked the blood from his lips and laughed. She couldn’t be entreated to play the game again. (He thought about her when the rules changed from a simple brush of lips against cheek to a something more heated. He wondered if she would taste different than the buxom serving girl who slanted her mouth over his in a sloppy kiss.)

He became interested in astronomy when Mother declared their formal education complete. His days were now spent at court, in council meetings, learning the intricacies of politics. There were delegations to neighboring kingdoms, land disputes, trade agreements—all things Thor found insufferably dull. All things Loki found fascinating. A smile, a simple misdirection, a lie spoken among a dozen truths—this was all it took to manipulate your opponent. He liked the challenge, though it often paled in comparison to the clash of wits he once had with Jane.

(He didn’t miss her. He’d never say so.)

He found himself climbing the tower steps late one evening after his return from a particularly fruitless trip to Jotunheim. The mountain men were gnashing their teeth about some imagined slight or another from Asgard, and not even Loki’s silver tongue could placate their anger. War was likely inevitable in the coming years. Thor would be glad of it, and Loki was inclined to agree. He was exhausted, but still his feet led him up, up, up toward Jane. He’d been gone for nigh on a month. Had her skills in wordplay dulled in his absence? (Was she as pretty as his memory swore she’d always been?)

She didn’t turn when he entered the makeshift laboratory, her attention on one of the many telescopes fastened to the parapet. In her lap was a leather bound book with notes scribbled in her nearly illegible hand. She’d never bothered to master penmanship, considering it a frivolous pursuit better left to the pampered nobility. Out of spite, Loki had made a point of becoming more adept in the art than even the palace scribes.

“Saturn is rising,” she said, clearly thinking him to be her mentor.

He grinned, closing the distance between them in stealthy footfalls and bending as close to her ear as he could without startling her. “And what does that portend, oh wise one?”

She jumped at his nearness, round eyes going narrow when they met his. “Loki,” she said, her mouth slashing in a thin line. “When did you return?”

“Only just,” he replied, stepping back from her. He’d forgotten the scent of honeysuckle and cinnamon in her hair, and he was overpowered by it.

“You’re hale and whole.” With a ghost of a smirk, she looked him over. “I take that to mean you managed not to offend our northern friends.”

He made a sardonic noise. “Yes, somehow I escaped being turned over their spits—much to your disappointment, I’m sure.”

“Well, I’ve always said you’d be good in a stew with a little potato and carrots,” she quipped. “A bit gamey, perhaps, but you’d do in a pinch.”

He cocked his head, let his gaze sweep over her with a calculated appreciation. (The effort wasn’t as difficult as it should have been.) “My dear Jane,” he murmured. “Any time you want to eat me, I’ll be glad to offer you a feast.” He’d never said anything so salacious to her before, but they were no longer adolescents. Innuendo was merely another facet in banter like theirs, wasn’t it?

But she didn’t have a scathing retort. She stared at him, throat bobbing in a deep swallow, and he’d count it as a win if the air between them wasn’t charged so oddly. (And he realized that a victory might entail something entirely different in this new game. Did he want to play? Would she?)

“Show me Saturn,” he demanded to dispel the strange tension. Always a demand. Never a request. He was a prince of Asgard, after all.

She rolled her eyes. “It’s a wonder they let you out of your cage when you lack any social grace.”

He laughed as he dragged a stool near hers, relieved that he hadn’t irrevocably damaged the unusual bond they shared. “Rules are so terribly boring. Admit it: your life would be drab without me.”

“I admit that I accomplish so much more when you’re gone,” she replied, leaning forward to adjust the eyepiece of the telescope.

“What else are you to do with your time when your favorite prince is away?” He gave her a winning smile. “Of course, I wouldn’t be opposed to you pining after me like a damsel trapped in a tower. Oh, that’s right. You already are.”

She smacked his arm—not too hard. “You would swoon like one of those tittering courtiers if I were to ever lay my affection at your feet.”

“It’s all I live for.”

When he finally descended the stone staircase to his chamber hours later, sleep came fitfully. He dreamt of her tangled in his sheets, diminutive body pressed into his.

