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Would you ever give up anime for $1,000,000?

I like anime a lot, but financial security for the rest of my life assuming responsible spending and good investments is too much to pass up. 

Also I could just become a huge manga and LN fan or something. Or partake in any number of other fun exciting hobbies. 

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What about that moment when the LN Ranger and LG Paladin realize everyone else in their 6-person party is CN, and bond over the experience?

Yeah, Lawful-anythings finding comfort in each other while the CNs ~RaNdOmLy~ commit unprovoked genocide isn’t unheard of.  I feel like most Lawful Evil characters would look at your average CN and just go  (◎ . ◎)

I Graduated!!

I have FINALLY completed my college course, and I’m officially a graduate! It’s been tough and long and grueling and tough and I almost dropped out multiple times, but in the end, it’s been such a wonderful experience I’ll never forget.

Now, it’s time to kick back for a bit and write all the fics that I never got a chance to tackle, as well as my LN!

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For the controversial shipping ask: 💢

If we’re talking about the ONS fandom here, it’s most likely to be GureMahi (Guren × Mahiru, for those that don’t know).

Most people think of Mahiru as the demon inside Guren’s sword, a manipulative entity, and not as the kind girl we hardly ever see. Throughout the whole course of the LNs, the only pure and wholesome “version” of Mahiru is when Kagami-sensei shows her childhood. Other than that and a few scenes, Mahiru is mostly controlled by the demons in her and her sword.

People sometimes tend to forget that Guren and Mahiru were in love, and they cast it off as the demon who is in love with Guren. She really cares and loves him, but due to the fact of the demons, we hardly see those soft, caring sides of hers that really define her character. Yes, she is willing to do whatever it takes to be with Guren, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care for anyone else’s wellbeing.

^^that’s my two cents on this

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Hello! I would like to ask if there's an epub version of the LN of kkm? I would like to read it offline but the ones I see available are only accessable online. Thank you! (Kkm is sort of like one of my childhood animes. So i'm glad that it actually still have some continuation of it)

Hello anon! Yes,  @epiphyllum1902 is working on an ebup version of them.

When you enter my main page, the first link in my navigator will lead you to a page where I have the list of novels and some links. If you check the english section, the first volume has the link to the ebook (it still says “online english version” but you can download that ebook). I’ll reblog the news about other novels and add more links to that list as they’re released.

De cor, em inglês: by heart, ou seja, aprendi de coração. Engraçado, eu decorei seu jeito, seu olhos, seu sorriso, decorei seu jeito de falar, de andar, decorei seu humor instável, seu bom humor maravilhoso, seu mau humor desafiador, seus poemas horríveis e tudo mais. De cor.
—  Karolina Fernandes.

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I've watched the anime and am looking to buy the light novels, so I was wondering what are some differences between them?

Warning: LOOOOONG post ahead!!

Okay, in terms of the basic plot there’s nothing really different. But the light novel adds tons of details and context that, for me, make it a lot more enjoyable. Also, you have to consider the difference between an anime, a visual-audio medium, and a book. As much as I can describe the most important differences, there’s no way to replicate the full experience of reading the book itself.

Try as it may, TV show and movie adaptions have many inhibitions that prevent them from fully adapting the original source. As an example, the 1996 Hamlet movie did not cut out a single line from the original play, and is 4 hours long as a result. Most anime episodes, including Log Horizon’s, are 25 minutes long, and I think that includes the intro, ending, and next-episode previews. With most of Log Horizon’s episodes covering a whole chapter in one episode, its inevitable that lines are abridged or cut out, scenes are condensed, details are missed. Some exposition is added or dumbed-down/repeated often due to the audience, which takes up precious time.

The anime was made for a kid-friendly audience. Because most viewers from the west are watching from Crunchyroll, DVDs, or streaming sites, they’re not getting the context of this anime. I have seen the streams of the Japanese episodes and seen the show that precedes it. It’s for kids ages 3-5 and is comparable to the Wiggles or Barney. And since Log Horizon aired at prime time hours (5:30 pm Japanese time), it’s likely that the kids watching the previous show would continue watching TV. So the anime couldn’t add blood or the more violent scenes or explicit references from the light novel. It also resulted in a lot of exposition that the light novel either doesn’t have or more masterfully works into the story.

Even though I’m a staunch defender of Season 2′s story, given context of the light novel which makes the story itself much more cohesive and logical, I would be the first to admit that Season 2′s execution of the story was sub-par. Volumes 6-8, at least, are chock-full of details and references to previous volumes and foreshadowing for future volumes that can’t practically be adapted into the anime. Volumes 6 and 7 are my favorite volumes of the light novel thus far for a good reason, but they’re just not easy adapt into 25-minute episodes. 

