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Why do you think Garnet got so obsessed with Meat Beat Mania in 'Arcade Mania'?

I’ve talked a bit about this before, which you can read here, but basically she wasn’t obsessed with Meat Beat Mania. It had nothing to do with the game specifically, but rather the nature of a rhythm game is that it could theoretically go on forever since its just a series of prompts and only ends when you miss one. The idea is you’ll eventually miss one because its going so fast - not a problem if you have future vision.

Garnet’s future vision was activated and the game essentially hypnotized her. Each prompt in the game created two different future branches - one where she got it right and continued, one where she got it wrong and lost. We saw roughly how future vision worked in “Winter Forecast”, you live the future you’re looking at until you go back. Each prompt creates two possible future and the prompts happen quickly and in rapid succession - after a few seconds of playing there’s already 20 possible futures created (this isn’t even taking into account any other futures her playing the game could caused outside of the win/lose prompts). She essentially got lost in a mental labyrinth of future paths. It only ended because Steven destroyed the machine, removing all the possible futures that spun off the last prompt.

imo “Arcade Mania” is about Garnet’s future vision run amok, not video game addiction.

Sometimes I think about Dan and Phil and the home they made together. They’ve lived with each other for quite a while now, did the big move from Manchester to London with very little money but a very big amount of trust on the other. They took a lot of risks together, some failing, some succeeding. The results varied from time to time. But through all those risks, there was always this one constant. And that constant is they had each other for better or for worse. It’s really amazing how they’ve managed to get this far together, the patience it must’ve taken, how many fights they had to pause so that they wouldn’t say things they didn’t mean while they’re angry. They’ve lived together for years, but no one is leaving, because they know that what they have is bigger than a silly little fight. What they have is special. Phil probably knows what Dan’s favorite mug is, and fills it up with tea the moment he senses that Dan is feeling stressed. Dan must know what Phil’s favorite shirt is, and he must compliment him whenever he wears it, just to see Phil smile. They know every little quirk of the other, they have each other’s mannerisms memorized. They know what terrifies the other the most, but they don’t use it against them, even though they have the power to do so. Dan and Phil’s friendship is really something, isn’t it? It’s as if you could put them in a broken down apartment, with creaky floorboards and a leaky faucet, and nothing would change between them. No matter where they are, just as long as they’re together, they are home. Dan and Phil found their home in each other.


Just took a first look at my concert pics, and omg, I’m in love - with my camera *_____*
I didn’t edit or crop these at all and they’re not even the best ones. On the other hand, almost all pics turned out really awesome and I’m so happy *___* I can’t wait to take a closer look and make albums and edit and crop them sdjghfafsh

There’s no right way to live YOUR life. Sure it’s comfortable following the road that’s been traveled time and time again, but I want to remind you that wherever you are in life, you’re exactly where you need to be. Deviate from the notion that you’re doing this thing called life the wrong way. There’s no right or wrong way.
All there is is the way - and the way is manifested in countless directions. Whether you have a job or no money, don’t wait to enjoy your life. You don’t have to become a captive of fearful energies actualized as “advice” from others telling you what your path needs to look like. Enjoy this journey and follow your heart. Trust that inner voice guiding you into an unexplored reality.

If u go through my tag that has reasons for me to live, 98% of the posts have to do w music. Don’t tell me music doesn’t save lives.

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Ok so confession time. I only just now realized that the questions in Ride are not "Who would you live for, who would you die for, and would you wear perfume?"

omfg it does sound like that!! ahaha i have one too! i used to think that tyler said “mother’s home out the window” instead of “but there’s hope out the window” in guns for hands

Weekly Writing Prompts

August 2nd

Do you have any dreams that recur? Why do you think you continue to have that dream?

August 3rd

Write about a song and the memories or feelings it evokes in you.

August 4th

Periodically we have tension build up in our lives that requires a release of some kind. Some people cry; others punch; some find a creative outlet. What is your release?

August 5th

If you had lived hundreds of years…

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honestly cant imagine living past 100??? like once u hit 90 unless ur some kind of health freak u can barely move like do i really want to live some 10+ years of my life having to fully rely on someone to move me everywhere and feed me and bathe me??? no?? i dont want people to see me naked firstable and also thats just really boring like yeah i do sit on my ass all day and do nothing but at least i still have full bodily movement if im fuckin old i just have to deal w it like god damn. kill me when i hit 70

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Are you male or female?
 woman (reading)
Describe yourself:
 the most beautiful bitter fruit 
How do you feel?
 here he is, not afraid
Describe where you currently live:
 the last lost continent
If you could go anywhere, where would you go? 
see you in Vancouver
Your best friend is?
 nobody, not even the rain.
You and your best friends are:
 objects in space
Favourite time of the day?
Your relationship? untitled 
Your fear?
 future wars 

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