War was, in fact, inevitable. The Jotuns marched from their strongholds in the mountains toward Asgard, razing villages in their path like a swarm of locusts. The unspeakable acts they committed could not go unanswered for long, and soon Thor and Loki were preparing to lead the king’s army to the frontlines. The night before their trek toward battle, a banquet was held in their honor. The celebration moved later to a tavern where Fandral, with a wench on each arm, drunkenly suggested a final game of Maiden Favors. He waggled his brows with lascivious meaning when he explained that the maidens could choose what favor they wanted to give. Loki captured Jane’s wrist when she began to sneak off.

“Jane volunteers to go first,” he said to the rest of the group. She glowered at him.

Fandral pulled a small pouch from inside his waistcoat and emptied a set of dice on the table. “Gentlemen, you know your numbers.”

Loki licked his lips as Jane picked up a die and tossed it across the wooden tabletop. It tumbled against Volstagg’s tankard and came to a rest with two dots showing on top. Two was Loki’s number.

Jane’s expression went even flatter. “Anything I want to give?” she confirmed with Fandral. On his nod, she turned to Loki, and he steeled himself for another blow. She stared at him for a heartbeat before doing something entirely unexpected.

She kissed him.

It was brief, a bare brush of her mouth over his, but it was enough. He was hardly aware of the cheers around them, the pounding of Thor’s fist against the table. What was this witchcraft that something so fleeting and pure could make him an invalid?

“As I said,” she breathed, not unaffected, “swooning like a silly courtier.”

That brought Loki back to life. He threaded a hand through her hair to prevent her retreat. “My turn.”

His kiss wasn’t virtuous. His kiss was hunger and ache and a desperate need he hadn’t known before now. He was merciless. (As a prince of Asgard was expected to be.) His bones and sinew awakened in a firestorm of desire that would not be easily quenched. But by the gods, he would try.

When they broke apart, her eyes were wide, glassy with fear and something else. She excused herself, fleeing the party before he could rise out of his chair. Thor clapped him on the back, congratulated him on a worthy display. It took Loki another twenty minutes to disentangle himself from the festivities.

Jane wasn’t in her tower. She wasn’t in her rooms, and frustration and dread threatened to overtake him as he searched the palace. He found her in the practice yards, hidden in shadow as she sat on one of the benches, knees drawn to her chest. In the wan light of the moon, she looked like the girl whose braids he used to pull.

But she wasn’t a girl. He wasn’t a boy.

“If you’ve come to gloat,” she said, attempting in vain to sound indignant, “then get on with it. I have no patience for your antics tonight, Loki.”

A dozen acerbic remarks scramble to the tip of his tongue, but he swallowed them back. None would get him what he wanted. He crossed to her in lazy steps, gathered her hands in his, and pulled her up to him—into him. A protest rose in her throat, but it didn’t make it past her lips as he devoured her. She was his. He was hers. He murmured these truths against her mouth and she relaxed into him.

The next morning, he remained in his bed as long as he could, arms wrapped around her petite form as she slumbered on his chest. He woke her before he left for his campaign, made her swear fidelity to him even as he gave her the same promise. He would return to her and only her.

Because who was she, this mere orphan, but everything to a prince.


author rec: Mercurie

For Fandom Fic Rec days!

I was going to write up a Jane/Loki fic recs post but just found myself gushing a lot about these three. Plus, I did do a general fic recs post somewhere… see if you can find it on my Dreamwidth if you’re interested.

Absence Of by @innermostplanet (10k, M, canon AU, dark)
Loki wins the Earth. The Avengers are missing or dead. Thor is nowhere to be found, so Loki makes do with the next best thing: Jane Foster.

As dark as the summary and warnings imply, so read at your own peril. “Loki losing his mind” is a genre I love, and this is at the top of the list. Riffs on Loki’s total inability to be satisfied. A very good time if you like paranoia, slow slides into insanity, villains creeping on heroines, unreliable narrators, and unhappy endings. Also, amazing writing because M is obscenely talented (The city sprawls out below him like a naked body. Bare, but still mysterious. Gah!).

The Hangman’s Hands by @innermostplanet (160k, M, canon AU)
Thor and Loki never make it back to Asgard. Now S.H.I.E.L.D. is stuck with the world’s most hated war criminal on their hands and everyone wants a piece - unless they can find a way to get rid of him for good.

