All the action live from The O2, London at The BRITs 2017. With performances from Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, Robbie Williams, Emeli Sandé, The 1975 and Skepta. Hosted by Caspar Lee.

I spent 218 nights staring at the moon from my bedroom window, listening to music that described exactly the heartbreak I was feeling and wishing some how it would bring me to you. That’s 7 months of feeling completely and utterly broken over you, and the distance between us. But tonight is different. I’m lying in your arms under the same moon, in your little town, the cool breeze making goose bumps on my cheeks that your warm lips kiss away. My mind is so blurred with happiness that I looked right into your brown eyes without hesitation, and said I love you. And you didn’t say it back but that’s not why I said it. I said it because I wanted you to know that on lonely nights when you’re cold and can’t sleep, you miss your family and your dog and your little brother, I’m the one thinking of you. I didn’t say I love you because I wanted to hear it back, I said it because you needed to know.
—  live-lifesimply 

“ Who’s your Gladdy? ” :D

Missed some FFXV action in real life?
Then enjoy a new Gladdy Daddy video just for you! <3

There’s always so much heart and dedication behind every single post I make, especially for Gladio this period and I’m so hyped for the new FFXV Fan Movie I will post next week on my social medias! :)

You better stay tuned, do you feel the feels ? :D

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I get the sense the Trump administration desperately want to be the villains out of an Orwell book.  Except, well, they never actually *read* an Orwell book.

I’ll never forget Trevor Noah’s point about Steve Bannon: “What kind of evil mastermind goes on the cover of Time Magazine and openly says they are a evil mastermind?”


Hey! Say! Jump - OVER THE TOP live 

please watch it in HD~ no words can explain how amazing they are here! it’s absolutely just full of charisma and sex appeal.