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How Lea Michele Maintains Positivity in Her Life

As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Lea Michele is all about maintaining positivity in her life. Partnering up with SunChips for their Waves of Laughter campaign, the Scream Queens star is focusing on how laughter can truly help enrich people’s lives these days.

“Laughter, I think, is so important. It’s been a really big part of my life,” she tells Celebuzz. “I laugh all the time.”

Though she’s faced some tough times in the past, the 29-year-old has managed to stay positive and keep her head up. So, what’s her secret to looking to the brighter side of life?

“I surround myself with really great people,” the actress, who recently started dating One Tree Hill alum Robert Buckley, says. “My parents and my family are so amazing. I take really good care of myself, and I think all of those factors really help me and make me feel so good everyday.”

She also adds that “a really good movie” will always put a smile on her face.

As a part of the campaign, SunChips has created an online “Laughalizer,” which allows people to record their laughter to find their unique “laugh fingerprint.” When someone shares their results, the brand will donate $1 Step Up Women’s Network, a nonprofit organization near and dear to Michele’s heart that helps girls from underserved communities to become confident, college-bound and career-focused women. According to the actress, her “laugh-print” is jovial.

“Anyone who knows me knows that my laugh is so loud,” she tells us. “You can literally hear it from one room to the next room. I definitely have a strong and unique laugh.”

“I’ve prided myself on my uniqueness to being something healthy to get to where I am today,” she continues. “I’ve always just been really who I am. I’ve just been really kind to myself. I think it’s really important to be proud of who you are and love yourself — and from that, so much confident grows. And that’s something I hold to myself everyday.”