The redemption fic to beat, IMO. I quite like the two other major single-story contenders–”No Such Liberty” by Xparrot and “Bargaining” by proantagonist–but those take very different tacks. Both NSL and Bargaining (and lots of other fics about Loki) focus on his integration into his family/the Avengers, mending relationships, almost a therapy approach to Loki facing and addressing his various issues. Those things are totally cool. But “The Hangman’s Hands” does not. It takes Loki at his word when he says “satisfaction is not in my nature” and, instead of trying to satisfy him, ruthlessly yanks away all his secret hopes and dreams of acceptance and forces him to figure out what he wants, and who he wants to be, in their absence. It takes the view that Loki is stuck in a cycle of needing and trying to obtain acceptance and then lashing out when he doesn’t get it, but that acceptance can no longer be found, if it ever could.

It is a story that is very hard on Loki, not in the suffering woobie sense (not a dig, I love suffering woobies) but in the “exposing the nasty corners of his psychology” sense. (But it does make him suffer, if you’re into that kind of thing.) It is not a redemption-by-romance story, but Jane and Loki’s relationship (in all senses) is central to the story. Features an actual character arc for Jane, and does not easily dismiss Jane/Thor. Can also be seen as a meditation on themes of fate and fear. If I were to recommend one fic about Loki to someone who wasn’t interested in or disliked him, this would be it. Will make you despair about your ability to write anything meaningful ever again.

Strange Skies by @innermostplanet (22k, T, canon AU, WIP)
Jane Foster falls into the void with Loki. On the far side of the galaxy, they find alien civilizations in turmoil, a new power rising, and no one to rely on except each other.

Looks like a permaWIP (gosh, M, don’t you know it’s your job to churn out fanfiction instead of going back to school and pursuing your dreams and whatnot…) but still worth reading–at the very least for the novelty factor. How many people have written about Jane and Loki being stuck in another galaxy together? One: Mercurie. Also, there’s bug horror and science fiction and worldbuilding and, most importantly of all, LOKI BEING SUCH A CREEPER, OH MY GOD, GO READ IT. Post-Thor AU.

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forever doesn't seem so bad if its with you (lokane? and yes world's longest title lol)

Jane notices something is weird when Darcy, at age thirty-five, starts complaining about finding gray hairs.  Jane is in her forties, and she has yet to find a single gray.  Then Darcy gets her first wrinkle, and then a lot more wrinkles.  And a lot more gray hair.

Everyone Jane knows is getting gray and wrinkled, but she still looks exactly like she did in her early thirties.  Which is when she met Thor and had her trip to Asgard.

It doesn’t take long for Jane to make that connection, but it does take her a while to confirm it.  Odin has completely shut Asgard off to Midgard, and she hasn’t seen Thor since the day he solemnly informed her that his father’s word was law and it was time for them to part ways as amicable friends.

(Jane was good with the amicable part.  Friends?  Not so much)

Technology marches on, and Jane has the children and then the grandchildren of her dear friends to help her get everything she needs to build her bridge to Asgard.

She’s close to her two-hundredth birthday by the time it’s ready.  Tony’s great-grandson mans the controls as she makes her big leap from one world to the next.  The trip isn’t like her one time on the bifrost.  It’s more like walking into another room that’s about thirty degrees colder than the one you were just in.  Jane shivers as she gets through the fog into a place that is nothing but forest.  In the distance, the shining Asgardian palace beckons her.  She’s ready to make a run for it, when a voice in her ear stops her.

“You finally made it.”

It’s Loki.  Jane would be shocked that he’s alive, but after taking three bullets from a mugger one hundred years ago and walking away without a scratch, there’s little that can surprise her anymore.

“Did you do this to me?” she asks because he’ll know what she means.

“You did it to yourself,” he says.  “You shouldn’t have eaten the food here.”

“I thought it was just apples that grant immortality.”

Loki laughs and shakes his head.  “Oh Jane, you don’t really believe those old myths, do you?”

Jane would really like to punch him again.  Unfortunately, she’s already determined long ago that super strength doesn’t come with eternal life.  