However, I shouldn’t beat you over the head with “read the novels.” I’ll give you some of the differences that you asked about. Between volumes 1 and 2, only by the things I can remember off the top of my head:

Volume 1:

  • The light novels give a lot more detail on the time frame of everything. The anime makes all the events of episode 1 seem like one day, not to mention that they move around some events. In the light novel, Naotsugu and Shiroe don’t meet Akatsuki until around five days after the Catastrophe, and they meet Maryelle and Henrietta before they meet Akatsuki. Around the time they meet Akatsuki, the knowledge that revival is possible becomes known. The WWB manga makes the person that died and revived Souji, but that has no basis in the light novels.
  • When Shiroe’s group gets attacked by the PKers (Dread Pack) in the forest, the anime has the leader fake surrender before trying to kill Shiroe, prompting Akatsuki to kill him in Shiroe’s defense. Rikopin (the Elf girl) then runs away in fear. In the light novel, Shiroe’s group just kills them all from the get-go.
  • Akatsuki knee-kicks Naotsugu a lot less. Or rather, she isn’t explicitly shown doing it as much. There’s a handful of times that it happens, and the rest are off-screened. The anime turns it into their convenient Naotsugu censor (he says some more un-kid-friendly lines in the LN) and running gag.
  • Demiqas and Londark’s defeats and deaths are more one-sided in the light novels. Demiqas, for example, gets instantly killed by Shiroe and Nyanta’s combo and doesn’t even have the chance to say anything before he dies. Londark gets his hand cut off by Akatsuki and is beheaded by Shiroe.

Volume 2:

  • More jokes about Souji and his harem. Interestingly, this volume explicitly makes Souji aware of his harem. From that, to volume 5 and the WWB manga, Souji becomes much more of a generic dense harem animu protagonist.
  • This is minor, but clothes are a “bigger” part of the volume. From describing the state of the Hamelin kids’ clothes, to how Maryelle and Henrietta change outfits for their meeting with the production guilds, to even the mention of how players had to use swimwear in the place of real undergarments until the production revolution – they’re small touches that make the world seem much more real.
  • Very subtle foreshadowing in the light novel appendix about events that come far later. By far later, I mean that the anime hasn’t reached it. Not even Season 2. The whole “details from the light novel that can’t get explained in the anime becoming important to the plot” happens a couple other times. Misa’s scythe comes to mind. A number of anime-only viewers thought it was an ass-pull, but the light novel explained her scythe’s flavor text far before the event happened via her volume 4 profile.
  • Characterization. Volume 1 and 2′s depiction of Maryelle are different from the anime, in that she displays more intelligence (both intellectual and emotional) and sets up a parallel to Kanami, the “she”/“her” that Shiroe often mentions before Naotsugu finally gives her a name in volume 7.
Tem dias que eu tento escrever algo sobre você, eu digito, rabisco uma folha, mas não vem nada, e nem é falta de sentimento, “tá” mais para um bloqueio. Eu tenho falar sobre como sinto falta do seu sorriso, ou do seu cheiro, como te ver dormindo me transmitiu uma paz tão grande, que eu não quis cochilar antes de viajar, só pra te olhar um pouco mais. Lembro de cor a sensação de passar a mão pelos seus cabelos, pelo seu rosto, pela sua barbar, ainda lembro do seu beijo, mas gostaria de relembrar, eu queria poder te olhar novamente, só para ter seus olhos nos meus daquele mesmo jeito.
—  311Km de você.

Just unearthed an old poem l wrote at some point in 9th grade as an introduction to a whole anthology l was gonna do from the POV of test subjects in this lab. Basically each poem was going to be a different subject discovering something else about what it was to be a human being, or to age, or to watch others grow ill and die, ending with general coming to grips with mortality when they’d been infants that morning. Basically what the hell lil me??

Way out yonder in the desert bare with 
Nothing but sand for miles,
There sits a little schoolhouse
Hidden villainy in innocent smiles.

For you see it’s now a facility
Where nature herself is captured.
Ruined, ignored, and blatantly scorned
While Curiosity stands enraptured.

lt’s a human farm–
“A farm?!” You chime.
“A farm,” l nod. lt’s true.
Where boys are men and dead again
ln the span of hours few.

These humans are studied for
Their aches and their pains,
Disease by nature, but faster.
Where humanity’s king
But can’t do a thing
With science as its new master.