“Why didn’t Thor tell me?” she demands.  “Why did he leave me on earth if he knew I wasn’t mortal anymore?”

“I don’t imagine he knew,” Loki says.  “He had quite a bit else on his mind when he left you.”

“What did you do?”

“What makes you think it was me who did it?”

“Because you’re you.”

“Hmmm… fair point.  Regardless, let me tell you what has happened around here since you left, my dear.”

“First, I’m not your anything,” Jane snaps at him.  “Second, I wouldn’t trust a word out of your mouth if you swore to it on your mother’s grave.  I think I can find the answers I need on my own, but thank you so much for being an excellent welcoming party.”

Jane turns on a heel and disappears through the trees.  Loki knows she’s going to the palace, and she’s going to be in for a surprise when she finds that Odin and Thor are both long gone.  She’ll be shocked when he returns, and the public happily greets their beloved new king, who led them through one of the darkest times in Asgard’s history.  

Over time, he knows, she’ll understand what happened here and how much he’s grown these past few centuries.  Yes, she’ll come to feel for him a love more intense than she could ever have shared with Thor. 

Forever will be a wonderful thing to share with her.

Jane/Loki, ‘The Chain’

for @iamartemisday

The Chain - Fleetwood Mac

Jane didn’t know why she kept falling for guys who didn’t live on earth.  First Thor, which had ended badly.  

And now Loki.  

Loki, who was by all accounts, infinitely worse for her.  

But here she was, waiting with bated breath for him to come back.  Even though his promises had never been fulfilled before.  He never came when he said he would.  So she was left out in the desert with her telescope and her van and her thoughts.  

Her thoughts were never kind in these moments.  

She gasped when the skies above her swirled and broke apart.  The Bifrost opening up onto the ground where it always did.  

Loki stood from his kneeling position.  “Am I late this time?”  

She pressed her lips together.  “I’m here, aren’t I?”  

“Well yes, but you’ve been known to remain well past our agreed upon meeting time in the past, only to passive aggressively reveal my folly.”  

“You’re not late,” she reiterated, her tablet slipping from her fingers as she moved towards him.  

He met her in only a few strides, his arms wrapping around her tightly.  

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May 2 - Lokane, in the classic trope of enemies to lovers, for @goblynn

Written by @iamartemisday

Jane found a little corner in Asgard’s royal library and holed herself up in it. Surrounded by the few books she could find translated into English that pertained to her chosen area of study.  Despite the slim pickings, she’d found more than one both relevant and entertaining to read.  Flicking through the pages, she almost didn’t catch the black shadow creeping along the edges of her sanctuary.  Only because it had happened so many times this month did she not become concerned.

“What do you want, Loki?  I’m busy.”

He slid out of the darkness, grinning evilly at her.  He’d been ‘reformed’ for some time now according to Thor.  The details were sketchy, and Thor for once had no intention of giving her a straight answer.  He was no longer a threat was all she needed to know.  

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Lokane, ‘ Are you an angel? Has the time come? I’ve been waiting so long. ‘

A/N: I give you a Post-Apocalyptic AU. I hope you like it! :)


The last thing Jane remembers is the searing flash of light before fire erupted in her stomach, shooting out to her limbs in a burst of agony. She welcomed the murky oblivion that followed, grateful to find rest after so many years of conflict. No more losing friends on the frontlines in this endless battle between worlds. No more lurking in the shadows until the rare opportunity to strike at their would-be oppressors—as hollow as those efforts have been.

It was over. Finally.

But as she opens bleary eyes, blinking at the acute brightness that permeates her field of vision, she’s not so sure. Where is she? It’s a room colored a brilliant, impossible white. The ceiling is painted with a gold filigree pattern that bleeds down, fading into the shining, bleached stonework of the walls that she can see better now. She’s in a bed with linens unlike any she’s experienced in her short life. Adjectives like soft and silky come close to describing them, but not quite.

Is this the afterlife? Is there an afterlife? As a scientist and a soldier, she’s never believed in the supernal. After all, would a benevolent deity allow the devastation that she’s known for the past five years? She can’t bring herself to believe in an absentee creator, or worse, a malevolent one. There’s been comfort in putting her faith in an accidental existence born from a cosmic bang. Humans were on their own; they’d always been.

And yet, she can’t explain this. Her hand tentatively goes to where she’d been struck down by the alien weapon—to where there should be a charred, yawning wound in her belly as she’d witnessed too many times in fallen comrades. She finds nothing, though. Her abdomen is smooth, untouched, and covered by some gown she’s wearing made of fabric similar to the bed linens. She can’t make these variables fit logically with what she knows, what she understands.

She pushes up on her elbows, wincing instinctively against the pain she expects that never comes. Her breath catches when she finds another standing at the foot of her bed. He’s tall, long raven hair falling past his shoulders that contrasts his pale eyes and even paler skin. His angular features are inscrutable as he studies her. His garb is foreign, ethereal with a filmy deep green tunic, leather trousers and a dark, sleeveless robe. He’s inhuman. Beautiful.

“Are you an angel?” The question leaves her before she can think better of it, and her face burns at the smile that tugs at the corner of his mouth, at the laugh he breathes through his nose.

“I am called many things,” he answers cryptically. The baritone of his voice is dry, rasping—nothing like the lilting tenor she imagined as a child of the mythical, holy beings. “Never an angel,” he continues, tilting his head as his gaze travels to take all of her in. “But always a god.”

“Am I dead?” she asks as she turns his words over in her mind. A god, implying that there is more than a single deity, unlike the “One True Creator” traditions that fell out of favor in her world when the invasion began. Were any of them true—the religions of her people? Not that she’d given credence to any of them, but she tries to recall the belief systems that had multiple divinities.

“Yes,” he says, “and no.” He saves her from asking for clarification by adding, “You have been made anew.”

Her brows pull together in confusion. “Why?”

The smile that hinted on his features before blossoms fully now, drawing lines in his cheeks, revealing a set of straight, white teeth. The look is less pleased and more predatory, and her heart stutters briefly in response. “Because, Jane Foster,” he replies, inching closer to her, “clever leader of the futile resistance on Midgard, you are meant to be a part of a greater battle.”

The notion churns her stomach, fills her with dread. Midgard? She’s heard that unusual name for her world before, but she can’t place it. “I’m done fighting.”

“Oh no, you’re not.” His knees brush against the edge of her mattress. “This conflict is unavoidable, dear Jane. Both sides are recruiting across the nine realms and soon combat will begin.”

Again, she tastes the familiarity at the edge of his strange statement, but whatever she knows is locked away in the recesses of memory. “And you’re recruiting me?” At his tacit nod, she asks, “What if I don’t want to be recruited for your little war.” She’s done enough, fought enough. She’d rather be lost to eternal night than play warrior again.

My war?” He laughs at the idea. “You misunderstand. This is the war. The great and final clash to end all things. I speak of Ragnarök.”

Ragnarök. She knows this word; it’s from ancient Scandinavia. She combs through her knowledge of their mythos, what little she has. The battle he’s referencing is between the giants and the Æsir, isn’t it? Which side has he recruited her to? Which god is he supposed to be? She poses the questions aloud.

“I am Loki,” he says. “Better known to your kind as the God of Mischief.”

The trickster. The silver-tongued deceiver according to the bit of lore she knows. “No.” She shakes her head. “I won’t fight for you.”

“But you will,” he says smiling as though amused by her defiance. “The safety of your realm depends on it.”

She narrows her eyes. “What do you mean? You’ll wipe us all out if I don’t?”

His tongue presses briefly against his bottom lip, turning his grin feral. “On the contrary,” he replies, “I’ll save your paltry realm from the Chitauri if you join my ranks. A very generous gift on my part. Now, can you say no to that?”

She closes her eyes. She shouldn’t trust him. She can’t. And yet no one else has come to her people’s aid. “How do I know you’ll keep your end of the deal?”

He laughs, low and soft. “Fight at my side, and find out. What’s it to be, Jane?”

She searches his face for deception, but he’s unreadable. If she agrees to this, subjects herself to more carnage, more death and destruction, he may still leave Earth to die at the hands of those terrible aliens. But then, if she rejects his offer, it’s certain that humans will become extinct. She lets out a heavy sigh.